The "best scene" take from features and TV pilots of winning screenplays.

  • DIVERSITY Festival Best Scene Reading: DELULU, by Adam Jay Ung (interview)

    A Korean-born, American-raised K-pop idol working on the release of her solo debut track in Seoul, struggles with the language and cultural differences while dealing with a crazed stalker who’s dangerously obsessed with her.


    Narrator: Sean Ballantyne

  • DIVERSITY Fest Scene: Heroes, Just For One Day, by Salvatore Riggio (inter.)

    While on vacation with his family in Disney World, Johnny, a FDNY Firefighter (along with the rest of America) receives word of the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. He is not there with his fellow man and the guilt eats at him for years in the aftermath. Through a...

  • BEST SCENE Reading: AHOY FOR JOY, by Keith Reilly

    Amidst unrest in 1970s Belfast, troubled teenager Michael meets Dutch tourist Anna, and a whirlwind romance begins. Anna is enchanted with the Ireland Michael showcases in his letters, but he is shielding her from the truth. As Michael’s recovery from the trauma of his childhood progresses, event...

  • BEST SCENE Reading: Down At The Val, by Neil Goodchild

    The grandson of a golf course owner loses his job and has to return to the course, where his grandfather and two surprising new employees inspire him to try and help save it from bankruptcy.


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Lazenby: Steve Rizzo
    Nate: Sean Ballantyne

  • COMEDY Festival Best Scene: The Favorite Haunt, by Edward Hicklin

    With a bond formed from their shared love of scary movies, a group of young boys discover an abandoned mansion whose secrets surpass those of any film.


    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Hobo #1: Steve Rizzo
    Hobo #2: Sean Ballantyne

  • Winning COMEDY Festival Best Scene: LETHAL WEAPONS, by Adam Hopwood

    Disillusioned with his day job as an engineer, Ken Hammer fights to be accepted in the offbeat world of professional swordsmithing.


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Ken: Geoff Mays
    Forwoman: Val Cole
    Hr Woman: Elizabeth Rose Morriss

  • LA LGBTQ+ Festival Best Scene: REQUIEM FOR A BANTAMWEIGHT, by Enrique Berumen

    Bantamweight boxer Alfonso 'Panama' Brown, the first Latin American world champion, gains fame and fortune while living a torrid love affair with poet Jean Cocteau in 1930's France; until the Nazis goose-step into Paris.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Cocteau: Geoff Mays
    Al: Steve RIzzo

  • Winning ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival Best Scene: Scapegoat, by Richard Geiwitz

    An ex-cop dodges criminal charges in the town she had worked, only to get caught up in controversy in another when the opportunistic thieves she accuses, turn up dead.


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Cervantes: Val Cole
    Markie: Elizabeth Rose Morriss

  • Winning ROMANCE Festival Best Scene: MAPLE GROVE, by Richard Telesca

    An old-fashioned love story where in 1953, the lives of two people in search of true love and happiness seem to be headed in opposite directions until they come together in the little town of Maple Grove and discover that everything in life happens for a reason.


    Narrator: Val Cole

  • Winning CRIME/MYSTERY Festival Best Scene: CONCEPTUS, by Brian Herskowitz

    Homicide Detective Laura Drummond, a survivor of a brutal assault in her youth, must track down a serial killer that's tied to her past.

    Writer Statement
    CONCEPTUS is currently a 5-star reviewed novel on Amazon. The story began as a screenplay, and then when Covid was in full swing, I expanded ...

  • DIVERSITY Festival Scene: Injustice! Ex Parte Crow Dog, by Christopher Manydeeds

    Injustice! United States vs Tribes is a TV anthology series about Federal Indian Law in dynamic US Supreme Court decisions. The series will address how the United States and Tribes decided the course of history through a hostile court system. Ex Parte Crow Dog is about a why the Federal governmen...

  • DRAMA Festival Best Scene: Paths We Lead, by Sandon Yahn (interview)

    An aspiring screenwriter who struggles to support his family becomes successful after he uses a mysterious writing software that alters reality. But, with that comes a price that he never imagined he'd have to pay.


    Narrator: Kyana Teresa
    Richard: Steve Rizzo
    Brad: Geoff Mays


  • ANIMATION Festival Best Scene: BREAKDOWN: UFO, by Noel Quick

    AAA for UFOs


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Lorz: Geoff Mays
    Bigfoot: Shawn Devlin
    Fllrp: Kyana Teresa

  • LATINO Fest: El Cuento De Mi Papa (The Story of my Father), by Alejandro Lalinde

    When a naive D.A.C.A. single young father gets unexpectedly deported to a country he’s never been, he must at all costs journey back illegally despite crooks and cartels and a desolate rugged desert to reunite with his estranged daughter before his family is ultimately separated.



  • ROMANCE Festival Best Scene: Astral Flames, by Nicolas James

    A lonely, yet content young woman helps navigate a connection-deprived young man through the astral dimension while trying not to be detected by an ominous spirit.


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Chase: Sean Ballantyne
    Violet: Kyana Teresa

  • Thriller/Suspense Festival: HENRY'S STARE, by A.M. Vasquez

    After her stalker goes missing and is presumed dead, Violet McBride's dreams suggest that he may still be alive, threatening to shatter her newfound peace.


    Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
    Violet: Kyana Teresa
    Rachel: Hannah Ehman
    Ben: Shawn Devlin

  • TV Festival Best Scene: PALADIN, by Mark Andrew Pogodzinski

    Paladin is a gun for hire in the new west in 1800. His current task is to collect Caleb Barnes and deliver him to justice. The Barnes Gang attacked a wealthy ranch, killing several people and burning the house to the ground. Paladin kills the gang with little difficulty, taking time to explain to...

  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival Best Scene: THE GOD MACHINE, by Michael J Bowler

    Using an antique machine, a grieving boy hopes to apologize to his deceased mother, but instead unleashes an interdimensional being that wreaks havoc in San Francisco. With the aid of his detached father, some friends, and a tough female detective, he determines to stop the creature, even at the ...

  • SCI-FI/FANTASY Festival Best Scene: Mysterious Island, by Don Thompson


    Narrator: Shawn Devlin
    Lisa: Kyana Teresa
    Laura: Hannah Ehman

  • LGBTQ+ Festival Best Scene: The Xenakis Family, by Spiro Skentzos

    A mid-career stop-motion animator struggles balance his work with his family's demands to run their restaurant.

    Narrator: Julie Sheppard
    Greg: Shawn Devlin
    Theo: Steve Rizzo
    Marvin: Sean Ballantyne

  • LGBTQ+ Festival: Good Pussy: The Anatomy of a Crazy Cat Lady, by Bree Wyrd

    When a suicidal comedian is involuntarily hospitalized by her family, her ride-or-die drag queen BFF, and her unorthodox psychiatrist devise a plan to break her out, recover her eight cats, and help her to discover her reasons to live.

  • WILDsound Festival Best Scene: Snail Miller Criminal Confessions, by Tony Faria

    Introducing "Snail Miller: Criminal Confessions," a razor-sharp satire that takes a hilarious jab at the world of crime-solving television.

    Follow the adventures of SNAIL MILLER, Toronto's most unorthodox serial killer tracker, as he spearheads the RCMP's groundbreaking Victims Confessions Unit....

  • DIVERSITY Festival TV Best Scene: THUNDERSTORM, by Maria Mathis (interview)

    This eight-episode limited series is about the turbulent life, death, and afterlife of Henry "Stormy" O'Dell, a biracial escaped slave with paranormal abilities. Set in Gold Rush California, Henry's mission is to stop a serial killer as he struggles to avoid forfeiting his soul to a demon who has...

  • DIVERSITY Best Scene Reading: FOLKTALE, by Donald Holmes Lewis, Ziggy Dantzler

    When four young siblings spend a summer weekend at their grandmother’s home in the projects of Pawtucket, they listen to ghostly stories from the past but find themselves trapped in a dangerous and mysterious folktale of their own... with a fortune in slave trader gold at stake that can save the ...