Winning screenplays. First scenes readings from features, and television specs.

  • FAN FICTION Festival: Firefly Show Spec Script, by Anastasia Warmuth (interview)

    Type of Script: TV spec script for the tv show Firefly

    The pain caused by the bounty hunter, Jubal Early, in the finale of Season Two still echoes. When the crew of Firefly are infected with a mysterious and deadly airborne virus with dark links to River's past, Simon must choose between saving ...

  • SHITSTORM 1st scene feature script reading. COMEDY Festival

    Written by Adrian Cunningham

    A Berlin-based plumber is forced to play a part in the final, chaotic hours of Hitler's Third Reich when he's summoned to unblock the toilets in the Fuhrer's bunker.


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Female Officer: Val Cole
    Russian Soldier: Geoff Mays

  • Losing It TV Pilot screenplay reading. WILDsound Festival

    Written by Victoria Wojick, Deborah Wojick

    The Day/Wilson family, composed of siblings Breezy and Finn and their father Chris, recently moved to a small town in Maine where Chris will be working at the local police department.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Zander: Steve Rizzo
    Luke: Geo...

  • THRILLER/SUSPENSE Festival: Murder on Mars, by Patrick McKinley

    During the early days of humanity’s colonization of Mars, two police detectives investigate the first death on the red planet. As the investigation unfolds, the detectives realize not all is what it seems as they uncover a vast conspiracy that questions human civilizations’ place on Mars.

    CAST L...

  • COMEDY Festival TV PILOT: Group Therapy, by Jaycee J. Brill

    In this dark comedy, 7 unique and relatable characters venture out of their comfort zone through group exercises, exposure therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. Following each of the characters in their personal lives, (Carmen in the pilot episode) we see how they interact with the world o...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival: Out in the West, by Claire V. Riley

    In 1865, when it was a crime to be queer, a sharpshooting gender outlaw poses as a man so she and her southern belle lover can escape a brutal husband and create a new life as a married couple out in the west.


    Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
    Millie: Val Cole
    Beth: Hannah Ehman

  • LA Festival 1st Scene: NAZI NUKE, by Eamonn Eeles

    Harvey Hardaz, special forces, must choose duty over love in order to rescue a nuclear scientist from being used by the Nazi’s to build an atomic bomb and destroying London.


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Sabine: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Hardaz: Geoff Mays
    Patrick: Steve Rizzo

  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene Reading: NOT TONIGHT, by Lisa Triano (interview)

    A story of abuse and love.


    Narrator: Steve Rizzo
    Diane: Hannah Ehman
    Tanner: Geoff Mays
    Doris: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Frank: Sean Ballantyne

    Get to know the writer:

    1. What is your screenplay about?

    My screenplay is about a young woman managing a life of abuse.


  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene: THE WHITE FENCE, by Claudia Dato (interview)

    It’s 1953 and Helen Parker’s husband has been MIA in Korea for 18 months. When a local bully graffiti’s her white fence, handy woman Lou Taylor shows up to paint the fence and steal her heart. In the end Helen must decide on which side of the fence to live.


    Narrator: Sean Ballantyn...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene: A HOLIDAY CAROL, by John Woodard (interview)

    Modern day adaptation of Dickens “A Christmas Carol.” Evan Scrooge lives his life as a rich, greedy, bitter, closeted gay man, who despises the holidays. Until one Christmas Eve night, when his dead, ex-lover and business partner, Jake Marley, along with the three spirits of Christmas Present, Pa...

  • Female Fest Best Scene: Lucky For You, by Heidi Kozak Haddad, Caroline Somers

    LUCKY FOR YOU is a comedy about a people-pleasing woman named Ellie who wins big in the lottery, but instead of lavishing herself with the best money can buy, she hides her winnings and uses the money to secretly transform her slacker husband into the successful man she always dreamt he would bec...

  • Winning FEMALE Festival 1st Scene: Black Sunday, by Katreana Bellew

    A young fireman, and father of four, jumps to his death to escape a Bronx fire alongside four other firemen. Upon inspection of the fire, it becomes clear that both the building owners and the city of New York are at fault. The fireman's wife and the surviving, but chronically injured, men from t...

  • Winning LA Festival 1st Scene: BABY, by Maggie Arias, Conor Hanney (interview)

    “In a career that often offers no validation, an aspiring actress finds a side-hustle that does: sugar-babying. Based on absolutely nothing at all you can't prove anything back off.”


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Maggie: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Brad: Geoff Mays

    Get to know writer Maggi...

  • 1st Scene Reading: Gladiatrix Daughter of War, by Roxanne Gregory (interview)

    Gladiatrix Daughter of War --- Barbarians+Spartacus=Gladiatrix. Acolyte priestess Aoife survives the fall of the Druidic stronghold but is enslaved. She kills a brothel master & is sold to a ludus, a school for gladiators, where she flourishes becoming Rome's deadly champion. As Amazonia Nyx Deat...

  • 1st Scene Reading: UNDYING LOVE, by Bill Liggins

    All hell breaks loose when a flaky podcaster involves herself in a race between the US government and a powerful secret society to find an authentic immortal.



    Narrator: Shawn Devlin
    Anchor/Sheriff: Steve Rizzo
    Rachel/Tamara: Val Cole
    Wounded Boater 1/Agent ...

  • 1st Scene Reading: Christmas Pizza, by Andy Heidel, Chloe Sehr

    Noelle is a struggling NYC singer and musician that returns to her hometown of Carillon after her mother dies in a freak accident during the annual Thanksgiving Leftovers Casserole Contest. Upon her return, she discovers that the building she is supposed to inherit is in foreclosure and her ex-gi...

  • 1st Scene Reading: A Waterless Place, by Leiter Daniellson

    After witnessing an Alien spacecraft crash in the mountains two brothers rush to the scene and gather what they can. A shadowy figure is sent to hunt the brothers down and eliminate them before their Father rescues them.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Lucius/Dael: Geoff Mays
    Orion: Steve Rizzo...

  • 1st Scene Reading: A DIFFERENT WORLD, by Michael Mendershausen & Lillian Carrier

    Rebecca is waiting at an airport, while her parents baby her. Rebecca has autism and is seemingly traveling for the first time by herself. She gets on the plane with her service dog, Luke. She meets Jonathan, who already starts to help her on the plane.

    While he gets off, he loses Rebecca but r...

  • DRAMA Festival 1st Scene: CALF ROPE, by Jake Stetler, Bradley Hawkins

    When in 1966 a nine-year-old boy from suburban Pennsylvania asks his grandad from Oklahoma if he was ever “a real cowboy,” the retired cattle auctioneer is forced to take stock of his blessings and confront his unrealized dreams.


    Narrator: Kyana Teresa
    Mac: Geoff Mays
    Brandon: St...

  • CRIME/MYSTERY Fest 1st Scene: American Breakdown, by Gary Porpora (interview)

    Logline: At the mercy of an accelerating dementia, Jonas Flemming, aka, America's Coroner--the state’s lead witness in yet another high profile murder trial--melts down on the witness stand, setting a psychopath free.

    When the L.A. detective on the case reopens his investigation, Jonas becomes t...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene: NEPHEWS, by Andrew Child

    Aaron was an actor until he started dating the much more successful, older actor, Richard Hanes. When Richard develops an interest in Aaron's younger brother, Aaron grapples with returning to his life before notoriety as a kept man.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Aaron: Geoff Mays
    Joe: Steve R...

  • 1st Scene Script Read: THE INFINIPLEX, by Brian Murphy

    An obsessed grad student trying to bring his brother back from the dead, finds his task complicated by two evil movie ushers from his nightmares and the one and only girl of his dreams.

    Narrator: Val Cole
    Dexter/Asinine Professor: Shawn Devlin
    Frisbane/Terry: Steve Rizzo
    Will: Andy Camp

  • TV Festival 1st Scene: In All But Blood, A. S. Templeton (interview)

    On a colonized planet threatened by a solar storm, an Eagle Scout exploring the alien wilderness has a fateful encounter with someone thought long dead.

    Narrator: Julie Shppard
    Clark: Shawn Devlin
    Jacob: Steve Rizzo
    Tanner: Sean Ballantyne

    Get to know the screenwriter:

    1. What is your scre...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene: HERMANA, by Jordan Iver Broberg

    Eden, a closeted Mormon, is called to serve a mission in South America, but when her best friend kisses her the night before she leaves, everything she has ever known to be true is now in question.

    Narrator: Val Cole
    God: Shawn Devlin
    Eden: Julie Sheppard
    Eric: Steve Rizzo