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BUST, 7min., USA, Thriller/Crime

SHORT & FEATURE FILMS - A to Z • 6m 40s


  • BYOUL PART 2: DA short film, 8min., S...

    Byoul Part 2: Da

    "Da reinterprets DaEun Jung and Melody Shim’s long-time collaboration Byoul through the intimate lens of filmmaker Taso Papadakis. Da blurs the boundaries between the classical form and pedestrian moves as well as discipline and spontaneity, branched out from the original proje...

  • CALL COHO, 16min., South Korea, Drama

    Coho is a proxy driver who gets paid to drive other people's cars so that they can freely go drinking. His clients only think they see a man who is all out of luck but what mysterious past is he actually hiding?

    Director Statement
    This movie was inspired by the tragic Sewol Ferry accident that r...

  • CHARITY CASE short film, 3min. UK, Co...

    A young man's attempt to show a beautiful girl his charitable nature backfires...

    Directed by Sam Tibi, Brook Driver

    Cast: Nafees Hamid. Harriet Barrow. Aquiles Pantaleao. Louis Papaloizou