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Watch this video and more on WILDsound Festival TV

POETRY READING: All That Remains, by Louise Gallagher



  • POETRY READING: Is It Because I'm Bla...

    Performed by Val Cole


    Is It Because I’m black, by Jermal Perkins

    Is it Because I am black
    Is it Because I am different from
    You seen me And I seen you
    We looked at each other
    I seen the anger in your eyes
    I continue walking down the street
    It was pretty dark outside
    I heard the Sirens ...

  • POETRY Reading: Big Lonely Doug by Ek...

    Performed by Steve Rizzo

    Big Lonely Doug by Ekaterina Karassev

    I walked down the path and touched Big Lonely Doug.

    He poked me in my chest and whispered in my ear,

    "Do you know why I am left here?

    Do you know why people keep approaching,

    Taking off their shoes, hugging me and crying?

    Do ...

  • POETRY Reading: The Face Of A Woman, ...

    Reading by Val Cole

    The Face of a Woman
    By Chris Mills

    The face of a woman is where emotions stream live
    Revealing the beauty that within her resides.
    She rises to a challenge to make life better for just one
    And works ceaselessly until the deed is done.
    Her expression, as she sees the f...