2021 film festival audience feedback videos.

  • BEFORE THE OIL short film, DOC Festival film review

    BEFORE THE OIL, 11min., Netherlands
    Directed by Roel Swierenga
    Deep in the mountains in southern Norway Odd Kvinen runs a husky farm. Teaching about the energy transition from before the oil was found until the present day, about respect for nature and choices we have to make.


  • GREAT OCEAN LOVE short film, DOC Festival film review

    GREAT OCEAN LOVE, 30min., Australia
    Directed by Ella Bourne
    Great Ocean Love is part documentary, part road-trippin’ surf flick that follows Belinda Baggs, Linley Hurrell, and Lilly Pollard on a journey of discovery along the Great Ocean Road. Centred around the teachings of Gunditjmara whale dre...

  • YOU JUST CAN'T SEE THEM FROM THE ROAD short film, DOC Festival film review

    Directed by Keely Brazil Covello, Michaela Brazil Gillies
    An immigrant family in California’s Central Valley faces the loss of their land and way of life. One of the few remaining ranchers in the Bay Area watches urban sprawl creep in from every...

  • THE PERFECT SHOT: ANTARCTICA short film, DOC Festival film review

    Directed by Quinn Halleck
    "The Perfect Shot" is an inventive and captivating documentary that profiles award-winning fine art photographer Artem Shestakov as he attempts to photograph the most remote locations on the planet affected by the climate crisis....

  • TIGHTROPE WALKER short film, DOC Festival film review

    TIGHTROPE WALKER, 12min., Turkey
    Directed by Faruk Bagkesen
    "Cambaz" features mostly visuals captured from an attic, with most of the footage dating back to 2020. The documentary tells the story of a small family living in Sarajevo during the initial year of the global pandemic lockdown. They wit...

  • FEAR CITY short film, DOC Festival film review

    FEAR CITY, 20min., USA
    Directed by Nathaniel Pinheiro
    As New York protests the death of George Floyd by day, Jose LaSalle spends his nights with his video camera on a mission to make police afraid of being watched.

  • EVA. HERO GIRL short film, DOC Festival film review

    EVA. HERO GIRL, 30min., Kazakhstan
    Directed by Temirbek Amanzhol
    "Eva. Hero Girl" is an inspiring documentary film about Eva Zhigalina, who became a trailblazer in the world of Kokpar in Kazakhstan—a traditional male game of nomadic peoples.


  • SILK AND IRON short film, DOC Festival film review

    SILK AND IRON, 10min., USA
    Directed by Kee Streater Heywood
    A short film spotlighting Gary Llamido, an antiques collector and restoration artist. We have an intimate conversation with Gary on the important role that Samurai Armor has played in his life, as well as the impact it continues to have ...

  • DOUBLE BOUNCE short film, DOC Festival film review

    DOUBLE BOUNCE, 6min., Austria
    Directed by Christina Lao
    Mario Roque Garcia's current reality is markedly different from his past experiences. Overcoming his darkest moments, he now faces the daunting task of relearning the world around him. Despite these challenges, he remains unwavering in his d...

  • STANDING ON WATER short film, DOC Festival film review

    Directed by Tommy Corey
    The film profiles Christophe by showing the convergence of him living life with a rare form of dwarfism and his love for surfing. Christophe shares how his height, 4’4”, and his many operations have affected his life and how surfing has becom...

  • MAKING USA ENAMEL short film, DOC Festival film review

    Directed by Regan Vasquez
    The documentary “Making USA Enamel” takes viewers on a three-year journey to bring colorful enameling to US soil—in the middle of a global pandemic, too. Meet the people of Lodge Cast Iron who helped create USA Enamel™ in this documentary b...

  • THE 8TH SIN film, Music Film Festival video review

    THE 8TH SIN, 4min., Canada
    Directed by Uzair Merchant
    Official Soundtrack Music video to the book published - The 8th Sin


  • MLFY film, Music Film Festival video review

    MLFY, 4min., France
    Directed by Goulwen Courtaux
    MLFY music video takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the vast expanse of human history. This AI-generated creation serves as a tribute to the remarkable trip of the human race, showcasing our triumphs, struggles, and collective achievements...

  • RICK FLAIR FLO film, Music Film Festival video review

    RICK FLAIR FLO, 3min,. Canada
    Directed by Salima Stanley-Bhanji
    Ric Flair Flo is a rap music video by solo artist Sinzere. It is the 13th track on her Tabula Rasa album which is about gaining access to our truest selves and wiping the slate clean.


  • LETTER FROM ST. ANTHONY'S film, Music Film Festival video review

    Directed by Franck Trebillac
    Letter From St. Anthony's is an experimental film created as a companion piece to support the latest release of the musical duo Amon Tobin and Thys. Blending together experimental dance and whimsical cinematography this film is an ...

  • BOY SCIENTIST film, Music Film Festival video review

    Directed by Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia
    A brilliant boy scientist meets the girl scientist of his dreams, poised and beautiful, surrounded by flasks and beakers. The best he can do is bottle her image in his flask, so he may serenade and waltz with her in his Quantum...

  • CONNECTION film, Music Film Festival video review

    CONNECTION, 3min., USA
    Directed by Konstantin Mazov
    To the Woods
    Two- and four-legged beasts of earth and sky and
    I am made aware
    In context of discrepancy and disconnect connected


  • THIS IS NOT A STALL film, Music Film Festival video review

    THIS IS NOT A STALL, 12min., USA
    Directed by Emmanuel Hristofis
    A bard in a bar performs songs at a local open mic night.

  • METAMORFOSI film, Music Film Festival video review

    METAMORFOSI, 5min., Canada
    Directed by Arty Sandler
    A composer chooses to write music for "Alice in Wonderland" and by doing so accidentally opens a portal inside her piano, falls down the rabbit hole into the Wonderland and meets manifestations of different sides of her own character - Queen of ...

  • SIGUR ROS film, Music Film Festival video review

    SIGUR ROS, 6min., USA
    Directed by EKATERINA GIMRO
    Short-form documentary of people's emotions listening to the new Sigur Ros album, which will be released in June 2023. 50 people share their first reaction with the camera and tell us about how Sigur Ros has impacted their lives.

  • EL CAPITAN PACO film, Music Film Festival video review

    EL CAPITAN PACO, 25min., Mexico
    Directed by Rodrigo Oliva
    Paco is a public transportation driver who deals with his stressful job every day, until the imagination of Sarah, his daughter, turns him into the captain of a spaceship and gives him another perspective on his problems.


  • BIG FREEDIA - JUMP film, Music Film Festival video review

    BIG FREEDIA - JUMP, 5min., USA
    Directed by Wilberto Lucci
    A history of uber-successful New Orleans Bounce Music, narrated by New Orleans own LGBTIQA+ artist &Reality Show star "Big Freedia".

  • REUNION feature film, Thriller/Suspense Festival film review

    REUNION, 89min., USA
    Directed by Gregory Alan Williams
    When a charming old stranger turns up in Vanessa James backyard, she quickly realizes that he may hold the key to her husband’s secretive past. But as night falls and the truth unfolds, young Mrs. James will come face to face with pure evil a...

  • THE TREE short film, Thriller/Suspense Festival film review

    THE TREE, 20min., USA
    Directed by Vijay Singh
    A grieving couple plants a tree to assuage the pain of losing their child, but as the sapling grows, their lives spiral into a sinister abyss.