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Poetry Reading: WAVE, by Debbie Fersht



  • Poetry Reading: A Sleepless Reverie, ...

    Performed by Hannah Ehman

    A Sleepless Reverie by Rebecca Wason

    'Won't you stay a little longer?'

    Sighed the moon to the night sky.

    We have barely started our talk

    And I have a thousand things to say

    Of life and poppycock.

    'Oh, but it is forbidden',

    Replied the night to the moon.

    We ...

  • Poetry Reading: TRUST? No!, by Peter ...

    Performed by Hannah Ehman

    TRUST? No!, by Peter Borreggine

    Forgiveth not, what comes thy way,
    ‘Tis but a speck, in the dawn of a day,
    Thou must not begin to finally feel,
    As if thy heart, is in a reel,

    Thou pain, is wrought, deep inside I fear,
    For to giveth its wrath, is not what I hear,

  • Poetry Reading: FRAGMENTS, by Donna G...

    Performed by Hannah Ehman

    FRAGMENTS, by Donna Greenberg

    I forgot how you tasted
    The day your ship left my shore,
    Only the rage of the waves
    Reminds me.

    I waited with arms wide-spread,
    Legs tingling,
    The imprint of your touch
    Still longing…

    Even the strong wind
    That tore my heart
    From my skin...