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Watch this video and more on WILDsound Festival TV

POETRY Reading: SOLITAIREEE, by Lawrence Riggins



  • POETRY Reading: Ruins of Memories by ...

    Performed by Val Cole

    Ruins of Memories by Badradeen Mohammed

    On a sunny autumn day

    I was leaning on a plastic chair in front of my house

    With sweat dripping from my body

    Caused by the high temperature

    And resentment for the intensity of my anger

    Suddenly, without realising I found mys...

  • POETRY Reading: Virtual Gratuity, by ...

    virtual gratuity
    about 10:30am a
    systems analyst seated
    himself at the boardroom of
    our exceedingly prestigious software company,
    snorting isopropyl alcohol through a paper
    mask while awaiting tech support for stressful
    presentation. he continued to transmit his
    intricate calculations between qui...

  • POETRY Reading: America is More Than ...

    “America is More Than a Place” — (Original) Poem
    By Ben Neuberger
    The strength of this country doesn’t just come from the force of our might;
    Or the power of our bite
    It comes from what we represent
    And the horrors we choose to prevent.
    Our power isn’t defined by the weapons at our disposal,
    Our ...