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  • Sununú: The Revolution of Love short film, 24min., UK, Documentary

    Trans Dad Fernando Machado became an international news sensation when he announced he was pregnant with his trans girlfriend Diane Rodriguez in Ecuador last year.

    This film is an intimate and touching portrayal of a couple getting to grips with parenthood while they challenge complex ideas of g...

  • SILENT RHYTHM, 36min., USA, Documentary / Dance

    This short documentary explores the relationship dancers have with music, especially when none of the dancers can hear the music. The Gallaudet Dance Company is home to a small dance studio that pushes the meaning of dance beyond the scope of sound. This year marked a specific turning point for t...

  • BEING BLACK, 5min., UK, Documentary / LGBTQ+

    Wayne is a proud black, Afro-Caribbean, gay man living in the UK. His father was also a proud man, moving to the UK in the 1950's was his duty to the 'father country'.

    For Wayne being a UK citizen now doesn't make him proud and is a different story.

    Director Statement
    Having lived with an Afro-...

  • him short film, 8min., Documentary / LGBTQ+

    Directed by Daniel Montoya

    A look into the life of a transgender rights activist, Ethan, as he fights for equality in conservative Texas.

    Director Statement
    Film is a tool with powerful transformation capabilities and I use it to generate change and impact by telling stories that matter, storie...

  • I THINK I'LL MAKE IT short film, 18min., Documentary/LGBTQ+

    When Kat Hurley was five years old, her father murdered her mother. And Kat saw it happen. Now, 30 years later, she remains haunted by the memory, but determined to channel the pain into something positive by becoming a mother herself. This is her struggle to be more than just another victim of a...

  • REFUGIO short film, 9min., Bolivia, Documentary/Environment

    Sergio, a 27 year old environmental engineer, veterinary student and environmental activist in Bolivia makes it his life's mission to save animals and the vulnerable ecosystems we depend on. His journey takes us to Senda Verde, an animal refuge in the jungle with over 900 wild animals rescued fro...

  • THE LIVING SEA, 15min., Hong Kong, Documentary

    Logline: 12-year-old scuba diver Ema sets on a quest to find out why corals around the globe are dying but somehow in Hong Kong they are more resilient.

    Synopsis: We are the only planet with oceans, and they are indispensable for our survival. However, many people are unaware of the importance o...

  • CHAMELEONS feature film, 82min., Austria, Musical Documentary

    You have to empathize with every given situation and adapt to it: creative, communicative and flexible - like a chameleon.

    The documentary focuses on the diverse work of instrumental and singing teachers in the field of tension between education and being an artist, between elementary music teac...

  • INNSBRUCK. POWDER. PEOPLE. short film, 17min., Austria, Sports Documentary

    After many winter seasons and competitions at the highest level all over the world, a professional freeride skier from New Zealand named Neil Williman ends up in Innsbruck. There he meets many talented locals that show him just how great the mountains around Tirol are. Deeply impressed by the pos...

  • UN CHALET AU PLED DES FIZ short film, 36min,. France, Environmental/Documentary

    An elderly woman returns to her chalet at the foot of the Chaîne des Fiz and finds the draft of a letter she had written years earlier.

    Directed by Godefroy de MAUPEOU

  • OUR CROWN & GLORY short film, 29min., USA, Documentary

    A group of friends explores their hair journey and what it means to embrace black hair joy!

    Directed by Ashley Brajaé

  • ENTOMOS PHAGOS short film, 2min., Drama/Environment

    "Between his ecologist mother and his very careerist and non-chalaching father, Nathan does not hesitate to face their contradictions in a surprising way."


  • LET THE MUSIC PLAY feature film, 73min., Musical Documentary

    A feature-length documentary by DailyBOOM Media on Covid-19's crushing impact on the music industry as seen through the eyes of artists, musicians, promoters, venue owners, merchandisers and Save Our Stages/NIVA ambassadors.
    All interviews filmed from Nov. 2020 - Jan. 2021 via Zoom due to pandemi...

  • IT'S GOOD BUSINESS short film, 12min., Documentary/Environment

    “It's Good Business: Moving Beyond Conservation” is a short documentary that explores the antiquated idea that capitalism must be at odds with the health of the environment in order to profit. While we all want to protect our planet, current models of environmental conservation are failing. It’s ...

  • MILD short film, 4min., Australia, Documentary/Drama

    Campbell Sims expresses on what it's like to grow up having a learning difficulty in and out of school, whilst talking about how different things such as art has helped him get through life.

    Directed by Daniel Woods

    Cinematography: Thomas Snowden

    Editor: Matt Temby

  • HAND DRAWN LIFE feature film, 88min., Documentary/Comics

    The history and influence of newspaper comic strips

    Directed by Tom Tanquary

    Director Statement
    This project was done out my love for newspaper comics strips and ...

  • MUSIC AND DEMENTIA short film, 13min., Japan, Documentary

    A professional pianist was diagnosed as an early on set dementia when she was in her 50's and forgotten how to play the piano. She was depressed since then. Her husband wanted her to get back her meaning of life and they started practicing piano together. After 3 years practice and her husband su...

  • BOATHOUSE ROW short film, 16min, USA, Documentary/Sports

    Boathouse Row is a personal essay documentary about the generational intersections of olympic rowing, manic depression, and fatherhood.

    Directed by Ethan Knecht

  • BOYCOTT THIS! short film, 40min., USA, Documentary

    Exposes the darkly comedic truth behind the hate Israel industry and BDS.

    Directed by Stan Moore

    Produced by Laurie Cardoza-Moore

  • LOVE & FEAR short film, 15min., Ireland, Documentary, Comedy

    Grá & Eagla is a short documentary examining Irish people’s attitudes towards our native language.

    The story follows comedian Áine Gallagher as she prepares material for her bilingual stand-up comedy show, giving her an opportunity to explore why so many Irish people feel passionately about the...

  • THE RETURN short film, 19min. Turkey, Documentary

    The story telling the journey of the 3rd and 5th generation women from a family who had to leave the country because of the population exchange between Turkey and Greece. Will they be able to take their families’ soil from their graves to their homeland, Kavala?

    Directed by Nesli Ozalp Tuncer


  • THE ORIGINAL Richard McMahan short film, 21min., USA, Documentary

    The multi-talented outsider artist Richard McMahan is on a quest to painstakingly re-create thousands of famous and not-so-famous paintings and artifacts-- in miniature. From well-loved Picasso and Frida Kahlo paintings to more obscure intricate Maori canoes, McMahan has mastered dozens of genres...

  • CLEANING SHIPWRECKS short film, 5min., Netherlands, Documentary/Environment

    In the night of 1st and 2nd of January 2019, the ship MSCZoe lost 342 cargo containers in the North Sea. Plastics in the sea accumulates around shipwrecks and threatens the water quality of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. A team of experienced North Sea wreck divers voluntarily heads out to salv...

  • THE SILENT WILLOW, 15min., USA, Black & White, Documentary

    Uterine fibroids affect Black women three times more than any other race. After being diagnosed, the filmmaker sets out to explore health inequities and find out why some Black women are as silent as the growth.

    Directed by Taylor-Alexis Gillard