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Watch this video and more on WILDsound Festival TV

Poetry Reading: FLIGHT OF THE HEART, by Murray Blanchard



  • POETRY Reading: Sweet Gratitude, by C...

    Narrated by Val Cole

    Sweet gratitude because I can walk, talk, eat, drink, enjoy a beautiful sunset , have a home , carry a home within myself, share of myself with loving kindness to those who I meet, and inspiring others to do the same because love and compassion for me is a start of a ...

  • Poetry Reading: My God, by Logan Clarke

    Performed by Val Cole

    My God
    Has not guaranteed me a reservation in Heaven
    Nor has he threatened me with purgatory.
    For he knows no purgatory-
    Except mental
    In the minds of the living.

    I walk with God down the beach,
    Lie back with him at night...

  • Poetry Reading: Intoxication, by Duan...

    Performed by Val Cole


    By Duane March

    Ask me to describe my earnest fascination?

    Ask me, might as well, pi's endless calculation,

    Words do not suffice to offer explanation.

    Her eyes gleam a golden brown,

    Athena’s owls, soft as down,

    Her hair is a mane of chesnut fire,

    It t...