Winning screenplays. First scenes readings from features, and television specs.

  • COMEDY Festival 1st Scene: THIS GUY'S NUTS,, by Max Lehman

    In a small New England college town, a PhD biology candidate, Chester, is studying genetic code to domesticate wildlife by starting with the creature he fears most, the squirrel. Though he is a man of science, Chester can't be convinced otherwise that squirrels are after a particular pair of nuts...

  • COMEDY Festival 1st Scene: JUST THE SIX OF US, by Jimmy Sanders (interview)

    Four sisters, suddenly reunited, try to make a better future for themselves by reconnecting to their past.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Connie: Julie Sheppard
    Stage Director: Shawn Devlin


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  • HORROR Festival 1st Scene: PWNED, by Diane Johnson

    A second rate musician pays the price for accepting a pawn shop guitar for free.

    Narrator: Val Cole
    Greg: Geoff Mays
    Otto: Steve Rizzo

  • CRIME/MYSTERY Fest: Privileged Deceit, by Annette C. & Warren R Hull (interview)

    By using a series of relationships with corrupt politicians, crooked cops, notorious gangsters and powerful businessmen, Gaynell Moretta and Archie MacDonald rise to the pinnacle of Southern California’s socially elite society. Ironically the relationships they use to satisfy their worldly lusts ...

  • FEMALE Festival 1st Scene: KISS OF DARKNESS, by Michael McClung (interview)

    In 1960, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has recently been evacuated by Belgian forces in the face of violent uprisings, leaving new Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba's, 35, shaky government to ward off both America and Russia, who contend for the rich natural resources of uranium, diamonds, co...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene: DOG PARK, by Harold Taw (interview)

    In the comedy-drama DOG PARK, the deliberate poisoning of a dog forces three lonely people's lives to collide.

    Narrator: Val Cole
    Margaret: Hannah Ehman
    Carrie: Kyana Teresa

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    1. What is your screenplay about?

    In DOG PARK, the deliberate poisoning of a dog force...

  • COMEDY Festival Scene: Good Pussy: The Anatomy of a Crazy Cat Lady, by Bree Wyrd

    When a suicidal comedian is involuntarily hospitalized by her family, her ride-or-die drag queen BFF and her unorthodox psychiatrist devise a plan to break her out, recover her eight cats, and help her rediscover her joy in life.

    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Barbara: Kyana Teresa

  • The Paranormal Prankster: Casefile 001 - Bigfoot. Sean Whitley (interview)

    When a notorious Internet troll appears on a live streaming video podcast to debate the existence of Sasquatch with Bigfoot believers, the fur flies when he's challenged by an ape-suited prankster claiming to be the legendary beast!

    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Paranormal Prankster: Geoff Mays

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  • COMEDY Fest 1st Scene: SMOKEEASY, by Amy Copperman, Courtney Thomas (interview)

    SmokeEasy is a stoner-buddy comedy about two ebony and ivory millennials, Jill and Red, disrupting the cannabis industry one “woke” misadventure at a time. First order of business: Get their THC tampon prototype into the hands of potential investor and festival headliner, Rihanna.

    Narrator: Val ...

  • 1st Scene TV Pilot Script Reading: Kennel Club, by Jack Sherry

    Narrator: Val Cole
    Dana: Hannah Ehman
    Angela: Kyana Teresa
    Coach/Carlton: Geoff Mays
    Thatcher: Steve Rizzo
    Stanley: Sean Ballantyne

  • 1st Scene Festival Reading: VILLAGE, by Adolpho Phillips

    It takes a village to raise a child and Tasha's village is crazy but willing.

    Narrator: Val Cole
    Melvin: Geoff Mays
    Tasha: Hannah Ehman
    Dre: Sean Ballantyne
    Little Girl/Tissy: Kyana Teresa
    Michael/Dre: Steve Rizzo

  • 1st Scene Festival Reading: Mr. Pettigrew, by Larry J. Martin (interview)

    Beau, having lost a leg in the Civil War, stumbles out of a cattle car at the little Nevada town of Nemesis. He's taken under the wing of Mr. Pettigrew, partner in the Angel Saloon and given a job sitting shotgun. Pettigrew kills the son of a powerful mine owner and Beau is drawn into the trouble...

  • FANTASY/SCI-FI 1st Scene Reading: RAP VERSE, by Rickey Teems II

    Michael Green loves hip hop… but loathes what it’s become. The introvert rapper, slash spiteful blogger, has grandiose plans of returning the genre to real artistic purpose. Unfortunately he’s failing miserably, which also summarizes his life in general. Mike’s daily woes fade when a future versi...

  • FANTASY/SCI-FI 1st Scene Reading: PERFECT WORLD, by Emil Faithe

    SARAH CAHILL went missing two years ago. Her grieving husband, ROB CAHILL hasn’t gotten over it. But he has gotten his fill of crap as an E.R. doc at a stately Napa, California hospital, where he routinely sees things he’d rather not see. Until he sees the one thing that changes everything. His f...

  • 1st Scene Script: End of Scene, by Jen Butler (interview)

    When a jaded housewife realizes that her house is keeping her and her husband stuck in a repeating scene from the 1950s, she fights to awaken her husband from a mysterious trance so they can outsmart the house and escape before they forget who they really are and get stuck in the obsolete scene f...

  • 1st Scene Script: Kill The Competition, by Will Altmeier

    Andrew Brooks is a recent college grad who's desperate to break into the entertainment industry but struggles to get his foot in the door. Over the course of three critical days, Andrew comes to realize what he must do to obtain his dream job: kill his competition.


    Narrator: Hannah ...

  • THRILLER/SUSPENSE Fest 1st Scene: One Mad Apple, by Laurie Asbourne, Tom Pratt

    A dark comedy feature inspired by a true story and based on the book of the same name. After a man moves to small town to care for his dying father, he embraces the community and his new life as a stepfather and husband, until he finds himself in the crosshairs of an unhinged townswoman who chall...

  • SCI-FI/FANTASY TV 1st Scene Script: Hunt Man's Land, by Ryan Skinner (interview)

    When A TV star finds out his best friend is dead it leads to uncovering a world of alternate realities, monsters, fantasy and more.


    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Past Man: Geoff Mays
    Chester: Sean Devlin

    Get to know the writer:

    1. What is your screenplay about?

    A TV star ...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene Script: Vice Versa, by Jason Lajoie

    Set in 1947 Los Angeles and based on true events, a young woman uses her free time as a secretary at a movie studio to secretly produce the first gay magazine in the United States, Vice Versa, finding a community and herself in the process.


    Narrator: Steve Rizzo
    McGuire: Geoff May...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene Script: POSTMAN, by Anthony DiVastanzo

    When the opportunity to move forward arrives at his doorstep, a mortician must decide whether to heal or hide.


    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Stephen: Geoff Mays
    Peter: Sean Devlin

  • COMEDY Festival 1st Scene Script: Down at the Val, by Neil Goodchild (interview)

    The grandson of a golf course owner loses his job and has to return to the course, where his grandfather and two surprising new employees inspire him to try and help save it from bankruptcy.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Barbara: Kyana Teresa
    Nate: Geoff Mays
    Lazenby: Sean Ballantyne

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  • FEMALE Festival 1st Scene: Off The Rack, by Pilar Gibson (interview)

    Desperate to break into the New York fashion scene of the 1970s, a struggling designer funds her clothing line by teaming up with an ex-model to counterfeit luxury clothes.


    Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
    Dreenie: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Alice: Kyana Teresa
    Toni: Hannah Ehman

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  • FEMALE Festival 1st Scene: A Woman's Hand, by Birgit Syran Myaard

    Caught up in the conflict between two nations, a young, nomad bride defies a powerful, lecherous general in order to protect her marriage and restore peace.


    Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
    Heber: Geoff Mays
    Sisera: Allan Michael Brunet

    Get to know the writer:

    1. What is your screenp...

  • FEMALE Festival 1st Scene: Presumption, by Andy Healy

    As a jury deliberates, a desperate and disenfranchised African-American mother looks to balance the scales of justice by taking the lead prosecutor hostage and forcing her torelook atthe case against her son and prove his innocence before the verdict is handed down.


    Narrator: Sean B...