Today's Film Festival

Today's Film Festival

Today's film festival showcasing new movies from around the world in various genres.

Today's Film Festival
  • DANCE Festival - May 19/20 event

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    THE OTHER SHORE, 3min., China
    Directed by Xv Han
    This short blends loess and water, resembling the story of Nüwa creating humans in the Classic of Mountains and Seas. It also merges ancient aesthetics from Chinese dance with modern experimentation. The aim is to us...

  • EXPERIMENTAL Festival - Best of EUROPEAN Films - May 18/19 event

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    ATLAS OF UNCERTAINTY, 7min., Italy
    Directed by Massimo Vito Avantaggiato
    Atlas of Uncertainty is an experimental music video based on the representation of 4 Classical elements, that typically refer to the concepts in Ancient Greece of water, fire, earth and aether...

  • EXPERIMENTAL Shorts Festival - WORLD Showcase. May 19/20 event

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    SCHOOL BELL, 3min., India
    Directed by B. Suresh Kumar
    Importance of education is conveyed through a Child Laborer's Point of View.


  • ENVIRONMENTAL Shorts Festival - May 19/20 event

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    POLLINATOR HIGHWAYS, 2min., Canada
    Directed by David Convery
    Frittata and Rocket Pants head to the big city to check out some green highways: Pollinator Highways! Pathways of flowers and greenery planted to make it easier for pollinators to get around in urban spac...

  • SCIENCE & NATURE Shorts Festival - May 18/19 event

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    CAMP 41, 23min., Canada
    Directed by Greg Hemmings
    On December 25, 2021, the world lost one of its greatest scientists and the "godfather of biodiversity," Dr. Thomas Lovejoy. Join his family and several of his closest friends and colleagues on an educational journey...

  • SCI-FI/FANTASY Shorts Festival - May 17/18 eventg

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    INCURSIO, 9min,. USA
    Directed by Jonathan Sackman
    On the day of Singularity, an ordinary man finds himself in the midst of an artificial intelligence attack.

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  • Best of WILDsound Shorts Festival - May 16/17 event

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    BENEATH THE SOIL, 4min., Australia
    Directed by Peter Edward Hartwig
    A deeply introspective experimental film, delving into the psyche of an eclectic artist on a quest to complete his most important art. In 4 minutes, we journey through the artist's emotional landsc...

  • CHICAGO Shorts Festival - May 15/16 event

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    WEEK 11: SLAPSTICK, 2min., USA
    Directed by William (Sharp) Walker
    After a little boy loses his ball on a roof, he tries increasingly outlandish strategies to get it back.

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  • HORROR Festival Feature - THE YORKIE WEREWOLF. May 14/15 event

    Directed by Michael DiBiasio-Ornelas
    A rebellious teen witch is turned into a tiny werewolf and thrown into the middle of a decades-old war between one small town's creatures of the night -- and the local mafia.

  • MOVIE TRAILERS Festival - May 2024

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    ROSS ISLAND, 1min., DOC
    Directed by David Paul

    MAX FROST - 2024, 2min., Fan Fiction
    Directed by Barry Shear
    Max Frost's Presidential bid 56 years ago lacked a strong campaign video. If he ran today, here's his campaign trailer.

    SNOW SHADOWS, 1min., Sci-Fi

  • THRILLER/SUSPENSE Festival Shorts - May 13/14 event

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    Directed by Zsolt Kormendy
    Two detectives investigate a mysterious kidnapping in Vác, Hungary. One of them is relentlessly being pursued by a malevolent dark figure that will stop at nothing to undermine the case and his life.


  • LGBTQ+ Festival Shorts - May 11/12 event

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    MY FIRST TIME - COMING OUT, 20min., Australia
    Directed by Carolyn Cage
    Made for queer people and their allies, 'My First Time' takes an unfiltered and heartfelt look at unforgettable first universal queer experiences from members from Australia’s LGBTQ+ community.

  • Female Directors Shorts - May 10/11 event

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    FLOWERS, 4min,. USA
    Directed by Yijia Sun
    Flowers are brought home by a man who attempts to transform them into his desired appearance.

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  • GHOST MOVING FLOWERS feature film - DOC Festival - May 8/9 event

    Directed by Karl Fallon
    This Ghostcircle film by Director Karl Fallon, is a thought provoking documentary about Physical Phenomena never captured before on film. The documentary is captures moments in time about modern day Physical Mediums...

  • DOC Shorts Showcase - INSPIRATIONAL Films - March 7/8 event

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    STORIES OF REPEAL & REUNION, 16min., Canada
    Directed by Ky Kim
    Canada's 1923 Chinese Exclusion Act was a dark and unprecedented period in Canadian history. It is also a mostly forgotten period of Canadian history that lasted for almost a quarter century and had a d...

  • DOC Shorts Festival - May 5/6 event

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    Directed by William Joseph Stribling
    Meet Tony Valenci and his bona fide sideshow of eccentric colleagues. Tony has spent his life dreaming of setting a world record. Despite numerous failures, T...

  • MEKO feature film - DOCUMENTARY Festival - May 3/4 event

    MEKO, 62min., USA
    Directed Harrison Buck
    A film 7-years in the making, Meko is the story of man and community who have weathered the storm.

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  • HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS - DOC Festival Feature - May 3/4 event

    Directed by Yuri Omar Shariff Williams, Nathan Cribari
    In this participatory documentary, join Yuri and Rodney on a heartfelt mission as they, dressed as Santa's helpers, traverse the diverse landscapes of every US state during the holidays. Their goal is to bri...

  • CALAMITY & MERCY feature film - DOC Festival - May 2-3 event

    CALAMITY & MERCY, 98min., USA
    Directed by Daniel W Smith
    Calamity and Mercy is a feature length documentary film detailing the stories of individual Ukrainian refugees submerged in the chaos of battle, fleeing war, and integrating into new cultures, along with the NGOs and efforts in place to ass...

  • ASIAN Filmmakers Shorts Showcase part 1 - April 30th/May 1st

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    RICE, RIBS, AND TEA, 6min,. USA
    Directed by Lenti Liang
    In 'Rice, Ribs and Tea,' a Chinese couple's wedding anniversary takes an unexpected turn when the husband forgets the special day. As disappointment looms, the wife discovers that love isn't about grand celebr...

  • ANIMATION Shorts Festival - April 30th/May 1st

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    CLOUT CHASER, 3min,. USA
    Directed by Lubomir Atan
    The animated video shows two girls in a fierce race to get to Star2 and his riches. They hurdle over a series of blocks and use supernatural powers to battle each other to reach him in a room guarded by a golden dra...