A collection of the best drama short films from around the world today.

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  • WEDNESDAY short film watch, 4min., Hungary, Comedy

    When a Jewish woman (30) makes her son (5) pee on the wharf of Danube river in the night of mid-fourties Budapest, we don’t know yet that this is their last moment together. Because the facist Arrow Cross party officer plays with them with particular cruelty. Because they are the members of that ...

  • FLAWLESS 2 short film watch, 9min., Romance



  • FLAWLESS short film watch, 7min., France, Romance

    A young man is going on a first date with a young lady, but things will take an unexpected turn because of a new mobile app


    Director Biography - LEVY CLAUDE
    Levy Claude, a photographer, then trains to do video editing. He starts with making films for individ...

  • BRUEHM'S CLOSET short film watch, 15min., Black & White

    Milton Bruehm is more than a janitor, and he has a precious secret hidden in his closet.

    Written & Directed by Ramona Taylor

    Ms. Taylor, a graduate of Duke University and the University of Richmond T.C. Williams School of Law, is a principal and co-founder of Shockoe Productions and founder of ...

  • THE LAST ZOMBIE short film watch, 16min., Drama/Horror

    At the conclusion of a zombie apocalypse, a lone zombie wanders the planet, isolated and threatened by every human in sight. When Nova, the last zombie, comes across a little girl who knows no fear, the two form an unlikely - and tragically short lived - friendship.

    Directed by Adam J. Vaughn


  • FIELD DAY short film watch, 22min. Drama/Fantasy

    On his way to work one morning, a lonely widower pulls over to explore an empty field, and then discovers he can’t return.

    Directed by Kevin Hart

    Starring John C Ashton

  • VIRTUALLY SINGLE short film watch, 15min., Romance/Drama

    It’s lockdown. Emboldened by red wine, a fortysomething woman braves her first Zoom date with a guy in snowy Montana. A short play devised through improvisation, VIRTUALLY SINGLE explores the tragicomic challenges of dating during the pandemic.


  • CAM GIRL: Season 1 Episode 2 TV show, 14min., Drama/Comedy

    Laura is a self-proclaimed "generic white girl" whose financial struggles force her to start a side hustle, leading her to discover the seductive and complex world of webcam modeling. Everyone has an OnlyFans - how hard can it be?

    Directed by Ian Gregory Trutt

    Cast: Samantha Lorin Charboneau, R...

  • THE MONSTER (Le Monstre) short film watch, 15min., Drama/Family

    Alice keeps drawing a monster that seems to terrify her. Everyone in the family has a different opinion about this monster.

    But what really is this monster?

    Directed by Gabriel Després

    Cast: Caroline Desormiers, Alexis Déziel, Anne-Sophie Millette

  • ANTISEMITE short film watch, 14min., Drama

    Seth, a college senior, is home for winter break. He’s spending a day relaxing and shopping on Fairfax Avenue when he’s suddenly confronted by an Orthodox Jewish man asking Seth if he’s Jewish. Seth’s chance encounter leads to a profound spiritual experience with life-changing implications.


  • REBOBA short film watch, 9min., Drama

    Josué, a Honduran man going through his first New York winter, struggles to stay afloat in the US, where the immigration and labor systems have stacked the cards against him, while keeping the connection with his wife and son.


    Film done at ...

  • EARLY RETIREMENT short film watch, 12min. Comedy/Drama

    A 30-something year old man, on the heels of a breakup with his boyfriend, moves in with his parents who live in a 55+ adult community. Through confronting his own insecurities and examining family relationships and dynamics, he's able to move forward.


  • MISSING YOU, 5min., Drama/Music Video

    A teenage girl visits a beach where she often went to as a child and reminisces about how things aren't the way they used to be.

    Directed by Anika Jensen

    Cast: Evelynn Posadas, Jaelynn Krahnke, Sven Jensen, Karin Jensen


    Done at the San Francisco Film School

  • MORNING GLORY short film watch, Drama

    A woman living with enormous loss, and a mysterious room full of plants, has her isolated existence punctuated by a maintenance worker who arrives to fix her TV. They spend a life changing day together, as they enter a space of ruthless honesty, where lies and performances are no longer needed, a...

  • THE 17 (LAS 17) short film watch, 4min., Drama

    Based on a true story, a young and very pregnant Salvadorian woman finds herself handcuffed to a hospital bed after losing her child to miscarriage.


    Directed by Alyssa Carter

    Key Cast: Rosmery Solorzano

    Director Statement
    Las 17 i...

  • I HATE MIRRORS short film watch, 6min., Drama LGBTQ+

    A narrative short film on the effects of negative self-perception. Mirrors don’t have to be a source of self-hatred, rather, they should be a reminder of one’s value, worth, and the inner beauty beyond what the mirror reflects back at us.

    Directed by Savanah Mears

    Star: Quanie

  • A STATE OF BLISS short film watch, 17min., Drama/Romance

    A user goes on a virtual, blind date to meet an individual that challenges their process of life and death.


    Writer/Director: Abriana Blount

    Cast: Zahnia Richardson, Carleigh May Ross, Fel Quinn

  • A WOMAN'S FACE short film watch, 8min., UK, Drama

    A short film about the aftermath of suicide on a man’s bereaved wife.
    The story begin when Anna’s husband’s body is retrieved from a canal. Anna walks out on her young children and retraces the steps of her dead husband. A film about the complication of loss, mental health and finding some kind o...

  • STRANGER short film watch, 4min., Drama/Romance


    This film shows the experience of lost relationships through the eyes of a young girl. "Stranger" is a story of love, longing, and the regret through passing of time.

    Written & Directed by Julia Hayden Fung

    Cast: Gloria Copeland, Kaiden Luis, Isa Baratoff

  • Life REBORN short film watch, 12min., Panana, Sci-Fi/Drama

    LUCAS (Marcel Barragán) and his daughter CLARISA (María Alexandra Sanz), recreate a wonderful trip to space as NASA crew members. Clarisa is very ill at a terminal point. The objective of this trip is to connect with a Magical Universe for her salvation, and in a great adventure, they succeed!


  • APPLES, ORANGES, LEMONS & LIMES short film watch, 45min., Romance/Drama

    A timid young man chronically suffers from social anxiety. At a party, an unlikely encounter inspires a night of drinking, joy and romance.


    Writer/Director: Pat Mitchell

    Cast: Cal Waldau, Skye Marie Sena, Juan Rod...

  • ONLY HERE AND NOW short film watch, 20min., USA, Romance

    Wartime, 1942. When 18 year old newlyweds Marjorie Hua and Private Tom Carlson arrive at the small inn for their honeymoon night, they're forced to wait for their room. While waiting, their anxiety builds. Tom leaves for the war in the morning and what will their future hold? Will this first nigh...

  • APPARITION GLIMMER short film watch, 5min., Drama


    Meanwhile winding down at her home. Yeilda finds her lost foster sister at her doorstep. Their past has caught up to them. Frantically trying to figure out what to do. The connection between them has brought them together again like nothing never happened.

  • THROUGH ROSE COLORED LENSES short film watch, Romance / Drama


    In the midst of a toxic triangle with the love of his life, and her abusive boyfriend, Shawn Anderson, a college student blinded by love, is seeing his world fall apart.

    Unable to help Shawn see the toxicity of this relationship with Kayla Murrieta, his best friend L...