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Novel Reading: Aunt Sadie's Letters of Hope & Healing, by Shari Anderson

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Novel Transcript - Unforgettable Cruise, by Colin Guest



  • Novel Reading: Aunt Sadie's Letters o...

    In 1941, Sadie Kleinberg's ten-year-old niece, Rhoda was quarantined in the children's polio ward at St. Giles Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Rhoda was immobilized and bedridden. Visiting hours were restricted to two days a week for one hour. Aunt Sadie took it upon herself to be Rhoda's cheerleader, ...

  • NOVEL Transcript Reading: In Bad Comp...

    Performed by Val Cole

    Inside the male dominated world of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, families do exist. Max, is a widowed mother struggling to protect hers from club politics and violence after she is betrayed by those she believed she could trust.

  • POETRY MOVIE: Big Lonely Doug, by Eka...

    Voice Over by Steve Rizzo

    Visual Design & Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

    Produced by Matthew Toffolo

    Big Lonely Doug by Ekaterina Karassev

    I walked down the path and touched Big Lonely Doug.
    He poked me in my chest and whispered in my ear,
    “Do you know why I am left here?
    Do you know why peo...