2021 film festival audience feedback videos.

  • SYPARIO short film, audience reactions (filmmaking team interview)

    SYPARIO, 24min., Italy, Musical
    Directed by Fabio Selvafiorita
    Sypario is a film based on the music score of Sypario by Sylvano Bussotti.
    The Sypario's score and the mise en scene on film realized by Fabio Selvafiorita consist of 15 micro-operas.


  • TAEKKYON REIGN short film, audience reactions

    TAEKKYON REIGN, 1min., South Korea, Music/Dance
    Directed by Jaye Wynn
    Taekkyeon Reign is a non-verbal music video showcasing the different forms of the South Korean Traditional martial art of Taekkyon fused with a dub-step music.

    Get to know the filmmaker:

    1. What motivated you to make this fi...

  • OCEANO: A PACIFIC RITUAL short film, audience reactions

    OCEANO: A PACIFIC RITUAL, 11min., USA, Dance
    Directed by Murat M Eyuboglu
    Filmed on the Jogasaki Coast of Japan, the choreography of Dai Matsuoka of the celebrated butoh group Sankai Juku is a meditation on the music of Paola Prestini and the verses of Pablo Neruda. The film opens with the images...

  • PIANO-SOLEIL short film, audience reactions

    PIANO-SOLEIL, 8min., Brazil, Dance
    Directed by Caio Amon
    A young woman feels trapped in a claustrophobic reality. She yearns for vast and awe-inspiring landscapes, where freedom of movement and communion with nature are possible. Yet she realizes that the wondrous beauty of these natural environm...

  • OUT OF THE ASHES short film, audience reactions (director interview)

    OUT OF THE ASHES, 63min., USA, Dance
    Directed by Karen L Charles, Ryan Melling
    Out of the Ashes honors those impacted by 9/11 and asks whether we can resurrect a better way of living.

    Get to know the filmmaker:

    1. What motivated you to make this film? My husband was on a flight that day and I...

  • ULTRA SPACE: TERRA COSMA short film, audience reactions

    ULTRA SPACE: TERRA COSMA, 15min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Dana Karwas
    Does space exploration always have to involve shiny white orbs? How can we open up the conversation and connect it back to life on earth? To explore these questions and more, a group of artists, designers, and researchers ...

  • 488 short film, audience reactions

    488, 3min., South Korea, Fashion
    Directed by Uyeong Ryu
    Experimental fashion film with vegan fashion brand VEGANTIGER. The peculiar room and girl, and her repetitive acting of this film is the metaphor of experimental animal specifically rabbits. Last year, 488 million individuals suffered from a...

  • ISIS short film, audience reactions (director interview)

    ISIS, 5min., Germany, Experimental
    Directed by Annekatrin Meyers
    After Osiris´ death Isis travels the entire country in search of her beloved's mortal remains. With her boundless love and her magic skills, she wants to overcome death and bring Osiris back to life for one night.


  • PROTEST short film, audience reactions

    PROTEST, 1min,. Armenia, Experimental
    Directed by Gennadi Agadzhanyan
    Protest” is a challenge. It’s your struggle with internal inhibitions and taboos.


  • LUNARCODE: THE LIGHT short film, audience reactions

    LUNARCODE: THE LIGHT, 3min., USA, Music Video
    Directed by Vincenzo Carubia
    Latest music video by award winning Rock Band LUNARCODE. this is off their first album "Stories Untold" available on iTunes, Spotify and all major platforms


  • A BALLET FULL OF TANGO short film, audience reactions

    A BALLET FULL OF TANGO, 45min., Spain, Documentary
    Directed by Nathalie Kraft
    "A ballet full of tango" is a documentary of 45 minutes that closely follows the Pasodos Dance Company in Mallorca during the creation of their innovative work "Tango Woman Ballet".


  • JESUS' ABS short film, audience reactions

    JESUS' ABS, 8min., USA, Documentary Experimental
    Directed by Ethan Knecht
    A HARDCORE routine! This documentary is NO JOKE! Do we kill our sixpack or get a killer sixpack with this one?


  • WHITE short film, audience reactions

    WHITE, 2min., Canada, Experimental
    Directed by Kevin Heslop
    Written by Brandon Wint, directed by Kevin Andrew Heslop, and set in London, Ontario, Canada, "White" depicts the way in which white colonialism "warped" and instrumentalized Jesus Christ "from prophet into insatiable poltergeist" to ach...

  • EmergencE short film, audience reactions

    EmergencE, 4min., USA, Music Video
    Directed by Marco De Ornellas
    A surrealistic non sequential piece inspired by the unlimited world of dreams.


  • LET THE MUSIC PLAY: THE TIPPING POINT short film, audience reactions

    Directed by Cate Meighan, Heather Dauterive
    A follow-up to the award-winning feature-length documentary by DailyBOOM Media on Covid-19's crushing impact on the music industry as seen through the eyes of artists, musicians, promoters,...

  • M4 short film, audience reactions (director interview)

    M4, 24min., Russia, Drama
    Directed by Kirill Andreevich Egorov
    A young couple Sasha and Katya, living their last days, in connection with the upcoming, inevitable catastrophe, learn about Katya's pregnancy. What will they do in this situation?

    Get to know the filmmaker:

    1. What motivated you t...

  • AMOUR INCONDITIONAL short film, audience reactions (director interview)

    AMOUR INCONDITIONAL, 2min., Switzerland, Drama
    Directed by Cyprien Corminboeuf, Jacob Muller
    Its the story of two lonely single parents family . The child is drawing is his bedroom . Its a christmas night and the father is playing Santa in the street to pay his bills . When he crosses the view of...

  • THE HUNT short film, audience reactions

    THE HUNT, 22min., France, Drama
    Directed by Yann Reuzeau
    15 years have passed since that violent night, and Xavier’s life is now idyllic.
    But today, Boris is being released from prison, causing the mysterious events of that night to come rushing back to haunt Xavier. He decides to find and confro...

  • JALEBI NIGHTS short film, audience reactions (director interview)

    JALEBI NIGHTS, 13min., UK, Drama/Romance
    Directed by Ganesh Sharma
    Jalebi Nights follows the journey of a young heartbroken man, named Krishan. He was about to propose to the love of his life, however her mother intervened. 6 months later, Krishan still can't get over his ex, so his best friend H...

  • SCORPIO short film, audience reactions

    SCORPIO, 6min., USA, Drama
    Directed by Zoran Zonde Stojanovski
    The love story between a novelist and his muse ends up abruptly with the revealing of an unexpected secret.


  • PERSISTENCE short film, audience reactions (director interview)

    PERSISTENCE, 12min., Canada, Drama
    Directed by Krista Barzso
    Persistence is a story about what happens when romantic intentions cross over into stalking. The ?lm explores what happens when trusts are broken but laws aren?t, and just how much damage can be done to someone's life in that space betw...

  • PHANTASME short film, audience reactions

    PHANTASME, 2min., France, Drama
    Directed by Florian Le Tavernier, Arthur Rupert-Meinsfeld
    What if hope, gone for so long suddenly came back to us. For an instant, hope meets dream without ever forgetting reality. Regis' reality.

  • MISSING STRING short film, audience reactions (director interview)

    MISSING STRING, 11min., Canada, Drama
    Directed by Hugo Remy
    Marie is a young woman who sees black strings coming out of people's heads. She is the only one who sees them and she can guess people's inner emotions by looking at their string. Everyone has a string, except her.

    Get to know the filmm...

  • STARTLINE short film, audience reactions

    STARTLINE, 5min, South Korea, Animation/Drama
    Directed by Ryu Sihyun
    In the dreams of Joe, a teenage girl who is sad that she was eliminated in the track and field event, her difficult beginnings strangely happen. In her dreams, she goes through the struggles of adolescence: exams, nagging parent...