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POETRY Reading: The Hindu’s Lament, by Edmund Jonah



  • POETRY READING: A Rescues Song, by To...

    Performed by Val Cole

    A Rescues Song, by Tommy Anderson

    Once upon a time I was a lost dog. I was abandoned, lonely, forgotten,
    and praying for a home. I had no place to hide, no place to go,
    no one person who would love me and let me love them.

    I had been abused, starved, left alone out in the...

  • POETRY Reading: Aaliyah, by Pete Borr...

    Performed by Allan Michael Brunet

    Aaliyah, by Pete Borreggine

    All throughout my life,

    I've searched for love alone,

    A quest I made to find that love,

    Was something I would never know,

    For years I'd wonder where true love was,

    And why it had forsaken me,

    Years of turmoil and being l...

  • POETRY Reading: Lorca, by John Kaniecki

    Performed by Allan Michael Brunet


    Before I read Lorca
    My words were blunt swords for
    Slicing rotted wood
    Rackety trellises
    To fortify
    Pathetic castles of sand
    Praying never the waves
    Or even harsh winds
    Ascend to my feeble heights
    Where from above with disdain
    Cupid mocked