New Screenplay Videos

New Screenplay Videos

New Screenplay Videos
  • COMEDY Best Scene Screenplay: DSP VS USA, by D. Sidney Potter


    Narrator: Julie Sheppard
    Sidney: Steve Rizzo
    Selina: Val Cole

  • DRAMA Festival: Gallatin, by Ryan Skinner

    A famous author goes on a quest of revenge as he tracks down and plans to murder the priest who molested his daughter.


    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Matt: Geoff May
    Phillip: Sean Ballantyne
    Monica: Val Cole

  • FAN FICTION: The Sea Captain's Cottage, by Stephanie Marie Couture (interview)

    After losing her job in NYC, Marylin and her daughter move away for a quieter life in Maine. Marylin hopes to fix her strained relationship with her daughter and find new purpose by restoring an old seaside cottage. What she didn't anticipate was falling in love with the ghost that resides there....

  • LGBTQ+ Festival: Out in the West, by Claire V. Riley

    In 1865, when it was a crime to be queer, a sharpshooting gender outlaw poses as a man so she and her southern belle lover can escape a brutal husband and create a new life as a married couple out in the west.


    Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
    Millie: Val Cole
    Beth: Hannah Ehman

  • ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival: Wrath, by Martin White II (interview)


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Envy/Michael/All Angels: Geoff Mays
    Greed/Dan/All Angels: Sean Ballantyne
    Justin/Gary/All Angels: Steve Rizzo
    Rebecca/Pride/Tina: Elizabeth Rose Morriss

    Get to know the writer:

    1. What is your screenplay about?
    The best way I can summarize my screenplay is:...

  • ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival: The Portal, by Pamela PerryGoulardt


    Narrator: Steve Rizzo
    Holiday: Val Cole
    Jax: Sean Ballantyne
    Samm: Elizabeth Rose Morriss

  • ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival: Stranded, by Gini Graham Scott


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    William Forest: Geoff Mays
    Dan Parks: Sean Ballantyne
    Ken: Steve Rizzo

  • ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival: Bandaged Knees, by Colin Simpson


    Narrator: Steve Rizzo
    Meredith Burns: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Wilson/Bartender: Geoff Mays
    Sara: Val Cole
    Reynolds: Sean Ballantyne
    Tulip: Hannah Ehman

  • Winning FEMALE Festival 1st Scene: Black Sunday, by Katreana Bellew

    A young fireman, and father of four, jumps to his death to escape a Bronx fire alongside four other firemen. Upon inspection of the fire, it becomes clear that both the building owners and the city of New York are at fault. The fireman's wife and the surviving, but chronically injured, men from t...

  • TV FESTIVAL Best Scene Reading: Mayday, by Haley White

    An eager new Coast Guard recruit navigates personal and physical danger in an attempt to atone for the sins of her past.


    Narrator: Shawn Devlin
    Female Drill Instructor: Kyana Teresa
    Madison: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Lead Drill Instructor: Sean Ballatyne

    Writer Biography
    At the age...

  • POLITICAL Festival Best Scene Reading: HAMMER AND NAILS, by Lowell Williams

    What if someone when into the seminary to bury his own anger? Jonathan Daniels stumbles into the Civil Rights movement and finds himself face to face with moments that viciously try and pierce his peaceful personality. Based on a true story, he joins Stokely Carmichael and other Black activists d...

  • LGBTQ+ Best Scene Reading: OFFSIDERS, by Kate Holland, Marlowe Mitchell

    Get to know the writers:

    1. What is your screenplay about?

    Playing with the old-as-time concept of the genderbending sports romcom (She's The Man, Ladybugs), Offsiders sees Max dressing up as a boy in order to take her gay best friend's place on the boys' soccer team. The story then takes a dis...

  • It's Always Sunny Spec Script "Charlie's Web", by Theodore George Boozalis

    Charlie is tired of being human and decides to become a rat. The gang must replace him.


    Narrator: Steve Rizzo
    Eugenia: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Charlie: Sean Ballatyne

  • 1st Scene Script reading: Origin, by Will Macduff (with interview)

    Get to know the writer:

    1. What is your screenplay about?

    Its about who we may be versus who we have been led to be - but also... the difficult decisions we often have to make in the pursuit of self-knowledge. It's not really a creature feature, although i was tempted to write it like that.


  • 1st Scene Script Reading: Bite Me, by Andy Palmer, Ben Begley

    To pay for her dream internship, Dusty Douglas returns to the family business she spent the last decade running from… Professional Bass Fishing. Partnered with a cable access fishing show host, Dusty will have to dethrone her own father and perennial champion, Hank “Large Mouth” Douglas, at a sp...

  • LGBTQ+ 1st Scene Reading: Pray the Gay Away, by Michael & Zak Zakar

    Pray The Gay Away (the series) is a half-hour, single-camera comedy based on the real-life misadventures of Middle eastern, gay twins, Michael & Zak Zakar and their ultra-religious family who are obsessed with keeping up appearances but are anything but perfect. 

    Inspired by the best-selling me...

  • FEMALE Festival 1st Scene Reading: Serrated, by Julia M. Sauder


    Narrator: Steve Rizzo
    Marta: Hannah Ehman
    Christopher: Geoff Mays
    Lela: Elizabeth Rose Morriss

    Interview with the writer:

    1. What is your screenplay about?

    A magazine reporter who travels to Maine to find her missing brother and discovers a family practing voodoo in the hopes...

  • COMEDY Festival 1st Scene Reading: Terry Stinger Show, by Carlos Perez

    Romeo and Juliet meets Jerry Springer in this Elizabethan parody of the famous talk show.


    Narrator: Kyana Teresa
    Terry: Geoff Mays
    Juliet: Hannah Ehman

    Interview with the writer:

    1. What is your screenplay about?

    Taking the characters from Romeo and Juliet and placing them on a...

  • COMEDY Festival 1st Scene Reading: Head Block, by Jessica Sadler

    Cherry Ann Bigman hopes to hang up her casual-sex shoes for something more substantial. Unfortunately, online dating chews her up and spits her out. So she takes up a new hobby--MMA fighting--and once she stops seeking, what she wants finds her.

    Narrator: Steve Rizzo
    Cherry Ann: Hann...

  • HORROR Festival Short Script: THE MOUSE, by Tonia Kempler

    A woman falls pray to her lover's darker side and is forced to obey his wishes even if it costs her, her life.


    Narrator: Kyana Teresa
    Nikki: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Brock: Sean Ballatyne
    Daniel: Shawn Devlin .

  • SHORT Script: Evolution, by Zsolt Pozsgal

    Two men, one little boy. And a woman. Unknown. Or not. One woman, two men and a boy. Or not. A little boy, a woman and two men. And pain.


    Narrator: Kyana Teresa
    Little Boy: Andy Camp

  • Short Script: Creations Dance, by Bruce Purcell



    Narrator: Geoff Mays
    Quenton: Sean Ballatyne
    Maggie: Elizabeth Rose Morriss

  • Short Script: SCRATCH, by Alexander Hernandez-Maxwell



    Narrator: Shawn Devlin
    Will: Sean Ballatyne

  • Short Script: FALLEN ON HOARD TIMES, by Matthew Nicholson

    Genre: Drama, Dramedy

    Logline: "Eva Brown must help her hoarder brother clean his apartment (and his life) before he gets evicted. In the process, she uncovers the real reason why he has such a hard time letting go of material objects."

    Narrator: Shawn Devlin
    Eva: Hannah Ehman