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Watch this video and more on WILDsound Festival TV

POETRY Reading: Filigree Angels: A Miracle Awakens, by Denise Dowdell-Stent



  • POETRY READING: On The Street Where I...

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    Leroy my neighbor had some lottery luck
    But he went off and blew it all on a big old monster truck
    Now he can’t afford to drive it
    The gas cost too much
    Leroy’s old lady she packed and left
    She was pissed that Leroy was only thinking of himself
    But if I know Leroy
    He wasn’t thinking ...

  • POETRY READING: For Lawrence Ferling...


    I am waiting
    for shrink-wrapped facts to fall from the bellies of planes
    while gators slide across water and insects roar.

    I am waiting
    for a country-western singer without a pickup,
    for a horse bounding
    through grasses flung like long hair in the wind.

    I am waiting
    for unstandard...

  • POETRY READING: The Note Pinned To My...

    The Note Pinned to my Heart Reads…, by Mark Kirkbride

    I have been struck by lightning, twice,
    once in the neck, once in the Trossachs.
    I crawled out of a crash with whiplash
    and made a bleeding, limping dash
    across the border. Armed guards fired.
    I’ve stowed away on boats and planes
    and jumped...