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  • INVaaDERS short film watch, France, Dance


    " They came from far, far away, bringing their lights, sounds and vibrations. They came in peace. Let's be friends ! "

    "To make the film INVaaDERS, I drew on my childhood memory (born in 1964...) in order to use all my visual memories related to cinema and tv shows from the 70s and 80...

  • TUSALIH - A Jouyr Tale short film watch, France, Dance

    What would your emotional body say to you, if you would have decided to cut your links with him in order to survive in a toxic environment ?

    Tusalih is a dance film directed by Shaun Bui, in collaboration with Parisian designer Georgie Salama and creative studio Jayah Studio.

    It tells the story...

  • FAKTORY 92 short film watch, France, Dance

    film & music : Didier Mulleras

    "According to the information we have, no one knows what really happened that evening in this warehouse. Witnesses speak of an underground party with deafening sounds, others simply saw the employees enter the factory to start their day of handling. The mystery rem...

  • GARDEN PARTY short film watch, France, Dance

    « GARDEN PARTY is part of DFC dance for camera project, started in 1998 by french choreographer and film maker Didier Mulleras. The idea for this film was born during a visit to the botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro. There was a woman, alone, sitting on a bench, who kept getting up, going around...

  • HOME 23.20 short film watch, France, Dance

    a dance portrait of french dancer Magali Viguier, by choreographer and film director Didier Mulleras

    Directed by Didier MULLERAS

  • WAITING ROOM short film watch, France, Dance

    This film is a dance exploration of Dylan Thomas poem “Love in the Asylum”, performed by 15 dancers, gathered in an enclosed space. Waiting rooms are places far from regular time and space notions, where everyone can get lost in inner thoughts. A place that opens up to inner madness, a dedicated ...

  • THE SLAUGHTERHAUS short film watch. Chile. Experimental/Thriller

    Based on a Nicanor Parra poem, A dystopian thriller about Meat Consumption and Global Warming.

    Directed by Gonzalo Sepulveda

  • VALDEMAR short film watch, Chile. Fantasy/Horror

    Based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe. A mesmerist wants to see behind death, so he agrees with a dryng person to be hipnotized prior to death.

    Director Statement
    Our project was, ...

  • MOB FAMILY TIES short film watch, Student short film

    After grandpa Michael begins to unintentionally rat on old associates due to his mental decline, the Leslie's, a mob family, face a moral dilemma whether they need to whack grandpa or not as they host his possible final meal in this send up of traditional TV sitcoms.

    Writer/Director: Britt Dally...

  • SIGNALS - Timothy Connon and the pier short film watch, Sci-Fi/Road Movie

    Timothy Connor died on a spring break weekend in a car crash in 1967.
    56 years later, he finally gets to the pier.

    Directed by Rod Saez Chavez

    Director Statement
    My intention wa...

  • CLOSURE (feat. Babi) [Official Music Video] watch, Czech Republic

    Within M's poignant odyssey through fractured memories, she unearths wounds from former lovers, embodying abuse, deception, and death, all in her quest for self-acceptance.

    Directed by Faraz Alam

  • THE MORGUE short film watch, Azerbaijan, Horror/Animation

    A zombie girl comes out of the morgue and is horrified by the image of the movie The Ring on the TV. (Real voices of ghosts are used in this movie)

    Directed by Majid Farzolahi

  • HORIZONTES short film watch, Argentina, Animation


    Directed by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser

  • DISMISSING THE ENVELOPE short film watch, Animation/Music Video

    a young girl enters the painting world of four prominent artists

    Directed by Steven Wright Clarkson

    Director Statement
    I strive to create music and accompanying films that stretches the audiences imagination and understanding that life was not meant to be lived in a box.

  • THE WICKLOW WITCHES short film watch, Animation/Experimental

    The story talks about the bond between two women from different background and generation: an old witch and a little girl.

    Submerged in a beautiful Irish landscape, the story is colored with magic potions, formulas, orations and picturesque scenario.

    The story of the two protagonists, will tran...

  • TODAY ARTIST, TONIGHT TAXIST short film watch, Romania, Experimental

    The film is about the last hours in the life of a young loser from Chisinau, who is neither a rocker, nor a taxi driver, not even a boyfriend. As a consequence - he makes an accident, in which he dies with a German customer, who has come to look for his grandfather’s grave, dead in the Second Wor...

  • LOST ON THE BEACH short film watch, 3min., USA

    An older man reflects on his loses.

    Directed by Vince Eisenson

    Cast: Milo Eisenson, Alexander Julian, Matt Amick

  • FOREVER BOUND short film watch, Fashion/Experimental, Italy

    Directed by Rob Bell
    Written by Elisa Messi

    Poetry by Vittoria Aganoor Pompil

    For Forever Bound, we wanted to explore the theme of fate’s adversarial role in a relationship, how destiny, if you believe in such a thing, plays an important role in how our lives turn out. It’s an exciting challen...

  • SREBENICA short film watch, 1min., Political/Black & White

    This work is about Srebrenica, Bosnia, place of the last european genocide where thousands of muslim people were killed.

    The video can be seen both as a retranscription of the events and a reflection about the human condition.

    Firstly, the possibility of the horror in the human condition. The b...

  • FINDING THE LIGHT, UK, Documentary/Poltiical

    Three trauma survivors tell stories of their journey from darkness to light.

    Directed by Linzy Attenborough

    DP: Filippo Mazzarino

    Sound Mixer: Christian Majer

  • ÉLUDER short film watch, UK, Thriller/Crime

    An envelope arrives at the hotel room of an Academic with a photo of a woman inside. By chance he meets the woman, fearing her life is in danger he plans to save her before the hitman gets to her.

    Directed by Simeon Lumgair

    Cast: Fabien Lucciarini, Mouna Bouchouk

  • SPIRIT OF SWEETNESS short film watch, Poland, Family Animation

    My dear children, this is the sweetest, most colorful and at the same time the truest of all fairy tales ever created and which you will hear in a moment. Do not believe adults when they say that fairy tales lie also do not believe that grandfather and grandmother get bored on autumn-winter eveni...

  • GREEN SWEATER short film watch, Poland, Music and Black & White

    Directed by Małgorzata Szyszka

    GREEN SWEATER And when you lose everything, you have nothing And the body will deceive you. It appears like a bird from paradise .. Longing for a green sweater Longing for a parrot blouse Longing for the Mexican frill Longing for a green sweater. For yourself, for ...

  • DOCTOR OF THE "POLISH EAGLES" short film watch, Poland, Sports

    Directed by Małgorzata Szyszka

    The film tells about the work of doctor Janusz Garlicki of the Polish national football team, which won, among others, the Olympic gold medal during the time of coach Kazimierz Górski.
    All devoted fans of Polish football kn...