Video pitches for screenplays, novels, and stories.

  • Short Story Reading: DISPATCHES FROM THE GIG ECONOMY, by Ned Daly

    Hardboiled fiction

    Performed by Val Cole

    Get to know the writer:

    1. What is your short story about?

    A quick cash job gone wrong.

    2. What genre(s) would you say this story is in?

    Hardboiled fiction

    3. How would you describe this story in two words?

    Bad strangers

    4. What movie have you ...

  • Short Story Reading: Fly Away, Daniel Lombardi

    Performed by Val Cole

  • NOVEL Pitch: Aunt Sadie's Letters of Hope & Healing, by Shari Lyn Anderson

    LOGLINE: May these beautiful poems and letters, written to an isolated ten-year-old girl eighty years ago, bring solace to those who are going through hard isolating times today.

    Title: Aunt Sadie's Letters of Hope & Healing

    Author (Written by) : Shari Lyn Anderson

    Genre: Family – Love – Hi...

  • Logline Pitch: Sifuentes The Relentless, by Enrique Pilozo

    Genre: Crime- noir

    Synopsis: Detective Sifuentes has an impeccable rap sheet, up until
    now, when he meets his match.


    Detective Sifuentes had a brilliant track record on the city
    police force. His service sheet was impeccable and he had numerous awards to his credit. ...

  • SCREENPLAY PITCH: Escape To Hollow Earth, by Colin K. Stewart, Danny Weiss, David Weiss

    Screenplay by: Colin K. Stewart

    Based on the Novel: A Curious Pebble - The Hollow Earth and Pursuit of the Holy Lance
    Written by: Danny Weiss and David Weiss.

    A rebellious son of a naval pilot is compelled to protect an alie...

  • SCREENPLAY PITCH: THE TRUMPET, by Peter Borreggine and Danette Lamkin-Borreggine

    Family history, music, jazz, generational

    Title: The Trumpet

    Genre: A short film

    Tagline: The life of a trumpet tells the story of the love of music

    Logline: A trumpet passed down three generations gets abandoned and, when fou...

  • SCREENPLAY PITCH: Hollow Earth Quest, by Danny Weiss & Kathy Krantz-Stewart

    Title: Hollow Earth Quest
    Screenplay by: Kathy Krantz-Stewart

    Based on the Book: The Hollow Earth Revisited
    Written by: Danny Weiss

    Website References: -


  • SCREENPLAY PITCH: Escape To Hollow Earth, by Colin K. Stewart , Danny Weiss, David Weiss

    Screenplay by: Colin K. Stewart

    Based on the Novel: A Curious Pebble - The Hollow Earth and Pursuit of the Holy Lance
    Written by: Danny Weiss and David Weiss.

    A rebellious son of a naval pilot is compelled to protect an ...

  • SCREENPLAY PITCH: The Six Sides Of Truth, by Janet Walker

    Logline Pitch:

    The Six Sides of Truth

    by Janet Walker

    The Six Sides of Truth, an espionage thriller, tells the story of a female reporter who discovered the human testing of a classified project and her race against time to expose the high-ranking government officials who will stop at nothin...

  • SCREENPLAY PITCH: Diva, by Anthony Aroya


    by Anthony Aroya

    Feature Film

    A raging, egotistical pop star is on the skids in her career until she decides to recoup her popularity by performing a free concert at a college in Arizona. She soon becomes smitten with the star quarterback of school's football team and after ...

  • SCREENPLAY PITCH: I'm Dreaming Of A Christ Christmas


    I’m Dreaming of a Christ Christmas
    by Warren A Rhodes
    I’m dreaming of a Christ Christmas tells the story of a precocious and imaginative 11-year old Black girl’s dream of Christ’s birth. We follow Kat’s clever imaginings as she travels back in time to Bethlehem to witness the event...

  • SCREENPLAY PITCH: Not An Exit, by Sid Kramer



    by Sid Kramer

    LOGLINE: a serial killer is reunited with his victims in a haunted house through a strange coincidence 26 years later. With their bodies burned to ash, all that remained were their mummified heads. The heads, once discovered, were mistakenly put into a h...

  • SCREENPLAY Pitch: Put A Price On Emotion, by Giuseppe De Vuono

    Title of Story: PUT A PRICE ON EMOTION

    Written by: GIUSEPPE DE VUONO

    Logline: A charismatic and ambitious musician, willing to do anything to achieve his dream of gain fame, gets blood on his hands and must make amends before it is too late.

    Genre: Drama

    Type: Feature Screenplay

    WGA Registra...

  • SCREENPLAY Pitch: Protector Of The Universe, by Anthony Aroya


    by Anthony Aroya

    Feature Film

    Jordan Lucas,an unemployed musician, must prove to a group of powerful aliens that he hasn't kidnapped their god of worship, who they believe is trapped in the body of a small dog,or the earth will face complete annihilation.

  • SCREENPLAY PITCH: John The Templar, by Ronen Tregerman



    by Ronen Tregerman

    A farmer joining the order of the knights Templar becomes a trained assassin. Finding a Holy artifact gave him superpowers and stopped him from aging. A millennium later now alone he must face evil to save the world.

  • LOGLINE Video Pitch: Dawsons, by James E. Carter


    DAWSONS by James E. Carter

    Kevin opened his restaurant Dawsons in the early 1970’s. The restaurant was a joint dream project with his wife Thelma who sadly passed away from breast cancer.

    The neighborhood that he loves and adores Harlem is dealing with gentrification. His restaur...

  • LOGLINE Video Pitch: Five Dates, by Donna Douglas Walchle

    FIVE DATES (a feature film)

    WRITTEN BY: Donna Douglas Walchle

    LOGLINE: When Hattie, a happily single children's author receives a subscription to an online dating service for her birthday, it results in a series of mismatches likened to installments of Punk'd. That is, until she meets H...

  • LOGLINE Video Pitch: From A Yardie To A Yankee, by Sardia Robinson

    From a Yardie to a Yankee by Sardia Robinson

    A young girl from the poorest parish in Jamaica dreams of going to America to be in the movies. Now grown up and successful, India Robinson flashes back and recounts her battles with dyslexia, bullies, racism, and absentee parents. With...

  • LOGLINE Video Pitch: Bound By Blood, by Dakota Banks


    Bound By Blood by Dakota Banks

    When a Colonial woman is unjustly burned at the stake, a Sumerian demon pulls her from the flames to become his Ageless assassin with powerful abilities until she rebels more than three centuries later, starting on a perilous journey to reclaim her s...

  • LOGLINE Pitch Video: WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND, by David Timothy Duty


    WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND, by David Timothy Duty

    Feature Film

    US Air Force Staff Sergeant TIM DAVIS is on a leave and already planning on reenlisting. On the plane he meets Staff Sergeant MICHAEL HARRIS whose tour is up and reminds Tim to keep his priorities straight. Tim’s welcomed h...

  • LOGLINE Pitch Video: If These Walls Could Talk, by Brett Thomas


    WRITEN BY: Brett Thomas

    LOG-LINE Set in mid-1980's San Francisco during the AIDS pandemic. If These Walls CouldTalk is an exploration of counter-culture, sexuality—counter-balanced by indignation and outrage in the midst of a deadly pandemic and homoph...

  • LOGLINE Pitch: The Gloaming, by Robin Johnston

    The Gloaming by Robin Johnston

    Feature Film

    Visiting a remote Scottish island to plan her fairy-tale wedding, a US heiress has seconds thoughts while separated from her fiancé by a mysterious fog bank.

  • LOGLINE Pitch: SANDS OF LANIKAI by Greg Blair

    by Greg Blair

    Feature Screenplay
    Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance

    In the days leading up to Pearl Harbor, a young man new to Hawaii falls in love with a local girl and pursues the mystery of his grandfather's life and death.

  • LOGLINE PITCH: 3 Graves For 3 Gunfighters, by Storme Smith

    Title of Story: 3 Graves for 3 Gunfighters

    Written By: Storme Smith

    Logline: Jenkins Daugherty, a sixty-year-old, over-the-hill dime novelist, needs to keep his job, even when his publisher assigns him to go home to Texas and write the true tales of the deadliest men alive.
    In the 1890's, three...