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Watch this video and more on WILDsound Festival TV

Life REBORN short film watch, 12min., Panana, Sci-Fi/Drama



  • THE DAM short film watch, 7min., Aust...

    Flo likes Jesse, the boy at the neighbouring farm. Down at the dam, first love becomes a last right.

    Writer/Director Andrew Sully

    Writer Jo Tabit

    CAST: Jeremy Blewitt, Martha Morgan

    Director Statement
    The Dam explores the transition from childhood in a sl...

  • WHITE NOISE short film watch, Austral...

    Zoe Marlowe is the Pathfinder, tasked with finding humanity a new home after the loss of Earth to climate change. With her trusty A.I. she explores planet after planet, looking for the perfect combination of conditions that mark a habitable world. But her A.I. is more than she appears to be, and ...

  • STAR WARS: RENDEZVOUS short film watc...

    A pair of do-gooders attempt to protect a young, force-sensitive girl from bounty hunters on their way to rendezvous with a mysterious contact with the power to protect her much better than they can.

    Written & Directed by Brent L Peterson