Full script readings. All performed by professional actors.

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  • Feature Screenplay Reading: DESTINY OF TAR AND FEATHERS, by Harold L. Brown

    Inspired By True Events

    Estranged from his family Matis settlement, a corporate lawyer finds his loyalties torn when he's caught in the middle of a settlement dispute with the government and a powerful company over jobs and oil rights."

    Directed by Harold L. Brown


    Narrator: Val Col...

  • Feature Screenplay Reading: MR. BUCHMAN GOES TO WASHINGTON, by Bill Baber

    Mr. Buchman Goes to Washington is an intense courtroom docudrama that recreates the 1951 House Un-American Activities Committee hearing of Sidney Buchman – the Oscar nominated Communist screenwriter of the classic patriotic film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. This is the day that Mr. Buchman, like...

  • SCI-FI Festival Feature Screenplay Reading: The Legacy Of Heorot, by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Steven Barnes

    Cadmann Weyland is an aging soldier whose final mission was completed once he oversaw the safe passage of Earth's first interstellar colonists to their new home, Avalon. Feeling alone and on the outside looking in, Cadmann is the only one who begins to suspect their new island paradise may be any...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival Feature Screenplay Reading: COPPERLAND, by Eila Algood, Holly Algood, Susan Froetchel

    Four intelligent, complex women are drawn together. A lesbian couple, their friend and a young woman are looking to find peace relating to their deceased mothers. The fight for equal rights shows up both from the past and present. There is an exciting discovery to bring solar energy to mainstream...

  • FEATURE SCREENPLAY Reading: PAST PRESENCE, by Kevin Mongelli

    Professor STEPHEN EMERSON (50’s) is obsessed with a book, THE DNALYM RHAPSODY, written by EDGAR GRAVES. It explains his theory of past lives and the ability of man to tap into his consciousness to see his or her other lives. One of Dr. Emerson’s patients commits suicide after it is believed that ...