2021 film festival audience feedback videos.

  • SONG OF THE CICADA feature film, audience reactions

    SONG OF THE CICADA, 75min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Aaron Weiss, Robert Weiss
    A decade in the making, this documentary chronicles the musings and lifestyle of an eccentric mortician with an attraction to the forbidden living in the coastal town of Galveston, Texas.


  • OFF TO COLLEGE short film, audience reactions

    OFF TO COLLEGE, 4min., Singapore, Animation
    Directed by Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia
    When a teenage girl takes her inanimate companion off a shelf of plush toys in her bedroom, and packs it into her bag as she prepares to head off to College, the moment is bravely cheered ...

  • THEY WAKE short film, audience reactions

    THEY WAKE, 3min., USA, Music
    Directed by Karla Puno Garcia
    A community under a spell of slumber comes to life.

  • LILIT short film, audience reactions

    LILIT, 2min., France, Fashion
    Directed by July Preobrazhencki
    Gathering her strength, she landed on her native shores. She's still scared-she's been through a lot-but she's determined to move forward. Now her name is "Lilith".

  • UNKNOWN ENTRY EVENT short film, audience reactions

    UNKNOWN ENTRY EVENT, 6min,. Netherlands, Fashion
    Directed by Roman Villevoye
    Uknown Enrty Event is a fashion film for designer Maarten van Mulken it's about a woman finding a unknown entry event in her logbook and sets out to join her friends to express themselves and their freedom one last time....

  • THE REVOLUTION short film, audience reactions

    THE REVOLUTION, 4min., France, Music
    Directed by Jonathan Verleysen
    Composition, arrangements and production by DOVE-I
    Performed and written by RIOUX V (@A-Connection )
    Performed by @Scoring Orchestra


  • I'M HUTCHTASTIC short film, audience reactiosn

    I'M HUTCHTASTIC, 4min., USA, Music
    Directed by Brittany Ballard
    A water goddess decides to explore land for the first time, to be nature’s lover. After a surreal experience with new natural elements, haters come to attack her. But finding her strength and power in the elements, now a tree goddess...


    Directed by Margot Piorkowski
    In this experimental music video for Marcyline's debut single, moody visuals contrast the dark lyricism, portraying the fear of a dark presence following him.


  • Scapegoat Vengeance short film, audience reactions

    Directed by Simone Sello
    “Scapegoat Vengeance” is a brief surreal adventure based on synesthetic elements. I assembled footage and images captured in random moments, mostly while traveling, and cut those to an original piece of mine. Some of the sounds featur...

  • RAIN TO REIGN short film, audience reactions

    RAIN TO REIGN, 6min,. USA, Music/Experimental
    Directed by Julie M. Wenah, Keturah King
    5 women - most of whom have never met each other, are connected through one woman - Julie - who is bringing women of African descent together to explore how we prepare the next generation of women for ‘Rain’, a...

  • LOST AT SEA short film, audience reactions

    LOST AT SEA, 6min,. Germany, Music Video
    Directed by Alex Sebastian
    A fairy tale gone wrong: A woman between two men.


    Director Statement
    Lost At Sea is another ambitious project we were not sur...

  • PINK BOOTH CONFESSIONS short film, audience reactions

    PINK BOOTH CONFESSIONS, 29min., USA, Experimental
    Directed by Millie Heckler
    Pink Booth Confessions relishes in what it means to be woman: dark, whole, broken, bent, drunk, woke, silent, brash, slutty, strong, prude, wise, forever-changing and deeply committed to humanity and love. Through a pres...

  • L I M B O short film, audience reactions

    L I M B O, 13min., Finland, Horror/Dance
    Directed by Christoffer Collina
    A fugitive of time and space escapes the demons of his past, present and future in a dantesque ordeal.

    Director Statement
    LIMBO is a two-part short film that mixes together contemporary dance, genre film as well as experime...

  • WALLS BENEATH OUR FEET short film, audience reactions

    WALLS BENEATH OUR FEET, 5min., Finland, Experimental
    Directed by Antti Suniala
    Circus short film exploring urban life from unexpected angles. Inspired by the Pasila Street Art District in Helsinki. Collaboration between Race Horse Company, music producer RRKK and the Helsinki Urban Art.\


  • BRUISE short film, audience reactions

    BRUISE, 15min,. Ireland, Dance
    Directed by Mo O'Connell
    From the outside it looks like Heather has it all, the fancy house, the good looking husband, but then the cracks begin to show. Heather is dealing with a serious situation of coercive control, domestic and sexual abuse. After a particularly...

  • LAZARUS short film, audience reactions

    LAZARUS, 38min,. Germany, Dance
    Directed by Raphael Hahn
    Lazarus is a film album by Nikolai Kemeny that refines the symbiosis of jazz and tap dance. In this 40-minute dance film, documentary footage blends artful, contemporary, urban culture and vibrant harmonies of world music traditions. In col...

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANNY short film, audience reactions

    Directed by MaryLanae Linen
    Happy Birthday, Granny revolves around an African-American family in South LA celebrating their grandmother’s birthday when an argument leads to an honest discussion about the truth about the development and safety of the Covid...

  • LITTLE DRUMMER BOY short film, audience reactions

    LITTLE DRUMMER BOY, 15min., USA, Drama
    Directed by Sam Moore
    In this romantic, short film, Donielle is stressed out and tired of the constant flirtation from her co-worker, Terrel and her passive aggressive boss, Mr. Smith. She runs into skater boy, Jake, who takes her on an adventure of a lifeti...

  • BAD THINGS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE feature film, audience reactions

    BAD THINGS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, 90min., Ireland, Crime/Horror
    Directed by Garry Walsh
    A group of criminals lay low in the remote Irish countryside after pulling off an audacious robbery. As they plan their escape they quickly realise the robbery will be the last thing to go right for them.


  • WALKER short film, audience reactions

    WALKER, 25min., Czech Republic, Crime/Thriller
    Directed by Petr Hastik
    Nature, miles away from civilization, is the home of Adam Hahn, the film's protagonist. Every day he sets out on long walks into the unknown, where he gathers ingredients for his work and enjoys undisturbed silence. Adam does ...

  • DARK ENERGY short film, audience reactions

    DARK ENERGY, 14min., USA, Crime/Comedy
    Directed by Christy Summerhays
    Book club friends contemplate life, religion, and existence in this dark comedy about just how far women will go to protect one another.

  • MiMi short film, audience reactions

    MIMI, 21min., Vietnam, Horror
    Directed by Lam Vissay
    MIMI, an AI smart device, goes rogue after connecting to the brain waves of its owner.

    Director Statement
    We live in a world where smartphones have become essential in our everyday lives. Technology addiction is on the rise and instances where...

  • UN ESPECTADOR short film, audience reactions

    UN ESPECTADOR, 17min., USA, Thriller
    Directed by Juan Pablo Palacios
    A plumber is called to fix a leak in a woman's apartment, but unbeknownst to him, he ends up walking into a scenario in which a man has forced himself into her home, pretending to be her husband.


  • CULICIDAE short film, audience reactions

    CULICIDAE, 7min., Australia, Drama
    Directed by Greg Moran
    A late night intrusion leads to a life and death struggle.