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Watch this video and more on WILDsound Festival TV

POETRY READING: Rust, by Kelly Loraine Stearns



  • POETRY READING: Dedicated To The Unkn...

    Performed by Val Cole

    Dedicated to the Unknown Woman
    Listen to the drums
    Echoing through the valley
    See the demons fly
    through the night

    Hear the old woman
    Cry out with fright
    As a young woman is stripped bare…
    Violated, beaten and bruised
    She lays
    With unseeing eyes
    All she hears
    Are the silen...

  • POETRY READING: Innate Soaring, by Ed...

    Performed by Val Cole

    INNATE SOARING, by Edward Longo

    This is a poem dedicated to those

    Men and women who cannot help but follow

    The unspoken meanings of their soul;

    who will search or soar until

    They unite their personas with their innate

    Motivations; and

    Whom will continue soaring


  • POETRY Reading: Aaliyah, by Pete B.

    Performed by Allan Michael Brunet

    Aaliyah, by Pete Borreggine

    All throughout my life,

    I’ve searched for love alone,

    A quest I made to find that love,

    Was something I would never know,

    For years I’d wonder where true love was,

    And why it had forsaken me,

    Years of turmoil and being left alo...