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Watch this video and more on WILDsound Festival TV

Poetry Reading: TENDER LOVING MOMENTS, by Colin Guest



  • POETRY Reading: Impact, by Dennis Ste...

    POETRY Reading:

    fan the flame
    let it die out
    or set fire to the kitchen trying to make breakfast
    with you at four in the morning

    take a walk instead

    paint the winter canvas of town
    like a boot on the moon

    trip on the ice and knock your head into mine
    watch our breath intersect in the space...

  • POETRY READING: Four Days, by Les Bil...

    Four Days, by Les Bill Gates

    Remember me?
    You betrayed me today.
    With a kiss, you showed them the way
    And collected thirty silver coins.
    You whipped me and mocked me.
    You crowned me with thorns.
    So grovel in the dirt, pick up your pay.
    You betrayed me today.

    Remember me?
    You killed me today.

  • POETRY Reading: Crann Bethadh Song Me...

    Crann Bethadh Song Messengers, by R.L. Stephenson-Read

    We embrace our Celtic ancestry
    For that same time runs nigh
    And seek the mystery from the Lake of Small Stones
    Of a lost, ancient tribe’s practice.
    Those magical Druid Holies droned, “Beannachtaí Dé”
    In their sacred, Oaken Groves
    And planted...