A collection of the best experimental short films from around the world today.

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  • SCAPELANDS, 4min., UK, Dance

    Scapelands is a short dance film that explores our primal connections with nature and the effect of urban living on the human mind. With countries in lockdown due to the current global pandemic, the psychological impact of our physical environments is being felt more significantly across the worl...

  • I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING, 4min., Canada, Experimental

    A man grieves the end of a relationship on a walk at night during a global pandemic.

    Director Statement:

    i don't know what i'm doing is an experimental film about a young man grieving the end of a relationship. The film was shot in one day in the middle of lockdown in Toronto with only a 3 per...

  • RENEWABLE, 4min., UK, Dance

    Inspired by the different landscapes and environments of Scotland and Indonesia and renewable energy sources, this screendance work was created through a digital art residency (Dance Dialogue) between Marc Brew (Marc Brew Company) and Mariska Febriyani (Ballet.id) exploring the concept of space a...

  • WRECK, 4min., Canada, Music Video

    "Wreck" is from Jean-Paul De Roover's new alternative/rock/progressive album "LOSS", available on CD/LP and all digital streaming services here:

    Directed by Curtis Jensen

    Produced by Jean-Paul De Roover

    Musicians: Jean-Paul De Roover, Mack Davis, Scott Edwards

  • WHILE WE WAIT, 18min., USA, Experimental

    An experimental dance film that charts the emotional journey of an ensemble who struggles to keep working after their 2020 world premier is postponed due to a global pandemic.

    Written & Directed by Lukas Huffman

    Produced by Hannah Dennison

  • DREAM ABOUT ME, 4min., USA, Experimental/Poetic

    A poetic reflection of a broken friendship

    Written & Directed by Juan Aragon

    Described by one contemporary as Visual Poetry, Dream About Me is the type of film no person wants to ever make. It is a deluge of raw, unfiltered emotions towards those we loved, but abandoned us.

    While originally w...

  • BIRDS OF A FEATHER, 3min., Australia, Animation/Experimental

    Set in a rainy city this film focuses on the scavengers on the street and how the effects of sharing and being greedy can alter one's perspective in life.

    Directed by Richie Valentino

    Director Statement:

    Art offers the ability to express one's inner self.

  • BEHIND THE GLASS, 5min., Canada, Animation/Experimental

    Behind the glass is an animated drama about a man struggling to overcome his own limitations, while facing the rejection of society.

    Written & Directed by Pedro de la Llave

    Director Statement

    Behind the glass is a drama about a man struggling to overcome his own limitations, while facing the r...

  • TOM, 8min., USA, Horror/Experimental

    Experimental horror film studying a 'Peeping Tom' as he gathers footage and reviews his findings amidst a storm of psychedelic visuals.

    Director - Joshua Nicholas Goodman, Justin William Houghton

    Produced by Goody Bags

  • ALWAYS THE SUN, 9min., UK, Experimental/Black & White

    A short film based on a poem: always the sun by Keith Sargent. Wilderness, illness and the great British cretinocracy.

    Written & Directed by Keith Sargent

    Key Cast: Lindsay Seers

  • WATER DREAMS, 11min., Mexico, Experimental

    Original language title: SueƱos de Agua

    An old Mayan woman dreams about being a crocodile, in the nights an owl stalks her and does not allow her to dream anymore; tired of this, she goes in search of a shaman to ask for help.

    Directed by Pablo Ortiz

    Director of Photography: Alexander Jenkins

  • ARIA (AIR), 3min., Italy, Experimental

    Directed by Brace Beltempo e Barbara Sirotti

    How are relationships changing during lockdown? Is time, still and truly, the only thing missing to understand each other?
    So easily as a makeup mask following down her eyes, a woman tells her true shocking story, unfortunately similar to many others...

  • LOVELY, 5min., Canada, Dance/Black & White

    A woman remembers her worth and stands in her truth.

    Directed by Yared Gebrekidan

    Produced by Nathan Witte

    Dancers: Cassandra Naud, Nasiv Sall, Nadia White

  • LADY BE GOOD, 6min., USA, Dance/Music Video

    A bartender reflects on one unforgettable night.

    Directors: James Kinney and Pierre Marais

    Producer: Straighten Your Crown Productions

    CAST: Skye Mattox, Caleb Marshall, Ahmad Simmons, Alex Nordin, Jess LeProtto, Ramone Owens, Nathan Keen, Christian Borle

    Lighting Designer: Curtis Shields


  • ANOMALY 4, 18min., UK, Animation/Experimental

    There is no singular way to sum up this work. It does not really want to be explained by an elucidating text; it wants to rest in the medium that shapes it. It does not follow a convention of story telling that governs cinema. What it does follow is a freewheeling set of associations and the vaga...

  • ANYONE, 5min., USA, Dance

    A young woman, searching.

    Directed by James Kinney

    Produced by Nicole LaFountaine

    Cast: Ryan Steele, Yesenia Ayala, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Blake Zeleznikar, Caleb Marshall, Arisa Odaka, Michael Graceffa, Cajai Fellows, Connor Schwantes,

    Director Statement
    Twelve years ago, I was commissioned to...

  • TRACE, 4min., China, Dance

    Directed by Yuxi Jiang

    Performed by Yuxi Jiang