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  • THE SILENT WILLOW, 15min., USA, Black & White, Documentary

    Uterine fibroids affect Black women three times more than any other race. After being diagnosed, the filmmaker sets out to explore health inequities and find out why some Black women are as silent as the growth.

    Directed by Taylor-Alexis Gillard

  • COUNTY short film, 27min., USA, Political Documentary

    The biggest secret in politics is the smallest office you could possibly run for. "County" is a documentary about County Committee—the fundamental building blocks of our democracy that our Parties don’t want you to know about—and the activists in NYC fighting to unveil and reform a corrupt system...

  • Sunnyside short film, 23min., Japan, Sports Ski Movie

    Sideshow presents 3rd Ski Movie,the final segment of a trilogy
    Urban,Street and Powder in Japan.

    Directed by Daisuke Kurata

    Key Cast: Takuya Ishida, Daisuke Ito, Kohei Nishikata, Mayu Ogino

  • Instrument of Peace; the Brother Gabriel Story. 7min., USA, Documentary

    The story of the skateboarding monk.

    Directed by Nolan Uebelhor

  • Black Love short film, 10min., USA, Documentary/Political

    Directed by Darrell Anthony Reynolds

    Director Statement
    What does love mean to you? Now, what does black love mean to you? Can you tell me what is black love? I'm going to take you journey with me to discover the question to interview the community of Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. There will be e...

  • THE PATH OF LIGHT short film, 6min. Brazil, Documentary

    The choices of an amateur photographer facing the challenges imposed by Coronavirus and a cruel government in Brazil.

    Directed by Marcus Veras de F...