Watch novel and transcript readings from award winning writers. Performed by professional actors.

  • NOVEL Reading: PRINCE RIC: A TALE OF COMING OUT, by Kevin Michael Irvine

    Performed by Shawn Devlin

    Advertising heir Richard “Ric” Terrence Smythe-Bigge has it all, and longtime wingman Hal Burke is there to narrate. “Ric adds a spice rack of power, looks, money, and personality to the sauté pan of our...

  • NOVEL Reading: Brainstorm in the Golden Hour, by Margaret Bard

    Screenwriter novelist Margaret Bard and her husband Bartley were living their dream in the glamorous world of Hollywood - when at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market their life changed in an instant. Bartley's memory was wiped out. He didn't recognize his wife. In fact, he thought he had two wives. ...

  • NOVEL TRANSCRIPT: The Kill Registry, by Brian Howlett (interview)

    How would society, and human interactions, be different if we were each allowed one free killing of another? In this work of philosophical short story fiction, the narrator works as one of two designers at an athletic shoe factory. Ally, the other designer and a missed love interest, takes him to...

  • NOVEL Transcript: LONDON'S FALLING, by David Byerlee

    This is London if everything went awry and plunged into chaos as opposing, colliding forces explode to release a sleeping darkness.
    ‘Michael is made an irresistible offer by an expansive man named Constantine Czerback. A gangster...

  • NOVEL TRANSCRIPT: THE BUTCHER OF LYON, by Manuel Lasso (interview)

    About the Author
    Manuel Lasso, a Peruvian novelist, short story writer and playwright, studied Literature at the City College of New York, where he became a winner of the Floral Games in the narrative category. His work has been publi...

  • NOVEL Transcript: Elephant in a Safeway Bag, by Roderick E. Stevens

    Name: Roderick E. Stevens

    Location: Sierra Vista, AZ, US

    Title: Elephant In a Safeway Bag

    Genre: Crime thriller / Dramedy

    "Elephant in a Safeway Bag" follows the adventures of River, a feisty young man with Down syndrome determined to get to the Grand Canyon in spite of his scatter...

  • Novel Transcript: I SWIPED WRONG, by Mariani Coito

    Galavanting around an online dating world in which people ghost, lie, and cheat, Mariani Coito recounts her experiences with men in South Florida. Each chapter demonstrates a glimpse into the common complications of modern day dating.

    While she swipes through the men around her, hoping to find l...

  • NOVEL Reading: Standoff, How The Cold War REALLY Ended, by Rick Karlsruher

    Chapter Transcript: Stumbling into History
    A Few Months Earlier

    Genre- Satire/comedy – 69,000 words

    Logline- What if everything you were told about how the Cold War ended was ...

  • Novel Transcript - Desperation Rules the Day, by Colin Guest

    The IRGC, the unofficial rulers of Iran, are in danger of losing control of the country, so they back a terrorist plot against America on Independence Day.

    Performed by Val Cole

  • Novel Transcript - Unforgettable Cruise, by Colin Guest

    When Ashley’s husband dies, at fifty-two, an attractive woman, she meets Stephan on a luxury cruise. He not only rekindles her desire for sex, but makes her happy and content.

    by Val Cole

    Romantic Novel.

  • Novel Reading: Aunt Sadie's Letters of Hope & Healing, by Shari Anderson

    In 1941, Sadie Kleinberg's ten-year-old niece, Rhoda was quarantined in the children's polio ward at St. Giles Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Rhoda was immobilized and bedridden. Visiting hours were restricted to two days a week for one hour. Aunt Sadie took it upon herself to be Rhoda's cheerleader, ...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: In Bad Company, by Ke DaSol

    Performed by Val Cole

    Inside the male dominated world of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, families do exist. Max, is a widowed mother struggling to protect hers from club politics and violence after she is betrayed by those she believed she could trust.

  • POETRY MOVIE: Big Lonely Doug, by Ekaterina Karassev

    Voice Over by Steve Rizzo

    Visual Design & Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

    Produced by Matthew Toffolo

    Big Lonely Doug by Ekaterina Karassev

    I walked down the path and touched Big Lonely Doug.
    He poked me in my chest and whispered in my ear,
    “Do you know why I am left here?
    Do you know why people ...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: I AM CUBA, by Lynda R. Edwards

    Performed by Val Cole

    Fidel Castro came to power with a dark secret. One he leveraged to create the Cuba he wanted. Tasked with finding the source of Castro’s power, Isabella Vasquez can change the course of history for the Caribbean Islands, but she finds herself ...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: Urraca Mesa Redemption, by Daniel P. Douglas

    Performed by Val Cole

    Wild West/Supernatural genre

    Synopsis: A mysterious gun slinging woman who's full of vengeance and a US Marshal with a dark past chase his former gang after they murder his brother and leave a bloody trail behind them in their hunt fo...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: Wedding Of The Waters, by Darlene Rivais

    Performed by Val Cole

    Mike Smith's life ticks like clockwork until he impregnates a barely legal stranger. A guilty groom in a shotgun wedding, Mike struggles to make a marriage that starts out all wrong end up all right.

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: OLD WORLD, by Jake D. Aupperle

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    Performed by Val Cole

    Type/Genre: Crime/Drama, Action

    Synopsis: "A drug-related massacre ends with an Amish family farm in rural Pennsylvania being burnt to the ground.
    The survivors of the incident must cope with w...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: Into Spring - The Next Generation, by Larry Landgraf

    Performed by Val Cole


    "They leave home for the first time, prepared for war it appears, but nothing could have prepared them for the hell they fall into."

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: Serial Killers Psychological, by Szerif Nasr

    Performed by Allan Michael Brunet

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: The Pettifoggerys, by A.D. Adler

    Performed by Allan Michael Brunet

    An island of disagreeable people find themselves headed for the falls and build a fleet of hot air balloons to save themselves.

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: The Dogs Of Brownsville, by Stan Weisleder

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    Performed by Allan Michael Brunet

    Type of Story: Fiction based on fact (Faction).
    It's about: A few guys and girls leave the ghetto and arrive in Las Vegas to participate in the changing of the guard from the "Mob" ...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: Chapter 1 - Basha, by Fella Cederbaum

    Performed by Allan Michael Brunet

  • NOVEL MOVIE: Black, White, & Red All Over, by Deeann D. Mathews

    Police captains Hamilton and Lee meet with Mr. Varick and Mr. Turner from the Lofton County Free Voice newspaper to discuss the release of police records that contain explosive information about police brutality against African Americans in Lofton County.

    Performed by Val Cole

  • NOVEL MOVIE: Black, White, & Red All Over, by Deeann D. Mathews

    Police captains Hamilton and Lee meet with Mr. Varick and Mr. Turner from the Lofton County Free Voice newspaper to discuss the release of police records that contain explosive information about police brutality against African Americans in Lofton County.

    Performed by Val Cole