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  • SREBENICA short film watch, 1min., Political/Black & White

    This work is about Srebrenica, Bosnia, place of the last european genocide where thousands of muslim people were killed.

    The video can be seen both as a retranscription of the events and a reflection about the human condition.

    Firstly, the possibility of the horror in the human condition. The b...

  • FINDING THE LIGHT, UK, Documentary/Poltiical

    Three trauma survivors tell stories of their journey from darkness to light.

    Directed by Linzy Attenborough

    DP: Filippo Mazzarino

    Sound Mixer: Christian Majer

  • DOCTOR OF THE "POLISH EAGLES" short film watch, Poland, Sports

    Directed by Małgorzata Szyszka

    The film tells about the work of doctor Janusz Garlicki of the Polish national football team, which won, among others, the Olympic gold medal during the time of coach Kazimierz Górski.
    All devoted fans of Polish football kn...

  • Flowing - My dream of more freedom short film watch, 4min., Environmental

    In “Flowing – My dream of more freedom” the river itself speaks to us about its dream of flowing wilder and freer again, thereby providing a home (again) to a diversity of species.

    Rivers have always provided fundamental and vital services for mankind and the environment.
    However, dams, weirs an...

  • MONEY IS AS INNOCENT AS THE GUN short film watch, DOC Experimental

    a film of spoken word for action

    Directed by Chris Colling

  • URBAN NOISE - Istanbul short film watch, Documentary/Experimental

    (All shots, sounds, and musics in this film were recorded with a smartphone on Istanbul streets)
    Istanbul's city noise, street music, and daily chaos...

  • KOFI'S DREAM short film watch, 5min., Italy, Documentary

    Directed by Francesca Stangoni

    Produceer Daniele Lincetto

    Director Statement

    Dreams can come true...sometimes
    We got what we need or what we deserve
    Enjoy your life and your time,...

  • WOLF WATCHERS short film watch, 15min., Documentary

    Braving the realities of the harsh Montana winter and changing hunting regulations, hobby and career biologists track and study wolves in the Northern Tier of Yellowstone National Park. While the fate of wolves remains uncertain, the devotion and passion of Yellowstone’s Wolf Watchers are always ...

  • REFUGIO short film watch, Documentary/Environmental

    Sergio, a 27 year old environmental engineer, veterinary student and environmental activist in Bolivia makes it his life's mission to save animals and the vulnerable ecosystems we depend on. His journey takes us to Senda Verde, an animal refuge in the jungle with over 900 wild animals rescued fro...

  • DISCO SAUCE: The Unbelievable True Story of Penne Alla Vodka short film watch

    Penne Alla Vodka is America's dirty little secret. While its secret origin might surprise you, its sordid history will baffle you, which is why food fanatic filmmaker Roberto Serrini delved deep into the dish grilling celeb chefs, exploring NYC's best clandestine markets, having it analyzed by sc...

  • OLD HOUSE short film watch, 4min,. Experimental/Documentary

    About the depth of the hypocrisy of Russian invaders and coming consequences of their crazy adventure at XXI century. For in addition to the woes and sorrows the war has brought to Ukraine, the Kremlin's perfidious madness is destroying Muscovy itself.

    Directed by Alexander Sparinsky


  • KATH DUNCAN - THE UNTOLD STRUGGLE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS short film watch, Documentary

    A Documentary film about the life and activism of LGBTQ Scot Kath Duncan The most important Uk Civil rights leader past 100 years but almost forgotten in time until my Highly acclaimed stage play #liberty and my biography of Kath The Last Queen Of Scotland stage play Liberty


  • THE SHOW MUST GO ON short film watch, 6min., Documentary

    Is art "essential"? This is a story of how a multi-disciplinary artist of Chinese and Indian descent in New York survived the pandemic and attempts to "return to normal" when the world is now anything but.

    Directed by Fahim Hamid

  • GLOBAL CITIES FREE OF SLAVERY feature film, 56min., Documentary

    Global Cities Free of Slavery is a 52-minute documentary on modern slavery and the exploitation of labor in three different cities, located in different continents. Nottingham in the UK, Maputo in Mozambique and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

    Directed by Luiz Eduardo Lerina

    Director Statement
    It's a...

  • STILL LIGHT short film watch, 3min., Experimental

    Still Light is an experimental short made of photographic stills. The film explores the relation of light to perception. It is entirely shot and edited on a mobile phone.

    Directed by Aparna Sharma

  • DANCING HEART short film watch, Mexico, Romance documentary

    Lesbian love has always been a rebel act. But a relationship between two women, teenagers and feminist is pure anarchy. Dancing heart is a pathway over the time Luisa and Violeta have been together, how they have faced discrimination and how with courage and feminism they have hold to go on and g...

  • MY MOTHER, MY SELF short film watch, 3min., Documentary

    It's December 1991 and a man tell his mother he's been diagnosed with HIV.

    Writer/Director/Star: Lary Campbell

    Director Statement
    With "My Mother, My Self" I hope to portray the emotional toll an HIV diagnosis took on an individual during the time before effective medication treatment was avail...

  • KARIBU NYUMBANI short film watch, 12min., Documentary/Environmental

    “Karibu Nyumbani” translates as “Welcome to my Home” in Swahili. Guides in the Maasai Mara have a deep-rooted pride, knowledge, and love for wildlife. This film encapsulates that passion from the perspective of George Osono, a guide in Mara North Conservancy, who completely embodies this spirit o...

  • RESTORATION NATION short film watch, 7min., Documentary

    The Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe keeps the health of the natural resources in mind when approaching sustainable development projects that benefit both the tribe and the surrounding community.

  • THE LOST JEWS OF PAKISTAN short film watch, 12min., Documentary

    Imagine a scenario where a teenage boy's compassion shines through for a religious community that was forgotten, transforming a neglected graveyard into a place of beauty and solace. That's the heartwarming story we captured in our documentary: The Lost Jews of Pakistan. It's a tale that will in...

  • THE GREAT BASIN! short film watch, 15min., Documentary/Environmental

    Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Desert

    The Great Basin! Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Desert is a film, book and print project that addresses climate change, the severe drought in the Western United States, gun culture, the military’s use of the basin and range ...

  • WILD TERRITORY short film watch, 27min., Documentary/Environmental

    Wild Territory explores the relationship between a daring wildlife photographer, Etienne Littlefair, and the vast freshwater ecosystems that define Australia's far north. From free-diving in murky water to find crocodiles and rare turtles, to spending days on end staking out drying riverbeds for ...

  • EXTINGUISH THE BURNERS AND LIGHT UP LIFE short film watch, 30min., Documentary

    Pablo Fajardo, the renowned environmental lawyer who managed to bring down the North American transnational Chevron (formerly Texaco), shows us his world of commitment for the rights of an Amazonian population affected by oil activities. Together with the activist Donald Moncayo and the Union of ...

  • SURVIVAL, 6min., UK, Documentary

    The year 2022, which has just passed, was a tough year for the world, and it was also a challenging year for the UK. The energy crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine war, the following economic crisis, the pound's fall, global warming... All of this affects everyone in the world.

    In the UK, many s...