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Poetry Reading: ODE TO MY WIFE, by Mike Bevins (interview)

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Poetry Reading: WHERE THE FICUS FELL, by Susan Rogers



  • Poetry Reading: ODE TO MY WIFE, by Mi...

    Narration by Val Cole

    Get to know the poet:

    1) What is the theme of your poem?

    What my wife and I were experiencing when we got her diagnosis and later learned she would indeed die

    2) What motivated you to write this poem?

    It helped me to put into words a lot of what I was dealing with...fro...

  • Poetry Reading: GRANDMA’S FLY ABOUT H...

    Narration by Val Cole


    Grandma’s favorite hat is all flowers,
    All sizes, all colors, full of beauty.

    Her hat is so big,
    It hides every
    Inch of her head
    Except the tip of her nose.

    In our neighborhood park,
    Grandma’s hat staves off the sun
    Until a bright breeze comes along and
    Lifts it i...

  • POETRY Reading: THE PILLOW, by Judi ...

    Narration by Val Cole

    The Pillow: by Judi Beecher

    I close my eyes to sleep
    and hold you tight.

    My body wraps around yours
    as you gently stroke my hair.

    Your gaze ignites a fire
    deep within my soul.

    A knowingness overcomes me,
    I soar through the air
    with newly grown wings.
    Unstoppable ...