Full winning short screenplay readings.

  • Short Script: FALLEN ON HOARD TIMES, by Matthew Nicholson

    Genre: Drama, Dramedy

    Logline: "Eva Brown must help her hoarder brother clean his apartment (and his life) before he gets evicted. In the process, she uncovers the real reason why he has such a hard time letting go of material objects."

    Narrator: Shawn Devlin
    Eva: Hannah Ehman

  • Short Script: CHOCOLATE DROP, by Allonya Payne (with interview)

    Get to know the writer:

    1. What is your screenplay about?

    Chocolate drop is about a serial killer who hunts African American women.

    2. What genres does your screenplay fall under?

    African American fiction / horror

    3. Why should this screenplay be made into a movie?

    This screenplay should b...

  • Short Script Reading: AGAIN, by Lee Nordling (with interview)

    Get to know the writer:

    1. What is your screenplay about?

    It’s about a page. (Heh.) Story-wise, it’s about the recriminations a couple goes through when they’re not on the same page (pun intended).

    2. What genres does your screenplay fall under?

    Humor and fantasy.

    3. Why should this screenp...

  • Winning HORROR SHORT Screenplay Reading: SOLI DEO GLORIA, by Andrew Wade Bowcock

    In a rural early 20th century midwest American town, young August must face frequent abuse by his fundamentalist preacher father. As domestic troubles intensify with August’s family, so do visions of a monstrous presence chasing him. Can August escape both the source and the symbol of his trauma...

  • SHORT Screenplay Reading: Uninvited, by dQ Kaufman

    A affluent woman on her last night receives an unwelcome visitor.


    Narration: Sean Ballantyne
    Jane: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Lucy: Kyana Teresa
    Man #1: Geoff Mays
    Man #2: Andy Camp


  • SCI-FI FESTIVAL Short Screenplay Reading: Underpassers, by Robin Christopher Johnston

    A young wife tries to protect her dementia-afflicted husband from the terrible truth behind her ageless beauty.


    Narration: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Natalie: Kyana Teresa
    Old Man: Geoff Mays
    Voice/Young Man: Bill Poulin

  • SHORT Screenplay Reading: Two Women, by Ken White

    Maria and her daughter Stephanie have a heart to heart conversation.


    Narration: Sean Ballantyne
    Stephanie: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Maria: Kyana Teresa

  • SHORT Screenplay Reading: Nothing To Fear, by Ryan Sears-Avery


    Narration: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Mother: Kyana Teresa
    Son: Geoff Mays

  • SHORT Screenplay Reading: The Wish, by Jeff Kirkland

    Synopsis: A mother and daughter face the end of the world.


    Narration: Sean Ballantyne
    Mother: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Daugher: Kyana Teresa

  • SHORT SCREENPLAY Reading: SIZWE, by Micharn Pollock

    South Africa, a country of 57.5 million people has 4 million deaf or hard of hearing citizens. Wearing cloth face masks is now a prerequisite for any South African leaving their home. The silence in the deaf person’s world has just become more oppressing.

    This is the story of Sizwe, a young, dea...

  • SHORT SCREENPLAY Reading: Art School Day One, by Tim Hodge

    SYNOPSIS: A nervous young art student is in for a surprise on his first day of figure drawing.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Instructor: Kyana
    Model: Allison Kampf
    Brandon: Allan Michael
    Tattooed Student: Andy Camp

  • SHORT SCREENPLAY MOVIE: Miss Paula’s Special Steak, by Alex Creazzi

    A jealous Miss, left before wedding by her beloved fiancé, must struggle between civilized behaviour and the desire for cruel revenge when he asks her to meet his brand new girlfriend.

    Visual Design by Kimberly Villarruel


    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    John: Geoff Mays
    Paula: Val ...

  • SHORT Screenplay Reading: Triplet Triangle, by Paul Martin Hale

    Synopsis: Blonde triplets are unhappy with their existing boyfriends and exchange identities to engineer partner swaps. It all works out well for everyone in the end.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Amy: Hannah Ehman
    Rose: Kyana Teresa
    Em: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Dave: Allan Michael Brunet

  • POLITICAL Short Screenplay Reading: LONE, by Bill Redding

    Story protagonist, Alice, admires legendary lawman Bass Reeves, a former slave who became a great lawman of the late 1800s. Single mom and attorney, Alice, struggles with the police injustice she sees on the streets and fights for justice with her knowledge of the law and the use of her cell phon...

  • COMEDY Festival SHORT Screenplay Reading: The Eye Of Doris, by Cynthia M. Uhrich

    In this dark comedy, Gillian, a skeptical client with a difficult disposition meets her match when Doris--an occult shop psychic---predicts a series of unsavory events for Gillian's future.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Doris: Hannah Ehman
    Gillian: Kyana Teresa
    Mortie: Allan Michael Brunet

  • WINNING Short Screenplay: Bentobox, by Victoria Hirakawa-Lee Castro

    With his father depolyed overseas in 90s rural America, a little boy of a half Japanese-half American decent connects with is mother through her cooking. After being teased at school for his strange lunches, he struggles to find his idenity between school and home, rejecting his mother in the pro...

  • SHORT Screenplay Reading: 1 PAGE DRUG DEAL, by Franco Duerme

    Type of Story: Crime Drama

    Synopsis: A drug dealer completes a deal with a college student and both end up learning a bit about each other.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Derrick: Allan Michael Brunet
    Marcus: Steve Rizzo
    Student: Andy Camp

  • SHORT Screenplay Reading: Strewn Porcelain Dolls, by Michael Lane

    TYPE OF STORY: An almost coming of age story.

    SYNOPSIS: JIMMY CRAMPOWITZ has reached boiling point with his mom, GERTRUDE CRAMPOWITZ. . She has brought him up properly- to be polite, punctual and to be very 'woke'. Except she hasn't given him involved love since forever. Today, Jimmy becomes ...

  • SHORT Screenplay Reading: A Rock And A Hard Place, by Kinsey Kunkel

    A dark comedy about a pair of men trapped in a cave after a tunnel collapse.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Sage: Allan Michael Brunet
    Henry: Steve Rizzo

  • SHORT Screenplay Reading: George Martin, by Dayle Doods


    George and Martin face a burglar.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    George: Allan Michael Brunet
    Martin: Steve Rizzo

  • Winning SHORT Screenplay Reading: Fix Me, by Aubree Sweeney


    Narration: Allison
    Arianna: Kyana Teresa
    Miss Walker/Sara: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Mason: Allan Michael Brunet
    Dr. Ruffalo/Tammy: Hannah Ehman
    Tom/Isaac/John: Bill Poulin
    Larry/Jack/Homeless Man: Shawn Devlin


  • CRIME Festival SHORT Screenplay: Hunk Of Burning Love, by Jenna Cornell, Craig Knitt

    A wife plans a perfect summer day with her husband only to have it end in violence by her own hand.


    Narration: Bill Poulin
    Susan: Kyana Teresa
    News Anchor/Officer 1: Allan Michael Brunet
    911 Operator/Officer 2: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Frank: Shawn Devlin


  • SHORT Screenplay Reading: The Robinson Experiment, by KAMILAH HAYWOOD, TRAVIS CRAWFORD & CAROL FAY CLARKE


    Narration: Bill Poulin
    Bailey: Kyana Teresa
    Omar/Jazmine: Allan Michael Brunet
    Raquel/Laura: Elizabeth Rose Morriss

  • SHORT Screenplay Reading: Bad Anne, by Jody Lebel


    Narrration: Allison Kampf
    Kate: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Anne: Kyana Teresa
    Officer (M): Andy Camp