Winning screenplays. First scenes readings from features, and television specs.

  • LGBT Festival 1st Scene Reading: Out In The West, by Claire V. Riley

    The first lesbian western TV series about a sharpshooting gender outlaw who poses as a man so she and her shrewd southern belle lover can escape a vindictive brother and a brutal husband returning from the Civil War and create a new life as a married couple out in the west.



  • POLITICAL Festival 1st Scene Script Read: The Olive Branch, by Danny Boushebel

    When their sightseeing is cut short at a Syrian Army checkpoint in Lebanon, a new couple is forced to learn more about each other as well as themselves in order to find the strength to escape a life-threatening situation.


    Narrator: Julie Sheppard
    Danny: Steve Rizzo
    Emma: Val Cole ...

  • 1st Scene Script Reading: Omissions, by Jessica Marie Sadler (with interview)

    A couple, whose marriage teeters on the brink due to infidelity, split during a visit to Baltimore for Thanksgiving. Separated, they go through harrowing experiences that leave them bruised and battered and teaches them the unconventional secret to relationship longevity. Omissions is a dark dram...

  • TRAMPS LIKE US TV Pilot Script Reading

    The diverse crew of the tramp steamer Stella Maris sails into fantastic danger in the South Seas in this horror adventure set in the 1930s.

    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Seaman Casey: Shawn Devlin
    Sean: Steve Rizzo

  • VIKE TV Pilot screenplay reading, by Adam Kelly Morton

    Where fantasy meets procedural mystery, a cantankerous Chief Constable must solve crimes AND judge them in a dark and dangerous metropolis. Vike struggles with his own addictions and fears while up against the Arklanen: an underground guild of dark magic, responsible for the death of Vike's wife....

  • HORROR Festival 1st Scene Reading: DEEP AS HELL, by Laddie

    Twelve strangers trapped in a subway car during a blackout fight for their lives when a man-eating creature emerges from the darkness and attacks.


    Narrator: Julie Sheppard
    James: Steve Rizzo
    Mother: Val Cole

  • TV FESTIVAL 1st Scene Reading: Quantum Entanglement, by KC Kramer

    After being led to an ancient artifact that bears her signature as well as a mysterious name drawn inside a heart, Clea Smith finally gets to realize her childhood dream of becoming a time traveler when she crosses paths with agents of a time travel law enforcement agency from the future and join...

  • LGBT Festival 1st Scene Reading: MTL Baths, by Cliff Zimowski

    A Homophobic, unemployed woman inherits a failing gay bath house in Montreal's Gay Village and tries to make it a success.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Paquet/Uncle Lou: Andy Camp
    Marco/Cedric: Steve Rizzo
    Benoit/Felix: Allan Michael Brunet

  • TV FESTIVAL 1st Scene Reading: Hoodz, by Christina Brandon-Gómez

    Two years after a deadly virus wipes out the adult population of the Earth, the remaining youth fight each other and the airborne assassin as they struggle to survive in a lawless world. Can secretive loner Ravyn and a hodgepodge group of teens overcome mistrust of each other to uncover the bigge...

  • CRIME/MYSTERY Festival 1st Scene Script Reading: Board Games, by Madeline Hombert, Michael Markus

    With the dark dysfunctional-family tone of Hitchcock's "Psycho" and the intensity of Freddie's“Elm Street” adventures,
    BOARDGAMES is a character-driven thriller.


    Narrator: Julie Shepp...

  • POLITICAL Festival 1st Scene Reading: Night, by Tom Thorpe

    A sheriff investigating the disappearance of two teenagers from a fire watch tower, discovers a mutilated body, an incinerated car with human remains and reports of a UFO hurtling towards the San Francisco peaks.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Richard Lee: Steve Rizzo
    John Tharp: Allan Michae...

  • 1st Scene Festival Script Reading: The Darwin Protocol, by Shane McCabe

    When a covert genetics project goes horribly wrong and two pathological serial killers are let loose on the streets of Dublin and Munich, a tough CIA Agent seems to be the only one capable of stopping their carnage. The only problem is he cannot do this without implicating himself in a massive co...

  • FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival 1st Scene Reading: Hel, the last saga, by Orso Vesperini, Terry Newman, Carole Starcevic, Toby Osborne

    A shipwrecked Viking awakens on a strange island, prowled by terrifying beasts and a Forgotten God, and has to escape before he is doomed to spend eternity there.


    Narrator: Julie Sheppard
    Erika: Val Cole
    PETRONILLA: Allison Kampf
    ALVAR: Steve Rizzo

  • LA Festival 1st Scene Reading: Alex Goes To Paris, by Braeden Ayub

    A young boy escapes his group home and travels to Paris in search of his biological parents


    Narrator: Julie Sheppard
    Alex: Steve Rizzo
    Stubbs: Allan Michael Brunet

  • LGBT Festival 1st Scene Reading: At The Flash, by Sean Chandler, David Leeper

    At The Flash tells the story of a fictitious gay bar over six different decades from the 1960's to current day. We begin in 1965 with Richard, a husband and father, struggling with his true identity and reaching a critical personal crossroads. The new gay freedoms of the 1970’s are represented in...

  • LGBT Festival 1st Scene Reading: I'm A Bad Person, by Chance Fuerstinger, Brandon Freeman

    After an engagement announcement, the best man of the groom-to-be tries to express his love for him, but he cannot bring himself to do it. In an attempt to forget about it, he and the other groomsman drink themselves into oblivion, and the rest of the night goes awry.


    Narrator: Val ...

  • SPORTS Festival 1st Scene Reading: Shame Monster, by Todd Bird

    As the NFL draft approaches, a questionable decision leaves top college prospect CJ Wallace with the choice of keeping his sexuality secret or coming out and risking his entire future with his family, friends, and the NFL.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    CJ: Allan Michael Brunet
    Spencer: Steve...

  • 1st Scene FEMALE Film Festival Script Reading: Burn Pattern, by Laura M. Kemp

    When past trauma jeopardizes the life of a Seattle firefighter, she returns to her home town to find her quest for healing entangled with her pursuit of a local arsonist.


    Narrator: Julie Sheppard -
    Maya: Val Cole
    Cole: Steve Rizzo

  • TV Festival 1st Scene Reading: Outlier, by Jeremy Davis

    An indentured freighter pilot fights for his freedom, but when a nation led by religious zealots tries to leverage his dark past to take over his outlier colony, our hero must lead an unlikely crew to reclaim his colony's independence, as well as his own.


    Narrator: Steve Rizzo

  • LGBT Festival 1st Scene Reading: Unfortunate People, by Diego Scerrati

    Two seemingly different men meet by chance one rainy night. Will their connection last longer than a night, or will their differences take them apart?


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Oliver: Steve Rizzo
    Lukas: Allan Michael Brunet

  • LGBT Festival 1st Scene Reading: Chameleon, by Pat Brown

    Near the end of Prohibition, after seeing his lover savagely beaten to death by his commanding officer, a gay cop must protect his new lover from his own self-loathing and the deadly contempt of his fellow officers.


    Narrator: Julie Sheppard
    Temple: Steve Rizzo
    Ben: Allan Michael ...

  • SCI-FI Festival 1st Scene Script Reading: Mind Out Of Time, by Carole Starcevic

    Following the arrival of a mysterious alien object in space, a brilliant woman scientist opens a Pandora's box in an attempt to save humanity from growing amnesia.


    Narration: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Carole: Hannah Ehman
    David: Geoff Mays

  • SCI-FI Festival 1st Scene Reading: VIOLE(N)T, by Thomas D. Rotenberg

    A man and a woman wake up in a house with no memory of how they got there, only to find that they're locked inside and need to solve three puzzles to escape...or so they think.


    Narration: Steve Rizzo
    Man/Abe: Geoff Mays
    Woman: Hannah Ehman


  • COMEDY Festival 1st Scene Reading: The Pirate Groom, by Anthony Ventresca

    In this sequel to the film "The Princess Bride", 25 years later, a princess and a pirate join forces in an attempt to save their parents and free the kingdom from an evil tyrant.


    Narration: Steve Rizzo
    Leah: Hannah Ehman
    Father: Geoff Mays