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Watch this video and more on WILDsound Festival TV

NOVEL Transcript Reading: I AM CUBA, by Lynda R. Edwards



  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: Urraca Mesa...

    Performed by Val Cole

    Wild West/Supernatural genre

    Synopsis: A mysterious gun slinging woman who's full of vengeance and a US Marshal with a dark past chase his former gang after they murder his brother and leave a bloody trail behind them in their hunt fo...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: Wedding Of ...

    Performed by Val Cole

    Mike Smith's life ticks like clockwork until he impregnates a barely legal stranger. A guilty groom in a shotgun wedding, Mike struggles to make a marriage that starts out all wrong end up all right.

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: OLD WORLD, ...

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    Performed by Val Cole

    Type/Genre: Crime/Drama, Action

    Synopsis: "A drug-related massacre ends with an Amish family farm in rural Pennsylvania being burnt to the ground.
    The survivors of the incident must cope with w...