The "best scene" take from features and TV pilots of winning screenplays.

  • FEMALE Festival Best Scene: MOTHER SUPERIOR, by James W Gould (interview)

    In 1350s Florence, an insecure nun unwillingly becomes the Mother Superior after the Plague kills the leaders of her nearly bankrupt convent. To save her convent, she must find the strength to confront the male dominated Church, Guilds and civil authorities, and her own demons.



  • DIVERSITY Festival Best Scene: NO ADDRESS, by Julia Verdin, James Papa

    A group of homeless people bond together as a family, struggling to survive the streets while fending off a harassing gang, an unforgiving community and the local authorities in hopes of finding their humanity again.

    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Jimmy: Steve Rizzo
    Liz: Kyana Teresa


  • COMEDY Festival BEST Scene Script: FEELING JUNG, by Lauren Kettler (interview)

    Tara and Glen can't afford a divorce so they take week's vacation, with 10-year-old son Ned in tow, to find new, better-heeled spouses.


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Tatiana: Kyana Teresa
    Glen: Steve Rizzo

    Get to know the screenwriter:

    1. What is your screen...

  • COMEDY Festival Best Scene Reading: DRAG ME TO CHRISTMAS, by Tennessee Martin

    When Scrooge-like tech-whiz, Chip Webber, finds out that her mother has passed away a few days before Christmas, she begrudgingly returns to her small hometown after a decade away to pay her respects. Upon learning she has inherited her mother’s pride and joy, a dilapidated community recreation c...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival BEST Scene: ALL THE COOL KIDS, by Jennifer C Clark (interview)

    A closeted teen football star, Harley Harris, discovers his friends and fellow townsfolk are being replaced by demonic shapeshifters, and he is next! Together with, out and proud friend, Tessa, Harley must break the demon's curse before his identity and life are lost forever.



  • ROMANCE Festival BEST Scene: The Highwayman, by Patrick Norman (interview)

    A deep and all-consuming romance set in eighteenth-century England between a highwayman and a landlord’s daughter tests their love, loyalty, and willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice.

    Logline: He met her on life’s darkest road, and her soul became his moon.


    Narrator: Hannah ...

  • SCI-FI/FANTASY Festival Best Scene Reading: Simulation, by Peter Jang

    In the near future, a man practices for a date with his dream girl by running simulations indistinguishable from reality.


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Grayson: Steve Rizzo
    Frank: Sean Ballantyne
    NPC CHEVELLE: Kyana Teresa

  • SCI-FI/FANTASY Festival Best Scene Reading: Saviours, by Guy Ducker

    An alien force, having occupied Earth to save us from corrupt governments and fix our broken climate, appoints Claire Burgess—an honest but inexperienced Green Party MP—as interim Prime Minister of the UK. Meanwhile, Trevor Daunt—a disgraced minister on the run—founds a resistance movement aiming...

  • FEMALE Festival Best Scene: The Electric Eye by Kimberly Butler, Marissa Lessman

    A middle aged woman finds herself convicted of murder in the 1930’s. She is sent to an all male prison in deep Southern Illinois to await her fate for a crime she may not have committed. Based on true events.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Marie: Kyana Teresa
    Young Roberta: Hannah Ehman


  • FEMALE Festival Best Scene Reading: Ready to Mingle, by Olivia Belluck

    Ready to Mingle follows Dr. Millie Ward, a defensive self-help columnist for the clickbait-dependent news site Nova Press. Millie thrives on applying her analytical mind to patients she cannot see, snuggled in sweaters that ensure that no one can ever see her. After a lifetime of being told she w...

  • ASIAN Festival Best Scene Reading: The Pear Tree, by Hong Zhou

    Dong Sheng and Mei Ning’s cherished family pear tree bursts out in buds and blossoms, only to be wrecked by their friendly new neighbors. Heartbroken, they strive to help the tree heal and thrive, while at the same time feeling through a season of recovering from the incident themselves.

    CAST LI...

  • DRAMA Festival Best Scene Reading: TERROR AND VIRTUE, by Ernest Pysher

    A young, ambitious idealist returns home from war to find his king and country on the brink of ruin - and ripe for positive reform - until a bankrupt alcoholic becomes the unlikely leader of the movement instead and all hell breaks loose. The incredible true story of the French Revolution.

    CAST ...

  • CRIME/MYSTERY Best Scene Reading: LENA'S RULES, by Ken Comer



    Narrator: Val Cole
    Paz: Kyana Teresa
    Lena: Hannah Ehman
    Deputy Chief Man: Steve Rizzo
    Lt. Mann: Sean Ballantyne

  • Toronto Comedy Festival Script Reading: SUPERLATIVE PICKLEBALLS!, by Dan Beeman

    When disgraced former tennis champion loses his job, home, and mother on the same day, he must reinvent himself by reuniting with his former rival to compete in Pickleball tournaments for money as teammates to pay off debts. Living in an old RV while traveling across the country, they discover th...

  • DIVERSITY Best Scene Reading: Esperanza, by David Christopher Loya

    In 1973 L.A., a spirited Chicano family rock band is discovered by an ambitious record exec. Catapulted on a rollercoaster journey from the barrios to pop stardom, they must rely upon their heart, talent, and street smarts if they’re to survive the prevalent racism, intolerance, sexual predation,...

  • Toronto Comedy Festival Script Reading: SUPERLATIVE PICKLEBALLS!, by Dan Beeman

    When disgraced former tennis champion loses his job, home, and mother on the same day, he must reinvent himself by reuniting with his former rival to compete in Pickleball tournaments for money as teammates to pay off debts. Living in an old RV while traveling across the country, they discover th...

  • THRILLER/SUSPENSE Festival Script Reading: MAKWA, by Johnny Cole

    A free-spirited indigenous bounty hunter teams up with her ‘by the book’ detective father and their robot sidekick to catch a killer and heal: themselves, each other, and the planet.

    In a near-dystopian future, Alaska Rainmaker, a Native American bounty hunter still troubled by her mother's murd...

  • Female Festival Script Reading: TEN TO MIDNIGHT, by M Mantero De las Casas

    Dead set on her environmental mission, a quixotic civil servant assembles a ragtag team of multinational oddballs to fight the system from within


    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Luiza: Hannah Ehman
    Mara: Kyana Teresa

  • POLITICAL Festival Best Scene Reading: HAMMER AND NAILS, by Lowell Williams

    What if someone when into the seminary to bury his own anger? Jonathan Daniels stumbles into the Civil Rights movement and finds himself face to face with moments that viciously try and pierce his peaceful personality. Based on a true story, he joins Stokely Carmichael and other Black activists d...

  • LGBTQ+ Best Scene Reading: OFFSIDERS, by Kate Holland, Marlowe Mitchell

    Get to know the writers:

    1. What is your screenplay about?

    Playing with the old-as-time concept of the genderbending sports romcom (She's The Man, Ladybugs), Offsiders sees Max dressing up as a boy in order to take her gay best friend's place on the boys' soccer team. The story then takes a dis...

  • FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival BEST Scene Reading: Condolexia, by Allison Hanna

    In the eternally twilit city of Condolexia, 18 year old human Brian Marlowe befriends 18 year old vampire Jeremy Liu. But their new friendship is threatened by Brian's family legacy of vampire hunting, a series of vampire attacks in the city, and Brian's own budding conflicted feelings about Jere...

  • CRIME/MYSTERY Festival BEST Scene Reading: A Death In The Family, by Alex Surowitz

    Former detective August Cavett and his new wife Elizabeth return from their honeymoon to learn that Elizabeth's father has died. Now the family matriarch is threatening to cut ties with the rest of the family and keep the inheritance. When she ends up dead, the Cavetts are reluctantly drawn into ...

  • HORROR Festival BEST Scene Reading: Cannibal Mukbang, by Aimee Mayumi Kuge

    Mark, a nerdy introvert, falls into the dark and twisted world of a mysterious mukbanger named Ash after she accidentally hits him with her car.


    Narrator: Steve RIzzo
    Ash: Julie Sheppard
    Mark: Allan Michael Brunet

  • DRAMA Festival BEST Scene Reading: Chaos In Paradise, by Jay Paul Smith

    Tim and Becky Smith, a salt-of-the-earth, blue-collar couple, become foster parents in their opioid ravaged, rust-belt town, battling dysfunction, poverty, and addiction in order to save foster children, who, but for the grace of God, could have been their own. "Our family's chaos could be some c...