A collection of the best experimental short films from around the world today.

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  • caprice x2 short film, 4min., Animation/Experimental

    forms and gestures, situations over a copy (is_t) existance. marks and notes happening while light resounds.

    Directed by Claudia Ungersbäck

  • PASSAGE short film, 2min., Australia, Animation/Experimental

    A surreal and expressionistic animation. A painted female figure steps through a doorway, undergoing a surreal exploration of body and identity, whilst being confronted with distortions of herself. Digitally painted frame by frame animation.


    Produced by...

  • AUDIBLE LOCKDOWN short film, 15min,. Australia, Experimental/Music

    A kaleidoscopic audiovisual portrait of the city of Melbourne during the COVID lockdowns in 2020. All sounds have been created from field recordings made in the Melbourne CBD under lockdown, and all footage has similarly been gathered from the city.


  • THE MIDNIGHT TRIP short film, 7min., USA, Experimental/Drama

    On his way through the desert at night to an important business meeting a man’s car breaks down and he is forced to confront his own past and to reconsider his values.



  • IN DIFFERENCE, 2min,. USA, Experimental

    In-Difference is an ethereal, poetic glimpse at the trials and tribulations of a modern romance and its artifacts.

    W.H.Auden The More Loving One
    Music Frederic Chopin Prelude in e-minor (Op.28 No.4)

    Nisey Woods
    Adam Brudnicki

    Directed by Nina Marinov
    Produced by Clayton Nix
    Director of ...

  • I WAS, 2min., USA, Experimental

    I WAS is a lyrical, experimental meditation on the journey to extinguish the ego and reconcile one’s mortality

    Directed and edited by Nina Marinov
    Cinematography by Chris Anthony Hamilton

    Excerpts from works of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath
    and Sadhguru’s meditation


  • EPHÉMEROS short film, 13min., Lithuania, Dance

    EPHÉMEROS - (transitory in Ancient Greek) is a dance film that subtly combines three elements - human, plant and sculpture - to create a unique world of fantasies. The temporality of being experienced in this world is inevitable - everything is temporary in relation to eternity.

    Director, Choreo...

  • THE MAZE short film, 3min., USA, Dance

    We are caged in our own thoughts, running through loopholes only to find ourselves exactly where we started. The Covid 19 Pandemic had caused most of us artists in a complete shot down but we also had the opportunity long gone, to reflect on what we are doing and what is on the horizon. We lived ...

  • CONVERGENCE short film, 6min., USA, Experimental

    Breaking a long slumber, a mysterious rope leads a soul through a decaying world as he attempts to connect with another.

    Directed by Maya Marzuki Peters, Anahita von Andrian-Werburg

    Cast: Sean Pfeiffer, Anya Susan

    Director Statement
    Convergence grapples with fear, loss, and ultimately, connect...

  • GHOST LAKE short film, 5min., Singapore, Dance

    A woman in mourning confronts the loss of her lover. In a space where grief exists, time is relative

    Directed by Shanice Stanislaus, Jon Tan

    Cast: Daphne Huang, Antonio Vargas

    Director Statement
    This was an international collaboration, with Taiwanese and Singaporean musicians coming together...

  • ONE SHILLING short film, 6min., UK, Dance/Experimental

    One Shilling. A contemporary dance film where four strangers from different backgrounds escape everyday life for one night, drinking and dancing in one of London’s underground bars during the Blitz.

    Directed by Monica Nicolaides

    Produced by Judy Ibelhauptaite

    Composer: Ben Lloyd-Evans


  • THINGS SHE WANTS, 3min., Canada, Poem/Experimental

    An interpretation of the prose poem by Paola Ferrante which explodes marriage and explores the lived experience of intimate partner violence.


    Directed by Kevin Andrew Heslop

    Writer: Paola Ferrante

    Cast: Niki Carr

  • MAGPIE, 2min., Canada, Experimental

    An interpretation of Catriona Wright's poem "Magpie" which explodes domesticity.


    Cast: Ruth Douthwright, Niki Carr

    Director Biography - Kevin Andrew Heslop
    Kevin Andrew Heslop is a polydisciplinary doofus whose debut collection of poetry, the correct fury...

  • INFERNO, 16min,. Germany, Dance/Experimental

    Inferno“ by Nostos Tanztheater is a dance theater about exclusion, trauma, refugee issues and displacement.

    Where is Hell?
    We are talking about prisoners who live in cells without hope. Families who had to flee persecution and are stranded in a boat between borders.
    We are talking about people w...

  • BETWEEN THE BALANCE, 4min., USA, Dance/Experimental

    choreography by Nicole Kadar & Dancers - while editing a full length dance concert I added a filter to give the dance a particular look & feel. but what happened next was something I rarely do. I used a mirror effect and it divided & repeated half the frame. which gave the piece a more abstract &...

  • BYOUL PART 2: DA short film, 8min., South Korea, Dance

    Byoul Part 2: Da

    "Da reinterprets DaEun Jung and Melody Shim’s long-time collaboration Byoul through the intimate lens of filmmaker Taso Papadakis. Da blurs the boundaries between the classical form and pedestrian moves as well as discipline and spontaneity, branched out from the original proje...

  • BEEHIVE (do you want me to bee), 2min., Italy, Dance

    Beehive aims at focusing on the critical part bees plays in the biosphere as a deeply interconnected system. As pollinators, the bees make every sort of flowers and trees grow. Without them we are all lost.
    In a rocky and steep beehive two worker bees do not dance their lives away; quite the oppo...

  • BROKEN short film, 4min., France, Dance

    1 in 3 women are victims of violence during their lifetime, i.e. 1 billion women worldwide. Their names are Myriam, Adèle, Clémence ... They are 20, 35 or 48 years old. They are victims but do not always have the words to speak and to find help ... Since January 1, 2020, 11 women have died killed...

  • SUBSTANCE short film, 3min., USA, Experimental/Poem

    Looking closely at the human body, deliberately exaggerated, scaled, as close as possible, we can see the substance - eternal, unshakable, requiring nothing but itself for its existence.

    Excerpt from T.S.Eliot Four Quartets

    Alexandra Safronova
    Elena Vasilieva

    Dance company Will ...

  • MEMORY OF WATER, 9min., USA, Experimental

    Countries of Filming: Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Republic of, United States

    A visual poem on life, death and rebirth of water.

    Directed by Changhee Chun

  • THE SONG OF SONGS, 33min., Belgium, Experimental

    The Beloved yearns for her Beloved.
    Is he one of King Solomon's valiant or a shepherd went to graze his flock?
    Is she one of the king's concubines or a simple shepherdess?
    The Song of Songs is a three thousand-year-old biblical poem from one of the Books of the Old Testament.

    Directed by André G...

  • ZABLEYALO, 6min., USA, Dance

    Zableyalo is the first of a series of collaborations from the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices and choreographer/director Jennifer Rose. This film was created with Cinematographer/Editor Robbie Shaw and Performer Maija Knapp. A dance work where traditional folk music is made visceral. The soul mad...

  • VISUAL POETRY: SELF LOVE, 2min., USA, Experimental

    The personal journey of discovering and internalizing self worth. This project is meant to recognize the importance of body positivity and self-acceptance by portraying visual metaphors that exhibit the internal thoughts of the protagonist as she dives into the profound depths of her inner voice,...

  • ARM IN A SLING by Extraterrestrials, Music Video, 4min.,

    Music Video for the song "Arm in a Sling" by Extraterrestrials, featuring rollerskaters Majentah Aquarious & Cassie Mari


    Directed by Areca Roe

    Cast: Majentah Aquarious, Cassie Mari