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POETRY READING: Innate Soaring, by Edward Longo



  • POETRY Reading: Aaliyah, by Pete B.

    Performed by Allan Michael Brunet

    Aaliyah, by Pete Borreggine

    All throughout my life,

    I’ve searched for love alone,

    A quest I made to find that love,

    Was something I would never know,

    For years I’d wonder where true love was,

    And why it had forsaken me,

    Years of turmoil and being left alo...

  • POETRY Reading: The Hindu’s Lament, b...

    Performed by Allan Michael Brunet

    (Bhagwan is God! or O God!)

    As I passed a lonely temple in the after-evening glow,
    On the banks of the Ganges where the quiet waters flow,
    When the sun had sunk to rest and cool softness touched the air,
    I saw a dark-skinned Indian and I heard him chant this pr...

  • POETRY READING: A Rescues Song, by To...

    Performed by Val Cole

    A Rescues Song, by Tommy Anderson

    Once upon a time I was a lost dog. I was abandoned, lonely, forgotten,
    and praying for a home. I had no place to hide, no place to go,
    no one person who would love me and let me love them.

    I had been abused, starved, left alone out in the...