Watch the best of new sci-fi/fantasy short films in the world today.

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  • VALDEMAR short film watch, Chile. Fantasy/Horror

    Based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe. A mesmerist wants to see behind death, so he agrees with a dryng person to be hipnotized prior to death.

    Director Statement
    Our project was, ...

  • SIGNALS - Timothy Connon and the pier short film watch, Sci-Fi/Road Movie

    Timothy Connor died on a spring break weekend in a car crash in 1967.
    56 years later, he finally gets to the pier.

    Directed by Rod Saez Chavez

    Director Statement
    My intention wa...

  • THE WICKLOW WITCHES short film watch, Animation/Experimental

    The story talks about the bond between two women from different background and generation: an old witch and a little girl.

    Submerged in a beautiful Irish landscape, the story is colored with magic potions, formulas, orations and picturesque scenario.

    The story of the two protagonists, will tran...

  • THE COMMON GOOD short film watch, Sci-Fi/Satire/Political

    Directed by Stefan Gutternigh, Eva Amann

    In 2035 the earth is ruled by a world government called "The Global Organisation for the Common Good". The "GOCG" wants to make everybody happy by monitoring the desires of its citizens with social media, omnipresent cameras, surveillance drones and - for...

  • FIELD DAY short film watch, 22min. Drama/Fantasy

    On his way to work one morning, a lonely widower pulls over to explore an empty field, and then discovers he can’t return.

    Directed by Kevin Hart

    Starring John C Ashton

  • UNION MATER short film watch, Mexico, Experimental/Fantasy

    An afternoon where the experiences of three men and two women are interconnected. Through a lucid dream; the feeling for the death of an acquaintance; and to paint on tree plants.

    A man (Pedro) is contemplative in a forest, looks around and just thinks. Back at his house at night he goes to slee...

  • MIRTILLO - numerus I short film watch, 15min., Thriller/Fantasy/Mystery

    1346. The Black Death has arrived in Europe. Andruccio is fleeing his village Coccorone (Italy) in search of salvation. Among the woods and paths he meets a rather singular character who will accompany him to Triora, the 'village of witches', to find the cure.

    A metaphysical journey that will le...

  • HOUSE OF MYSTIC MAGIC short film watch, 4min., UK, Experimental/Fantasy

    In the House of Mystic Magic you will find all sorts. Creatures from Heaven to Hell and anything in between. Depicting a variety of scenarios all playing with the concept of the deadly sins, we showcase Mystic Magic’s fascination with dark, animalistic luxury couture. In today’s society more than...

  • V short film watch, 4min., Animation/Music Video

    .. love fairy tale situated on undefinite time ,an research for an ideal harmony between woman and the man ..

    Writer/Director: Silvano Perozic

  • THE HUNTER'S EXCHANCE short film watch, 10min., Action/Experimental/Fantasy

    "A hunter seeking to kill a warrior is revealed to have committed the most taboo of all rituals to claim unspeakable power."

    This 8-minute action film throws an experimental twist on the fight scene genre while taking new directions with popular tropes from fantasy and science fiction films, tel...

  • GORGON short film watch, 2min., Horror/Fantasy

    A woman walking alone at night is being followed, but the stalker doesn't know she has a deadly secret.

    Directed by Emma-Jane Heaton

    Cast: Sarah Catterall, Frankie Currie

    Cinematography: Edward Armstrong

    Director Statement
    Gorgon was made for a Sheffield's DIY Filmmaker's challenge; make a fi...

  • Life REBORN short film watch, 12min., Panana, Sci-Fi/Drama

    LUCAS (Marcel Barragán) and his daughter CLARISA (María Alexandra Sanz), recreate a wonderful trip to space as NASA crew members. Clarisa is very ill at a terminal point. The objective of this trip is to connect with a Magical Universe for her salvation, and in a great adventure, they succeed!


  • THE DAM short film watch, 7min., Australia, Horror/Romance

    Flo likes Jesse, the boy at the neighbouring farm. Down at the dam, first love becomes a last right.

    Writer/Director Andrew Sully

    Writer Jo Tabit

    CAST: Jeremy Blewitt, Martha Morgan

    Director Statement
    The Dam explores the transition from childhood in a sl...

  • WHITE NOISE short film watch, Australia, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

    Zoe Marlowe is the Pathfinder, tasked with finding humanity a new home after the loss of Earth to climate change. With her trusty A.I. she explores planet after planet, looking for the perfect combination of conditions that mark a habitable world. But her A.I. is more than she appears to be, and ...

  • STAR WARS: RENDEZVOUS short film watch, 20min., Star Wars Fan Fiction

    A pair of do-gooders attempt to protect a young, force-sensitive girl from bounty hunters on their way to rendezvous with a mysterious contact with the power to protect her much better than they can.

    Written & Directed by Brent L Peterson

  • A Way For Tomás - Watch Award Winning Short Film. 29min., Columbia

    Tomás, desperate, knocks insistently on the door of a lonely house. Nobody opens it. When he leaves the place, he sees some bushes moving and goes into a wooded path. Along the way, from his memories, he faces several episodes of fear in his life until he reaches the exit of the path, which takes...

  • MOSAIC short film, 8min., USA, Fantasy/Sci-Fi

    Frank, a tile and mosaic specialist receives a mysterious videotape that turns his life into pieces.

    Directed by Keith Qi Chen

    Key Cast: Jay Pratt

    Cinematographer: Guy Staley

    Sound Designer: Ling Zhu

    Produced by Simon Jones

    Director ...

  • THE DENDROVERSE, 4min., Experimental/Thriller

    Fear of heights, cockroaches or dark. Fear can differ; some fears are minor, while others can be big. And when you overcome them, you feel more substantial than you were as you understand they were only panic inside your head and nothing else. And you just needed a bit of courage to win over them...

  • AVA, 11min., Australia, LGBTQ+ Supernatural

    Ava and her best friend Devon push the boundaries of their relationship confronting the feelings for one another. Exposing herself to the truth, questions arise. Who is the real and true Ava and what path will she pursue with the help of her Astral Device?

    Directed by Simone Neviani

    Written by ...

  • CRITICAL COMPONENT short film, Animation/LGBTQ+

    A short film about a young robot with a defective part, trying to find their way in the world.

    Directed by Derek Frederickson

    Music: Mike Dicillo

  • NOMAD, 12min., USA, Action/Sci-Fi

    A couple of scavengers find a mysterious orb that puts them one against the other in the austerity of the desert. Once Nomad learns about its origin she decides to take it back where they found it, but Gorr has different plans.

    Writer/Director: Max Pearce

    Writer/Producer: Maria-Sara Santoro


  • FRONTERA!, 12min., USA, Animation/Fantasy

    The Pueblo Revolt had to happen. Life was out of balance. Drought, hunger, colonial violence and religious persecution brought indigenous societies of New Mexico to the brink of collapse. The Pueblo people orchestrated the unthinkable: a pan-Indian uprising successfully expelling the Spanish occu...

  • DNN: DEAD NEWS NETWORK, 20min., USA, Animation/Sci-Fi

    DNN: Dead News Network
    Unfair and unbalanced! Dead News Network keeps you informed of bone-breaking news from the other side. Peter Deadings, Burt Donasque Dontatella and Sister Wendy bring you 24/7 news reports from the frontlines on the War on Errorism, the Million Muerto March and the Heist of...

  • THE SHIFT short film, 7min,. Sweden, Animation/Sci-Fi

    Many years ago tech giants lost control of AI robotic technology.
    By kidnapping and monitoring newborns, the Ai robots are now trying to master the one thing they have yet to understand…


    The film starts with a kidnapped human baby boy. We see two of the AI droids implanting iris sur...