A collection of the best thriller short films from around the world today.

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  • SOLITAIRE, 15min., USA, Thriller/Comedy

    In this dark comedy we follow a young woman who has secluded herself in her palatial estate from any human interaction. When she hires a handyman in the hopes of relieving her lack of companion ship, she finds herself overwhelmed with attachment to this man which quickly snowballs when he attempt...

  • BUST, 7min., USA, Thriller/Crime

    An Ordinary day goes South, LA.

    Director Statement

    I’d like to take on the conventional stories and tell them in unconventional ways. I’m more interested in asking, raising the questions, then giving answers.

    Written & Directed by Burak Tatar

    Produced by Bobby Soto & Edward J. Fee

    Cast: Bob...

  • SNUB NOSE, 11min., USA, Thriller/Crime

    A coming-of-age crime story about a girl desperate to escape her circumstances, and a brother who will double-cross her at any cost.

    Written & Directed by Jacquelyn Ris

    Produced by Colin Mason

    Cast: Tyra Huckaby, Jalen Thurman

  • SEAGULL, 6min, USA, War/Mystery

    A mysterious French woman encounters both aid and suspicion when she washes up on the English coast during World War Two.