Poems performed by professional actors.

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  • Poetry Reading: RABID, by Blayne Waterloo

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    You deserved girlhood
    But were called a slut
    Instead. Smothered in extra
    Layers of resentment and
    Expectations made from
    Plastic dolls with painted
    Smiles. You deserved more
    Than projection of the
    Lives you weren’t allowed
    To live. You deserved your
    Own mistakes. You deserved
    To be m...

  • Poetry Reading: ON THE LANDING, by Eileen Moynihan

    On the Landing, by Eileen Moynihan

    A man in a tweed coat climbs the stairs,
    We meet on the landing and lock eyes,
    We recognize each other’s soul,
    A special man who draws me in.
    I feel a connection deep and sincere,
    In that moment our love is real.
    We reach forward to connect,
    For a touch longed ...

  • Read Poetry: IF WINTER COMES, by , by Frank William Finney

    If Winter Comes, by Frank William Finney
    (translated from the Human)

    Nothing will stand
    or sit
    or walk
    or crawl.

    No creature
    will sing
    or chirp
    or growl.

    No loved one
    will whisper
    or scream
    or weep

    and nothing
    will live.

  • Poetry Reading: DANDELION SMASHING, by Preston Mehr

    Voice Over: Val Cole

    Dandelion smashing, by PRESTON MEHR

    Sprinting and tearing through the dandelion field while afterward every puny plant atop will have keeled over in the dead dirt and my whole body will horribly hurt however all the yellow flowers will face sorrow by the towers that stagger...

  • Poetry Reading: CHATAKA, by Vinita Agrawal

    Voice Over: Val Cole

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    CHATAKA, by Vinita Agrawal

    Chataka Never mind that I’m a brood parasite flawlessly matching the turquoise blue of babbler’s eggs never mind that I watch nonchalantly, my chicks being raised as their own I eat berries and caterpillars pressing the worms end to e...

  • Poetry Reading: A Modern Day Cinderella, by A. L. Jobrail

    Voice Over: Val Cole

    Read Poem:

    New release: Fade Out: The Beginning
    Countdown to Failure
    The Courtship of the Sun and Moon
    Nature's Inspiration
    A Modern Day Cinderella
    Tides of Life
    Good Ole Joe
    Swimming with the Sharks
    Shorties: an Anthology of Shorties
    Away We Go: Travel Tips f...

  • Poetry Reading: WHERE THE FICUS FELL, by Susan Rogers

    Performed by Val Cole

  • Poetry Reading: ODE TO MY WIFE, by Mike Bevins (interview)

    Narration by Val Cole

    Get to know the poet:

    1) What is the theme of your poem?

    What my wife and I were experiencing when we got her diagnosis and later learned she would indeed die

    2) What motivated you to write this poem?

    It helped me to put into words a lot of what I was dealing with...fro...

  • Poetry Reading: GRANDMA’S FLY ABOUT HAT, by Linda Mereness Kleinschmidt

    Narration by Val Cole


    Grandma’s favorite hat is all flowers,
    All sizes, all colors, full of beauty.

    Her hat is so big,
    It hides every
    Inch of her head
    Except the tip of her nose.

    In our neighborhood park,
    Grandma’s hat staves off the sun
    Until a bright breeze comes along and
    Lifts it i...

  • POETRY Reading: THE PILLOW, by Judi Beecher

    Narration by Val Cole

    The Pillow: by Judi Beecher

    I close my eyes to sleep
    and hold you tight.

    My body wraps around yours
    as you gently stroke my hair.

    Your gaze ignites a fire
    deep within my soul.

    A knowingness overcomes me,
    I soar through the air
    with newly grown wings.
    Unstoppable ...

  • Poetry Reading: READING A MAP, by Joanne Leva (interview)

    Narration by Val Cole

    READING A MAP, by Joanne Leva

    Fall River. Smith Mills. New Bedford. Freetown.
    A slow drive into charcoal blue. Silver
    Beach. Ethereal Grey Gables. Frozen
    Creek. Flying Horses Carousel. The wind

    was whipping along the coast and you were
    West Chop bent at the hip. Your arms...

  • Poetry Reading: FLIGHT OF THE HEART, by Murray Blanchard

    Narration by Val Cole

    FLIGHT OF THE HEART, by Murray Blanchard

    A gust of wind sets a lofty leaf,
    black foreboding sky lends me to
    Rivers collide, forceful oceans
    swell, my thirsting lips, his to
    Weary watered eyes break the spirit
    free, reborn soul within allows me
    to see.

  • POETRY Reading: Sweet Gratitude, by Claudio Laniado

    Narrated by Val Cole

    Sweet gratitude because I can walk, talk, eat, drink, enjoy a beautiful sunset , have a home , carry a home within myself, share of myself with loving kindness to those who I meet, and inspiring others to do the same because love and compassion for me is a start of a ...

  • Poetry Reading: My God, by Logan Clarke

    Performed by Val Cole

    My God
    Has not guaranteed me a reservation in Heaven
    Nor has he threatened me with purgatory.
    For he knows no purgatory-
    Except mental
    In the minds of the living.

    I walk with God down the beach,
    Lie back with him at night...

  • Poetry Reading: Intoxication, by Duane March (interview)

    Performed by Val Cole


    By Duane March

    Ask me to describe my earnest fascination?

    Ask me, might as well, pi's endless calculation,

    Words do not suffice to offer explanation.

    Her eyes gleam a golden brown,

    Athena’s owls, soft as down,

    Her hair is a mane of chesnut fire,

    It t...

  • POETRY Reading: The Jubilant Journey, by Preston Mehr

    Voice Over by Val Cole

    Get to know the poet:

    1) What is the theme of your poem?
    Fantasy, adventure, humanity, optimism, recovery, inspiration, motivational, entertainment, healing, sanity, utopia and kindness

    2) What motivated you to write this poem?
    I first wrote a short fake humorous advert...

  • Poetry Reading: THE BLUES - SINGER BLUES, by Georgia May


    Performed by Val Cole

  • Poetry Reading: SPECIMEN SHAME, by Tita Anntares


    Performed by Val Cole

    1) What is the theme of your poem?
    Shame - acknowledging the impact of being shamed

    2) What motivated you to write this poem?
    A simple moment when I asked a question in a Q&A after a talk about what motivated her to do something she had discus...

  • Poetry Reading: A PATCH, by Michael O'Brien (interview)


    Performed by Val Cole

    Get to know the writer:

    1) What is the theme of your poem?

    The theme is the quest for existential belonging.

    2) What motivated you to write this poem?

    I have been writing poetry my whole life.

    3) How long have you been writing poetry?


  • Poetry Reading: THE LION, by Nikki Rawnsley (interview)

    Performed by Val Cole

    Get to know the poet:

    1) What is the theme of your poem?

    THE LION is one of my favorite poems in my anthology. It is featured in Part Two, Wild Beasts, Inspired Tales, and other stories from my book Black Heart Words & Poems.

    I identify as a romantic realist, navigating...

  • Poetry Reading by Tammy Mckenzie

    Performed by Val Cole

  • Poetry Reading: SINNERS, by L. Paul Sutton

    Performed by Val Cole

  • Poetry Reading: Double Minded, by Tanasha Friar

    Performed by Val Cole

  • POETRY Reading: CRUMBLE, by Meik V. Fischer

    Performed by Val Cole