New Screenplay Videos

New Screenplay Videos

New Screenplay Videos
  • BEST Scene Reading: THE MODEL LISA, by Kevin Mounce

    She has been called...

    "A visual masterpiece." -Ray Charles
    "A work of art." -Bob Ross, talking about something else
    "My fatter, uglier twin with a different mom." -Ron Burgundy
    "A pound cake with legs." -Brother

    There is only one.

    The Model. Lisa.

    Lisa Berry has always wanted to be a model. ...

  • 1st Scene Screenplay Reading: INVINCIBLE, by Andreas Nelander

    As a mysterious plague spreads across the kingdom of Lordaeron, the Prince, burdened by the guilt of his past and the weight of the crown, must rise to save his people from a sinister force sent to test him.


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    King Terenas: Geoff Mays
    Soldier: Andy Camp

  • SHORT Script: 3 Nights on the Plains, by Robert Walker

    Two cowboys visit a witch for help in bringing a loved one back from the dead. They only have to spend three nights on the plains of Colorado and follow her instructions to the letter.

    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Celi: Val Cole
    Gus/Chisholm: Steve Rizzo
    Reilly: Sean Ballantyn...

  • 1st Scene Festival Reading: DARK FOREST, by Cole Dilts

    After landing outside a Cabin in the Woods, a small crew of alien biologists search for viable human specimens, only to find themselves the victims of a cannibalistic cult.


    Narrator: Steve Rizzo
    Female Voices/Trixie/Woman: Kyana Teresa
    Chad: Sean Ballantyne
    John/Danny: Geoff Mays...

  • SHORY Story: The Secret History, by Keshia L Nowden

    – Horror, romance, historical

    Performed by Val Cole

  • Short Screenplay: Operation Flyswatter, by Dennis Flagg


    Eastern European oligarchs double cross their countries and are then double crossed.

  • SHORT Screenplay: The Worst of Times, by Daniel Broderick

    Mary and her lawyer sit in jail, trial over, awaiting their fate. With the shadow and sound of the guillotine blade falling, she bemoans the unfairness of it all. My husband and I did nothing illegal. Well, you're a widow now. But it was the politicians' fault. Another shadow and another sou...

  • SHORT Screenplay: The Gag Gift, by Sharon Goldner

    Synopsis: During a surprise 40th birthday party, a woman gets a gag gift of a super-charged, state-of-the-art dildo, The Intrepid III. It gets tossed somewhere in her closet when she gets home. Fast forward ten years. The woman is trying to find the unused dildo, while the dildo promotes itself, ...

  • 1st Scene Reading: Turn This Spaceship Around!, by Jaye Blohm

    Good news! You’ve escaped your enemies by fleeing to another planet!
    Bad news! You’ve made yourself easy pickings for alien hunters!

    Relia, a teenager from Proxima Centauri b, is ruthlessly tormented by bullies, with no solutions in sight. While on her family vacation to Earth, she decides she’s...

  • BEST Scene Reading: ONI, by Brian Pluchinsky

    A mythological story set in feudal Japan, following a brother and sister and their masked guardian. They venture out west in search of protection and vengeance. On their way, they run into various demons and masked guardians who seem to share a similar backstory to their protector.



  • BEST SCENE Reading: NOT MY SECRET TO TELL, by Karla S Bryant

    A couple has shared a devastating secret for decades. Yet the wife's deeper secret is about to be revealed.

    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Danny/Todd: Geoff Mays
    Betsy: Kyana Teresa

  • 1pg. SHORT Screenplay - What Makes Me Different, by Steven Kobrin



    A mid-air hijacking is thwarted by a rogue federal operative. But the incessant nightmares that plague him after the incident have more to do with his own mysterious origin.