Today's Film Festival

Today's Film Festival

Today's film festival showcasing new movies from around the world in various genres.

Today's Film Festival
  • Doc Feature Festival - A RALLY FOR RANGERS, March 30/31 event

    Directed by Eric Daft
    Park rangers are the heroes on the front lines of conservation, yet in many parks across the globe they are often under-appreciated, and under-equipped. As a foundation, Rally for rangers seeks to empower park rangers, as well as raise awaren...

  • DOCUMENTARY Feature Festival - BORN IN 1938 KIM HAN-OK. March 29/30th

    BORN IN 1938 KIM HAN-OK, 105min., South Korea

    Seunghoon-eun is deeply fighting for the philosophy that his mother, Kim Han-ok, suffered from hypoglycemia. The director directed the film for 10 years. He was also in charge of the older brother, and he must have been old this year. As I became c...

  • FEMALE Director Shorts Festival - March 28/29 event

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    UMBILICAL CORD, 5min., China, Dance
    Directed by Fan Mei
    The thought of harmony shows great integration and inclusiveness, which is also reflected in the relations between people, between people and themselves, and between people and society.


  • Liar-In-Chief: A Chronicle of the Trump Presidency - Political Festival Feature

    Liar-In-Chief: A Chronicle of the Trump Presidency Through the Eyes of An Outraged Graphic Artist, 82min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by M Kaplan
    A multi-award winning, often biting satirical documentary, using original still photo montages and short videos created by the director, chronicling the...

  • EXPERIMENTAL Short Film Festival - March 26/27 event

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    [Aphrodite], 12min., USA
    Directed by Jekyns Pelaez
    A goddess decides to visit us.

    V838, 2min., UK
    Directed by Oliver Kane
    Inspired by the new extraterrestrial frequencies of V838 Monocerotis (a binary star system) that open the track (written by Tiggi Hawke & Olive...