Poems performed by professional actors.

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  • Poetry Reading: FRAGMENTS, by Donna Greenberg

    Performed by Hannah Ehman

    FRAGMENTS, by Donna Greenberg

    I forgot how you tasted
    The day your ship left my shore,
    Only the rage of the waves
    Reminds me.

    I waited with arms wide-spread,
    Legs tingling,
    The imprint of your touch
    Still longing…

    Even the strong wind
    That tore my heart
    From my skin...

  • Poetry Reading: Lessons of Imperfections, by Laleeta Tongo

    Performed by Hannah Ehman

    Lessons of Imperfections, by Laleeta Tongo

    When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was to write, write and give speeches about.
    But then I turned thirty, and I wrote nothing but text messages flirty, and my hidden urge was also turning out.

    I saw an ad in the newspaper...

  • Poetry Reading: ODE TO THE PRESIDENT, by Frank Vespe

    ODE TO THE PRESIDENT, by Frank Vespe

    He just turned legal, plays guitar, his craft.
    An Aries like me, a Graduate student of math.
    I taught him to dribble, now he beats me,
    Swoosh! a three-pointer, from the top of the key.

    I fear for my son.

    Threescore ago, another Irishman won,
    Escalated a co...

  • Poetry Reading: Love your Curves, by Jesus T. Solis

    Performed by Hannah Ehman

    Love your Curves, by Jesus T. Solis

    Gives me the words,
    To speak of,
    That Sensual love,
    To be made,
    I’m not afraid,
    Take you by the hips,
    And kiss you on lips,

    Your woman I’m into,
    To dance with you,
    To twirl in lust,
    Our bodies will thrust,
    Upon each other,
    To becom...

  • Poetry Reading: hungover. by Rachel Spell

    Performed by Hannah Ehman

    hungover. by Rachel Spell

    her childhood tastes like whiskey
    on virgin youthful tongue;
    liquid fire scalding her soul
    since she was still young.

    her past tastes like rum,
    like everything she knew
    that was painful and scary
    was comforting her too.

    her lov...

  • POETRY Reading: The Uninvited Guest, by Alex Hai

    Performed by Bill Poulin

    The uninvited guest, by Alex Hai

    I am an immigrant

    of my own premiere .

    The cinema is full

    of empty whispering chairs

    Covid 19 is the uninvited guest

    filling all movie theaters for now

    I wish I could beam a few years back

    so exciting

    to see people taking t...

  • Poetry Reading: YOU CAN, by Nadine Weathersby

    YOU CAN, by Nadine Weathersby

    Life is not merely a game of chance,
    It’s yours to shape and mold, you can be whatever you want to be in
    constant reality if you accept the responsibility
    You can stand tall,
    Dare not to fall, persist, insist, and you will win,
    Use all your tools; get the knowledge...

  • POETRY Reading: The Duckling Makes A Stand, by Barry B. Wright

  • Poetry Reading: Before After Always, by Eugene Butler

    Performed by Hannah Ehman

    Before After Always, by Eugene Butler

    Before what?
    And after?
    Believe the Buddhist
    Believe the Christian
    Believe the Muslim
    Believe the Jew
    Believe the Atheist
    One is the other…T...

  • Poetry Reading: YEARNING, by Rebecca Wason

    Performed by Hannah Ehman

  • Poetry Reading: BEST FRIEND, by Debbie Fersht

    BEST FRIEND, by Debbie Fersht

    A child puts her doll to bed. Tell me a story, says the doll. You always say that, says the girl. Tell me a story, the doll repeats. Go to sleep you two, says her father from the light underneath the bedroom door. You’re my best friend, whispers the girl to the d...

  • POETRY Reading: What I Though I Wanted, by Fella Cederbaum

    What I Thought I Wanted

    Have you ever wondered who you would be
    Without your profession, without your role
    Without a position in life that holds
    The you, that you know to be in this world
    The you, who you think is important
    The pearl
    That is singular?
    One and specific?
    Identified by name and pos...

  • POETRY Reading: PRAYER OF LOSS, by Kevin Pike

    Read by Val Cole

  • Poetry Reading: THE CALL OF PAN, by Barbara Grace Lake


    © 2015

    Barbara Grace Lake

    I heard a piping in the wood –

    Haunting, calling me

    To follow if I dare.

    I heard it in the dawn

    As misty sunlight gently touches

    Tips of trees when first aroused

    And leaves are freshest.

    Mounds of grassy thickets

    Crunch beneath my feet


  • Poetry Reading: Her Last Smile, by Mustofa Munir

    Her last smile, by Mustofa Munir

    when the clock of civilization has lost its sense of time
    she perceived the world without knowing its malicious darkness,
    a lonely young girl died many times
    before her death when
    she was gang-raped by some beastly men,
    suffered many days and months,
    she deliver...

  • Poetry Reading: TENDER LOVING MOMENTS, by Colin Guest


    To feel your tender body touching mine
    Is a sweet feeling that is simply divine
    I love the touch of your arms around me
    It makes me feel happy I want all to see
    Our tender love is both strong and true
    With our never feeling down and blue
    Just to hold your h...

  • POETRY Reading: Impact, by Dennis Stefanov

    POETRY Reading:

    fan the flame
    let it die out
    or set fire to the kitchen trying to make breakfast
    with you at four in the morning

    take a walk instead

    paint the winter canvas of town
    like a boot on the moon

    trip on the ice and knock your head into mine
    watch our breath intersect in the space...

  • POETRY READING: Four Days, by Les Bill Gates

    Four Days, by Les Bill Gates

    Remember me?
    You betrayed me today.
    With a kiss, you showed them the way
    And collected thirty silver coins.
    You whipped me and mocked me.
    You crowned me with thorns.
    So grovel in the dirt, pick up your pay.
    You betrayed me today.

    Remember me?
    You killed me today.

  • POETRY Reading: Crann Bethadh Song Messengers, by R.L. Stephenson-Read

    Crann Bethadh Song Messengers, by R.L. Stephenson-Read

    We embrace our Celtic ancestry
    For that same time runs nigh
    And seek the mystery from the Lake of Small Stones
    Of a lost, ancient tribe’s practice.
    Those magical Druid Holies droned, “Beannachtaí Dé”
    In their sacred, Oaken Groves
    And planted...

  • POETRY Reading: Love The Mystery, by Raushni Srivastav

    Love the mystery...
    The mystery...

    Love the mystery...
    The mystery...

    Love is a feeling...of curiosity...
    Yearning for the moment...what might be...
    Love plays hide and seek...
    But truly never meets...
    So, please...
    Love the mystery
    Love the mystery

    Love is eternal...lasts til...

  • POETRY Reading: DEAR GAELENE, by Mercedes Webb-Pullman

    DEAR GAELENE, by Mercedes Webb-Pullman

    I’m pitching a script about a journey
    discovering new lands. A clever captain
    but he’s shipwrecked. A remarkable
    love-and-murder story illustrated
    by the captain and his new navigator;
    he is English, and she Polynesian.

    (Quick back-story about a Polynesia...

  • POETRY Reading: Filigree Angels: A Miracle Awakens, by Denise Dowdell-Stent

    Performed by Val Cole


    From within it stirs
    Barely moving, barely awake
    Its breath misting, steaming, warming;
    Slowly it stretches
    Reaching out
    Its tentative touch
    As fragile as floss spun glass
    Crystalline, beautiful and alive.

    Sentience claims it now;
    Aflood with rainbow strands

  • POETRY READING: On The Street Where I Live, by Eugene Butler

    Read Poem:

    Leroy my neighbor had some lottery luck
    But he went off and blew it all on a big old monster truck
    Now he can’t afford to drive it
    The gas cost too much
    Leroy’s old lady she packed and left
    She was pissed that Leroy was only thinking of himself
    But if I know Leroy
    He wasn’t thinking ...

  • POETRY READING: For Lawrence Ferlinghetti, by Dee Garceau


    I am waiting
    for shrink-wrapped facts to fall from the bellies of planes
    while gators slide across water and insects roar.

    I am waiting
    for a country-western singer without a pickup,
    for a horse bounding
    through grasses flung like long hair in the wind.

    I am waiting
    for unstandard...