Watch novel and transcript readings from award winning writers. Performed by professional actors.

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: Poetic Justice, by Denise McCabe

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    A crime caper about Walter (aka The Wolf), a predator who considers himself to be a ladies man, and Sam, the detective who sets out to capture him. But nothing is what it seems to be. Feelings change, percepti...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: Shadow Girls, by N. Claire Muirhead

    Genre: Psychological Mystery, 350 words


    When an at-risk child disappears, her pediatric psychologist, Dr. Charley Fox, begins to suspect that she has information that may hold important clues to the child's whereabouts. From the safe confines of her office to the sinister underbelly...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: The Dream Gatherers, by Roberto Arcoleo

    Genre: Sci-Fi

    Synopsis: With a vibrant art movement, thriving music scene, and culture of change, 1960s Manhattan is pulsating with energy. Twins Mark and Jason appear human, but they have been sent to Earth to save it from an impending asteroid that will decimate the planet. The city embraces t...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: Tiger-Tiger, by Rob Buckman

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    From the moment he woke up in the center of the strange meadow, all Andrew MacFarland could think to say was, "What the bloody hell is going on!" as nothing made any sense. At 65 y...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: The Light Horse, by J.D. Brayton

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    The Light Horse is the story of two men who join forces to capture one of the most dreaded murderers in history; one man driven by sworn duty, and the other man by vengeance; a psychological thril...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: BULLETPROOF MASCARA, by Bethany Maines

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    In this comedic spy-adventure, red-headed linguist NIKKI LANIER and her team of brand new covert Carrie Mae agents take on VAL ROBINSON, a double-crossing—and far more experienced—agent

    Performed by Val ...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: The Dream, by Daniel Forrer

    Genre: Psychological Thriller

    Length: 288 pages, 88,973 words

    Synopsis: A rich businessman struggles to accept a psychic dream connection to a ruthless criminal, but when a local crime boss targets him for revenge, he must rely on the dream to tap into the criminals violent experience in order ...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: South Of Smoke, by A. D. Adler

    Novella 52pp Drama/Murder/Coming of Age

    South of Smoke is a murder drama set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Twin brothers Bix and Bobby are coming of age, finding themselves exploring the pathway to
    manhood differently.

    Performed by Val Cole

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: Taking Surface Streets, by Stv xiS

    Performed by Val Cole

  • NOVEL Reading: Black, White And Red All Over Chapter 5, by Deeann D. Mathews

    Christian, Mystery, and Suspense


    Police captains Hamilton and Lee meet with Mr. Varick and Mr. Turner from the Lofton County Free Voice newspaper to discuss the release of police records that contain explosive information about police brutality against African Americans in Lofton Cou...