2021 film festival audience feedback videos.

  • STEP BY STEP short film, audience reactions (interview dir. Sébastien Duhem)

    STEP BY STEP, 24min., France
    Directed by Sébastien Duhem
    Now that humanity is in decline,Earth is rebirthing. A life-worn cartographer and a wild young woman will have to learn to communicate in this new world.


    Valentin Soulet - Producer

    Raphaël Lecomte - Key Cast

  • THE RECYCLING MAN short film, audience reactions

    THE RECYCLING MAN, 14min., Italy
    Directed by Carlo Ballauri
    In a poor and overpopulated, yet lonely suburban neighborhood, Jacob, a boy immobilized in a wheelchair, fights boredom by spying on his neighbors across the courtyard, while his mother, Valery, aggressively tries to convince Maria, her ...

  • Stoyan feature film, audience reactions

    STOYAN, 1hr. 46min., Spain,

    Directed by Roberto Ruiz Céspedes

    Maika is a mother who suffers from the unexpected kidnapping of her son Stoyan. It has been taken by a terrifying and ancient man to the Bardo… to the Beyond. Israel is a detective investigating the murder of a young woman with a tr...

  • MOON SHADOWS music video, audience reactions (director interview)

    MOON SHADOWS, 4min., Music Video
    Directed by Hart Ginsburg
    An image of a child looking towards the evening moon visited my thoughts one day or maybe it was a dream, from there an imaginary dialogue or dance emerged between the moon and the child. But who is guiding who in this planetary dance, is...

  • HASTI music video, audience reactions

    HASTI, 4min,. USA, Music Video
    Directed by Aren Bayadyan
    Whenever I sigh, you are there
    If I crawled in a corner out of grief, you are there,

  • LAKIKO | A HYBRID IDEA music video, audience reactions

    LAKIKO | A HYBRID IDEA, 5min., Germany, Music
    Directed by Manfred Borsch
    “In a very personal way, Sarajevo still reflects in me today, - and therefore, especially within my music.”
    LAKIKO - A HYBRID IDEA is an audiovisual portrait of Lana Kosti?, a cellist, singer and composer from Bosnia, German...

  • SKELETONS music video, audience reactions

    SKELETONS, 5min., Colombia, Music Video
    Directed by Sebastián Vargas Flor
    Skeletons is a tragic romance between a young woman and a skeleton set to an epic ballad by the band No Stories about wasted time and missed opportunities.

    Director Biography - Sebastián Vargas Flor

    Sebastián Vargas Flor...

  • DOWN & UP music video, audience reactions

    DOWN & UP, 4min., Israel, Music Video
    Directed by Roiy Nitzan
    A deflated and broken man tries to find redemption through music and love.

    Director Biography - Roiy Nitzan
    A video artist, visual effects specialist and director, Roiy Nitzan worked on a wide range of high profile projects, from ef...

  • WHERE TEARS, PERHAPS short film, audience reactions

    WHERE TEARS, PERHAPS, 5min., Columbia, Music Video
    Directed by Walter Escamilla

    Music video featuring a dance duet between two female dancers that represents the act of creation.

    Director Biography - Walter Escamilla

    Walter Escamilla is a filmmaker based in Bogotá, Colombia. He studied Visual...

  • JOY! BLUE MOON Music Video, audience reactions (with director interview)

    JOY! BLUE MOON, 3min., USA, Animation
    Directed by John Vollmer
    Music and images intertwine for a joyful experience.

    Interview with filmmaker John Vollmer

    1. What motivated you to make this film?

    I’ve heard music in my head my whole life and after hearing one repeat over and over I start to s...

  • CIRCLES short film, audience reactions (with director interview)

    CIRCLES, 4min., Singapore, Music Video
    Directed by Guo Xiang Khoo
    Circles is a music video of a song composed by Charlie Lim. He is visualized as a pixel art character journeying through a surrealistic pixel art landscape to find his love.

    Interview with director Guo Xiang Khoo

    1. What motiva...

  • FAR AWAY MAN Music Video, audience reactions

    FAR AWAY MAN, 4min., Australia, Music Video
    Directed by William (Wil) Bryant Allen
    The timeless story of a human's experience following trauma, the struggles they and their loved ones can experience, and the hope and freedom available at the end of a journey of process and vulnerability. This is ...

  • TEMPORARY CONTEMPORARY audience reactions (director interview)

    TEMPORARY CONTEMPORARY, 14min., Switzerland, Experimental
    Directed by Oliver David Brand
    The powerful, vulnerable and poetic choreographies, which were created under the eyes of choreographer Jonathan Hour, form touching living counterpoints to the static emptiness of the epic, sometimes inhospit...

  • VULTURE short film, audience reactions

    VULTURES, 12min., USA, Experimental
    Directed by Daniel Denegre
    At the end of a dying world, two scavengers are running out of options. When they find a way out, one doesn't hesitate to take what she can. But when faced with her victim, she has to decide if her survival is what’s most important.


  • FIRE & ASH short film, audience reactions

    FIRE & ASH, 12min., USA, Experimental
    Directed by Andreas John
    Fire & Ash follows the true story of Vermont beatmaster and hip hop artist JL (Johnny Morris) as he grapples with a terminal brain cancer diagnosis. Faced with death and the inevitable dissolution of his physical body, JL embarks on a...

  • SILENT RHYTHM short film, audience reactions (with director interview)

    SILENT RHYTHM, 36min., USA, Documentary Dance
    Directed hy Sarah Goolishian
    This short documentary explores the relationship dancers have with music, especially when none of the dancers can hear the music. The Gallaudet Dance Company is home to a small dance studio that pushes the meaning of dance...

  • THE EMROIDERESSES short film, audience reactions

    THE EMROIDERESSES, 8min,. Sweden, Documentary
    Directed by Bo Fredrik Sjökvist
    The Emroideresses is a short documentary / dance film about the difficult art of translating embroidery into dance. What exactly is a cross stitch and can you really walk with a thread? The film follows kompani mamsell'...

  • FAKTORY 92 short film, audience reactions

    FAKTORY 92., 12min., France, Dance
    Directed by Didier Mulleras

  • WHO SITS BESIDE US IN THE BATH short film, audience reactions

    Directed by Dana Sokolowski
    A surreal bedtime story about trust, safety, and protection after the death of a parent.

    Director Biography - Dana Sokolowski

    Dana Sokolowski is a writer, filmmaker, and dancer/choreographer based in Atlanta, GA. Her...

  • GISELLE short film, audience reactions

    GISELLE, 16min., USA, Ballet
    Directed by Scott Cook
    Adapted from the classical ballet Giselle, this film follows a young peasant girl though a story of love and betrayal. After finding out the man she is in love with is really royalty, Giselle tragically dies. Now a ghost, Giselle is introduced t...

  • THEY WAKE short film, audience reactions

    THEY WAKE, 3min., USA, Dance
    Directed by Karla Puno Garcia
    A community under a spell of slumber comes to life.

    Karla Puno Garcia is a proud Filipina-American artist based in NYC. She has been a Broadway swing for four years.

    As a female choreographer of color, Karla strongly emphasizes musicali...

  • IN VELVET short film, audience reactions

    IN VELVET, 11min., Ireland, Dance
    Directed by Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
    Child sits alone on a beach. Man approaches and they set off on a journey, driving through the Irish landscape of green parks and stunted suburbs. A herd of deer graze nearby with their antlers peeling away: a shedding ...

  • BUSTIN' LOOSE short film, audience reactions

    BUSTIN' LOOSE, 4min., USA, Dance
    Directed by Karla Puno Garcia
    A young girl finds herself in an underworld.

    Karla Puno Garcia is a proud Filipina-American artist based in NYC. She has been a Broadway swing for four years.

    As a female choreographer of color, Karla strongly emphasizes musicality ...

  • IRIC short film, audience reactions

    IRIC, 12min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Sandra Tamkin
    A homeless young man struggles to find his place in the world and make sense of a traumatic childhood.

    Director Statement
    "We made the film to elicit compassion and build understanding about the people in our communities facing homelessnes...