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Watch this video and more on WILDsound Festival TV

Poetry Reading: Lessons of Imperfections, by Laleeta Tongo



  • Poetry Reading: ODE TO THE PRESIDENT,...

    ODE TO THE PRESIDENT, by Frank Vespe

    He just turned legal, plays guitar, his craft.
    An Aries like me, a Graduate student of math.
    I taught him to dribble, now he beats me,
    Swoosh! a three-pointer, from the top of the key.

    I fear for my son.

    Threescore ago, another Irishman won,
    Escalated a co...

  • Poetry Reading: Love your Curves, by ...

    Performed by Hannah Ehman

    Love your Curves, by Jesus T. Solis

    Gives me the words,
    To speak of,
    That Sensual love,
    To be made,
    I’m not afraid,
    Take you by the hips,
    And kiss you on lips,

    Your woman I’m into,
    To dance with you,
    To twirl in lust,
    Our bodies will thrust,
    Upon each other,
    To becom...

  • Poetry Reading: hungover. by Rachel S...

    Performed by Hannah Ehman

    hungover. by Rachel Spell

    her childhood tastes like whiskey
    on virgin youthful tongue;
    liquid fire scalding her soul
    since she was still young.

    her past tastes like rum,
    like everything she knew
    that was painful and scary
    was comforting her too.

    her lov...