Poems performed by professional actors.

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  • POETRY Reading; THE GOLEM, by P. James Norris


    Performed by Val Cole

  • POETRY Reading: MAD CAT, by D. C. MacLean (interview

    MAD CAT, by D. C. MacLean

    After Nemo the psycho cat disappeared
    There was no one left to murder the birds
    Neither the weeds nor the moss
    Sci Fi worlds becoming real in our backyard

    Remembering the small monster on the roof of the shed
    Her howling angry and sublime, circling the earth
    But Nemo d...

  • POETRY Reading: A Letter To My Unborn Child, by Badradeen Mohammed (interview)

    Get to know the poet:

    1) What is the theme of your poem?


    2) What motivated you to write this poem?

    I see the young generations are in need of guidance so I wrote this poem thinking it might give them an idea about life and help them grow wiser.

    3) How long have you been wr...

  • POETRY Reading: THE BEACH, by Elliot Stanton (interview)

    Dark, death, painful, philosophical, sad, and redemption.

    Performed by Val Cole

    Get to know the poet:

    1) What is the theme of your poem?

    A person wracked with a terminal illness, reaches the end of their life and finally accepts the inevitable in an unforgiving, desolate setting.

    2) What m...

  • POETRY Reading: BELONGING, by Anuradha Grover-Tejpal

    Performed by Val Cole

  • POETRY Reading: SOLITAIREEE, by Lawrence Riggins

    Performed by Val Cole

  • POETRY Reading: Ruins of Memories by Badradeen Mohammed

    Performed by Val Cole

    Ruins of Memories by Badradeen Mohammed

    On a sunny autumn day

    I was leaning on a plastic chair in front of my house

    With sweat dripping from my body

    Caused by the high temperature

    And resentment for the intensity of my anger

    Suddenly, without realising I found mys...

  • POETRY Reading: Virtual Gratuity, by Brian Spellman

    virtual gratuity
    about 10:30am a
    systems analyst seated
    himself at the boardroom of
    our exceedingly prestigious software company,
    snorting isopropyl alcohol through a paper
    mask while awaiting tech support for stressful
    presentation. he continued to transmit his
    intricate calculations between qui...

  • POETRY Reading: America is More Than a Place, by Ben Neuberger

    “America is More Than a Place” — (Original) Poem
    By Ben Neuberger
    The strength of this country doesn’t just come from the force of our might;
    Or the power of our bite
    It comes from what we represent
    And the horrors we choose to prevent.
    Our power isn’t defined by the weapons at our disposal,
    Our ...

  • POETRY Reading: We're Not a Love Song, by Ben Neuberger


    We're not a love song
    We're not gonna dance in the rain
    When you leave me there will be no stain

    We tried our best
    We put us to the test
    We knew and so did the rest

    Our chapters over
    But the story’s not done
    In fact, I think it’s just begun

    We’ll give It another go…in ...

  • POETRY Read: 'NICHOLAS' The Master and His Work by Patricia Poulos (interview)

    The Master and his Work
    by Patricia Poulos
    One, was this Master with his work;
    his hands, his mind, his eyes in unison
    to create each sculptured masterpiece
    of white marble which lived
    the greatest scuptor of our time
    whose gift of design and craft,
    brings a cold white marble slab
    into ...

  • POETRY Reading: The Corps of Discovery, by L. J. Martin

    The Corps of Discovery, by L. J. Martin

    A President named Jefferson, he had a big dream.

    It would take special men who could act as a team.

    Jefferson picked Lewis, Lewis picked friend Clark

    From a camp named Dubois, now to make their mark.

    You can search for an answer, then find at your f...

  • POETRY Reading: DON'T LISTEN TO HARRY, by Wayne E. Johnson

    Don’t Listen to Harry, by Wayne E. Johnson

    Business was slow,
    I had nothing to do.
    I sat in my office,
    Tying my shoe.

    I sat there in silence,
    And stared at the clock.
    And wished it were Friday,
    Or at least 12 o’clock.

    Too early for lunch,
    Too late for a break.
    I tapped on my desk,
    No decisions...

  • Poetry Reading: Drop me off in the Wilderness, by K.C. Wilson

    Performed by Val Cole

    Drop Me Off in the Wilderness


    Drop me off in the wilderness
    By the river shore where we were before
    By the abandoned shack by the railroad track
    Slow down and I’ll jump out the door
    And find my own way back, I guess,
    From the valley of excess
    And the Land of 10,000 Dan...


    Performed by Val Cole


    From my most unbreakable certainty, I worship my most
    visceral doubt, the legacy of death, day by day, in
    seconds that drag on through my time, and to his
    throne, now I am attentive, now I am careless

    Death seems fair to me, it does not...

  • POETRY Reading: A Mourning Hug for John Mendelssohn, by Stacy Alexander

    A Mourning Hug for John Mendelssohn
    A glowing day
    Nimbostratus cloud
    hovers here,
    choking everything,
    from plants to crows
    to this disillusioned woman
    as a hard wind
    whips the cloying air,
    from Northern California,
    taunting an already-battered heart.
    This time last year
    I ...

  • POETRY READING: Morning Dew, by Kyle Leighton

    Performed by Val Cole

    "Morning Dew" by Kyle Leighton

    And so it is, a new day has dawned
    As here I sit to greet it right
    A pebble, nay, a grain of sand
    In the depths of space on this land
    Tomorrow brings what we not know
    But care at all is nay we have
    For sorrow comes to those who wait
    Who lie...

  • POETRY MOVIE: [So, it began like], by Robert Giron

    [So, it began like]

    So, it began like
    I have a dream of the
    perfect, lovely evening.

    So, it began like
    Well, hello.
    Is this seat taken?

    So, it began like
    Why it’s for you.

    So, it began like
    I’m looking
    forward to
    seeing The
    Little Shop
    of Horrors.
    —So am I.

    So, it began li...

  • POETRY Read: A RIDDLE OF BREAKABLE THINGS, by Janine Parkinson (with Interview)

    Performed by Val Cole

    “A riddle of Breakable things”, by Janine Parkinson
    A love like ours starts out
    with one cup of sugar
    a teaspoon of thyme

    Add a fight,
    some words unkind
    we sit broken, cracked, poached

    Resting in silence, stirring
    your pointed finger, stabs
    Oozes yellow

    The sunset

  • Poetry Reading: COFFEE, by Paul Wood

    Performed by Val Cole

    COFFEE by Paul Wood

    On no what a palaver

    What an awful din

    The barista is going crazy

    As the customers all pile in

    Mums with small children

    Spotty teenagers with attitude

    All sorts from all walks of life

    Are waiting in the que

    I shuffle slowly along the co...

  • Poetry Reading: An Abridged Autobiography, by Theresa Cardiello (with interview)

    Performed by Val Cole

    Get to know the writer:

    1) What is the theme of your poem?

    An autobiography – told in little snippets.

    2) What motivated you to write this poem?

    I am currently in a creative writing class.

    3) How long have you been writing poetry?

    I really started writing creatively ...

  • POETRY READING: “Sword of War”, from “Of Virtue, Love and War”, by Ryan Christiansen

    Performed by Val Cole

    “Sword of War”, from “Of Virtue, Love and War”, by Ryan Christiansen

    Would I were a soldier still – would I were yet still a knight
    A servant of the beautiful – honor bound to all that’s right

    I’d marsh’ll out to meet the foe – for her return to fight
    Would I were love’...

  • POETRY READING: A Civil Soldier's Tale, by SJ Roebling

    Performed by Val Cole

    Genre: Historical

    A Civil Soldier's Tale

    "Lie still now, soldier", the Union General said,
    As he knelt down beside the boy's bloody, wounded head.
    The dying young lad, no more than fifteen, if a day,
    Wore the blight of cannon, from being in its way.

    The General swallo...

  • POETRY READING: My Mountain To Climb, by Bethany Zare

    Performed by Val Cole

    My mountain to climb by Bethany Zare

    Diagnosis cancer,
    like others have had.

    My type is common,

    so not really that bad.

    The experience feels

    like an amusement ride,

    With ups and downs

    but nowhere to hide.

    Each test brings more questions

    no clear path t...