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Poetry Reading: DANDELION SMASHING, by Preston Mehr

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  • Poetry Reading: DANDELION SMASHING, b...

    Voice Over: Val Cole

    Dandelion smashing, by PRESTON MEHR

    Sprinting and tearing through the dandelion field while afterward every puny plant atop will have keeled over in the dead dirt and my whole body will horribly hurt however all the yellow flowers will face sorrow by the towers that stagger...

  • Poetry Reading: CHATAKA, by Vinita Ag...

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    CHATAKA, by Vinita Agrawal

    Chataka Never mind that I’m a brood parasite flawlessly matching the turquoise blue of babbler’s eggs never mind that I watch nonchalantly, my chicks being raised as their own I eat berries and caterpillars pressing the worms end to e...

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