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  • RENAISSANCE short film, USA, Black & White/Music/Experimental

    The sensuality of being alone.

    Directed by Victoria Lacoste, Penelope Caillet

    Director Statement
    The world is full of love stories. But the most important one of them all is the one that is the least told. Int...

  • CROSS, 16min., USA, Drama / LGBTQ+

    A Korean immigrant mom in the US goes through a journey against her religious faith to embrace her only son who is discovering his sexual orientation.

    Writer/Director: Hyunjin Lee

    Cast: Cindy Choi, Vinh Nguyen, Bomin Kim, Ja Eun Koo, Jason Tian

    Director Statement

    Who can easily say what is ri...

  • BEING BLACK, 5min., UK, Documentary / LGBTQ+

    Wayne is a proud black, Afro-Caribbean, gay man living in the UK. His father was also a proud man, moving to the UK in the 1950's was his duty to the 'father country'.

    For Wayne being a UK citizen now doesn't make him proud and is a different story.

    Director Statement
    Having lived with an Afro-...

  • caprice x2 short film, 4min., Animation/Experimental

    forms and gestures, situations over a copy (is_t) existance. marks and notes happening while light resounds.

    Directed by Claudia Ungersbäck

  • PASSAGE short film, 2min., Australia, Animation/Experimental

    A surreal and expressionistic animation. A painted female figure steps through a doorway, undergoing a surreal exploration of body and identity, whilst being confronted with distortions of herself. Digitally painted frame by frame animation.

    Produced by...

  • Naïade short film, 11min., Canada, Dance/Black & White

    Naïade is a reflection on the ways image and self-perception have changed in a post #MeToo era. What do we keep and what do we shed? Using the water as a feedback loop and the haunting music of Beatrice Deer and Jace Lasek, Naïade dives into the depths of consciousness. (Please watch the film wi...

  • BETWEEN THE BALANCE, 4min., USA, Dance/Experimental

    choreography by Nicole Kadar & Dancers - while editing a full length dance concert I added a filter to give the dance a particular look & feel. but what happened next was something I rarely do. I used a mirror effect and it divided & repeated half the frame. which gave the piece a more abstract &...

  • POSITIVE short film, 2min., France, Experimental

    POSITIVE is a film and photo series starring three people with special skin conditions. Putting a spotlight on albinism and vitiligo through negative editing , the project aims to raise awareness of these skin conditions and the multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination those with albinis...

  • SURPRISE ROBBERY short film, 3min., Chili, Crime

    In broad daylight, in downtown, a man steals another's briefcase, starting a chase. In the nearby streets, another guy is riding a bicycle. The fate of these three men will cross, changing their lives forever.

    Directed by David G. Morgan


    Director Biography -...

  • EAT JEREMY short film, 10min., Comedy/Black & White

    A couple in an early post apocalyptic world discuss whether to eat their dead best friend Jeremy or not.

    Writer/Director: Sam South

    Cast: Sam South, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Ryan Early

  • I AM ODD short film, 4min., UK, Animation/Black & White

    Benjamin Giroux, a 10 year old autistic boy from New York, wrote a poem called "I Am Odd" for a school project. The poem went viral and It inspired this song using Ben's lyrics. A talented young 2D animator, Rory Russell, was approached to tell Ben's story in a simple animated music video to help...

  • NO WOMAN, 3min., Afghanistan, Experimental

    There is a world beyond our world, when it comes to a decision, there is always a big NO to WOMEN. in this case majority suffers from it but only few women take the risk and fights for it


  • AN OPEN LETTER short film, UK, Black & White/Family/Drama

    In 1950s London, two brothers reunite after their mom has been hospitalized. Will they be able to break through their communication barriers and become the family they need?

    Directed by Omri Dayan

    Produced by Jonathan Thompson

    Cast: Jordan Samuel Jackson, Talan Cracknell

    Director Statement

  • THE SILENT WILLOW, 15min., USA, Black & White, Documentary

    Uterine fibroids affect Black women three times more than any other race. After being diagnosed, the filmmaker sets out to explore health inequities and find out why some Black women are as silent as the growth.

    Directed by Taylor-Alexis Gillard

  • ALWAYS THE SUN short film, 9min., UK, Experimental / Black & White

    A short film based on a poem: always the sun by Keith Sargent. Wilderness, illness and the great British cretinocracy.

    Key Cast: Lindsay Seers

    Director Biography - Keith Sargent
    90138894a9 headshot
    Keith Sargent lives and works o...

  • LIGHT YEARS short film, 5min., Experimental/Crime

    Since the beginning of modern cinema, viewers and critics alike have been transfixed by light contrasted with darkness. This interplay of light and dark was typical of film noir, a metaphor of good and evil in plots that featured crime, detectives, and mystery. We celebrate this genre through a s...

  • ROOFTOP INTERMISSION, 9min., USA, Romance / Black & White

    Seeking a momentary respite from the strains of life in 2020, two strangers from the same building end up on a roof together and make a socially distant connection. (Shot on a mobile phone by the sheltering-in-place cast.)

  • THE MEETING short film, 7min., USA, One Shot, Black & White Comedy

    A lowly office worker encounters unrelenting pressure from his co-workers to lead a meeting he is not prepared for.

    Directed by Kevin Hart, Steef Sealy

    Cast: Mark Shonsey, Eric Mather, Abby Boes, John Ashton, Riley Holmes, Jenna Moll Reyes, Max Cabot, Rick

    Director Statement
    A Kafkaesque tale ...

  • BIRTHDAY BOY short film, 10min., USA, Black & White/Horror

    An abusive dad gets his just desserts on his birthday.

    Directed by Dan Sellers

    Written by Alexander Julian

    Producers: Dan Sellers, Alexander Julian, Sammie Cassell

    Cast: Vince Eisenson, Kelsi Chandler

  • PORTRAITS OF INCANTAION, 7min., Experimental/Black & White

    a film by Taso Papadakis and Robyn Nisbet

    performed, choreographed and co-produced by Robyn Nisbet

    photographed directed, edited and co-produced by

    Taso Papadakis,

    original musical score by Emile de Leon / Temple Sounds,

    About the work: ...