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  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Code of Redemption, by Guy Quigley


    Author NAME: Guy Quigley

    Type of screenplay: Action/Adventure/ Suspense/Thriller)
    www. Facebook/GuyQuigley

    Line teaser:

    A hijacked limo with an intended heist becomes a hijacked private jet with Jihadis...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Saint Catherine's Boys, by John Ravitz

    Feature Screenplay

    Logline- When a young man who was raised in a New York City orphanage kills the brother of a ruthless mob boss in self-defense, he must count on his estranged hitman father when the mob boss comes after him with everything he’s got.

    Imagine if you discovered that the man wh...

  • SCREENPLAY Trailer: Rage of the Sky, by Shannon Lejuan Clements

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  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: SID, by David Mintzer

    TITLE of Script: SID

    Type of screenplay: TV PILOT
    Four years in the future, crime in the United States is at unprecedented levels. A new government is elected on the promise of putting an end to unrest. In a prison, a much-feared convict known as SID is summoned to the...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Propulsion, by Shannon Lejuan Clements

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    TITLE of Script: Killing the Past
    Logline: A disturbed woman after being sexually and emotionally abused as a child seeks to expel her inner torments by fulfilling a promise to kill her family. Her plan crystalizes when she dons a hidden persona but becomes sidetracked when she falls in love with...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: MAXIE, by Jarrett Bryant

    Title: Maxie

    Author: Jarrett Bryant

    Script: Feature (Drama)

    Logline: In the 1970s, an ex-Olympic Gold Medalist, who is now a baggage handler in Miami, operates a drug smuggling enterprise, but when his middle-man demands more money, and the DEA ramps up their investigation, the whole operati...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Who's The Pin Head, by Samantha Hallenus

    Summary: The bowling alley is the central meeting spot of the town. The town had a manufacturing plant but that closed.
    The townies and the people outside the town do not get along with each other.

    Abe is seen as the crazy guy in town. His whole house is full of bowling themed items. He is ...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Scarlett's Ghost, by Robert Cole


    “Scarlett’s Ghosts” is a story of sibling rivalry -- hate and redemption played for laughs. In London, in the late 1700s, two aristocratic young men fall in love with beautiful Cassandra Bailey. Thomas was her betrothed and older brother Martin was having an affair with her. The triangl...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Welcome To New York-Afro New York Experience, by Obafemi Lasode

    Welcome to New York-Afro New York Experience

    Written by: Obafemi Lasode

    The “American Dream” is alive and well, even in the African Community in New York City, “The Big Apple”!

    A tale of Obaman Lahoo, a recent African Immigrant’s experience in New York City, the United States of America. An a...


    TITLE of Script: WHITE NOISE

    Writer: Caroline Heinle

    Director: SanMartin Garcia

    Type of screenplay: short film (drama)


    Social media:



  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER:: Angel's Kiss, by Shannon L. Clements

    "Angel's Kiss"
    Written By: Mr. Shannon L. Clements

    A Feature Length Female Lead

    Logline: Framed and incarcerated for murder Angel finds hers...


    When a serial killer targets women suffering from emotional and mental illnesses, an FBI agent scrambles to unravel the evidence as he realizes there may be more than a single threat.

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: The Mountains Are Calling, Eva Bennett

    TITLE of Script: The Mountains Are Calling

    NAME: Eva Bennett

    Type of screenplay: Feature

    Logline: A​ recovering heroin addict leaves rehab and moves back with his parents to restart his life, only to have his daughter who he secretly gave up for a...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: One More Sleep by Robert Drusetta

    One More Sleep
    by Robert Drusetta


    One line teaser: "It's Christmas Eve...again, and again and again" OR "He has 24 hours...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: CHASERS, by Eric White & Tony Folden

    Written by
    Eric White and Tony Folden


    Inexperienced siblings escape pandemic lockdown in the City to vacation as storm chasers in the American Great Plains, only to inadvertently create a social media subscriber base of their misadventures.


    Seinfeld meets the movie...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: The Christians - Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile, by Tony Gioutsos & Linda Wright

    Logline: Exploring the harrowing times of Christian persecution in history, a devoted present-day Christian named Christos, a brilliant mathematician, loses his family and his way due to pride and the love of money; can he find his way back? A truly Epic portrayal of C...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Lady Liberty: The Sherman Skolnick Story, by Nelson S. Thall

    Type of Screenplay: Feature Film

    Summary of Script: Story: Lady Liberty is the really true moment-by-moment non-fictionalized dramatic story of a political activist and freedom fighter aka 'Citizen Gadfly' Sherman Skolnick and his quest for Justice against a ...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Plategate: Your Implanted Forehead, by Lorraine Holmes Milton

    Type of Screenplay: TV Pilot

    Website and Social Media:
    Facebook: Plategate and lomilt
    Twitter: @lomilt
    Instagram: LadyLomilt
    Linkedin: lomilt

    Summary of script:

    That headache or high blood pressure is probably that microchip SIDE EFFECT!

    Plategate: Obstruction of Injusti...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Soldiers Of God, by Guy Quigley


    Line teaser:

    A US Military doctor is shaken when he cannot save the life an identical twin who returns from the hereafter to make amends for her indiscretion with him when he was her sister's fiancé. She must reconcile the love he had for her sister...


    “They’re Watching Us”

    Emma and Alexander are two actors…two actors in love. Or are they?

    ...they’re actors, afterall.

    Two actors in a dry spell of work; they can’t seem to land any
    parts. And they’re not getting any younger.

    But their luck could change…

    Alexander finds what could be the pe...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Avalon, by Brian Whiteman

    TITLE of Script: Avalon

    Author NAME: Brian Whiteman

    Type of screenplay: Feature


    Summary of script:

    A Scottish bar owner finds her secrets exposed and her family threatened by a violent criminal from her past.

    SYNOPSIS: It's 2008. Shannon (19) is pretty...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Dangerous Ground, by Brian Whiteman

    Title of Script: Dangerous Ground

    Author: Brian Whiteman

    Type of Screenplay: Feature


    Torn between his love for two sisters, furious at his father for submitting to the Nazis, a young college student faces the choice of a lifetime when he must decide if he...

  • SCREENPLAY TRAILER: A Time to Heal, by Steven M. Goldberg

    Title Of Storyline-"A Time To Heal"

    Author Name: Steven M. Goldberg:

    Type Of Screenplay: Feature Film

    Summary Of Storyline:

    Never Before has a Mission meant so much to a World In Crisis. "A Time To Heal" is Heartwarming Story of the very dangerous rescue mission of Ethiopian J...