The "best scene" take from features and TV pilots of winning screenplays.

  • LGBTQ+ Festival Best Scene: GUN, by Dana M St. Amand (interview)

    When a private detective goes missing, his gun comes to life with the task of finding him.

    Get to know the writer:

    1. What is your screenplay about?

    A. I have a hard time answering this question deeper than the log line because I don't want to give away the ending. At it's most surface level,...

  • Best Scene Reading: THE STYLITE, by Shane Hallawa

    Teresa Amadei is a young stylite, a wandering, ascetic demon hunter, trained in the Way of Fire. Her teacher, Father Simon, a Byzantine martial artist monk, sends her on a journey to the city of Alexantine in the Midwestern US, where many are moving to escape the growing chaos in the world. Along...

  • Best Scene Reading: SPEAK MONKEY SPEAK, by Steve Mikals (interview)

    Will two chimps type Shakespeare? A pot smoking visionary enlists a struggling book shop owner in a screw-loose plan to jumpstart Evolution. Against long odds and a couple of Mob loan sharks, the rewards are higher consciousness, human speech, and a Nobel Prize for Literature.



  • Best Scene Reading: NO WORDS, by Frank Borne (interview)

    With the exception of Grace Hart, students of Lexington Academy perform tunes at a fall concert. When she's suspended, her divorced parents, Adam and Emma, squabble over the cause of her mutism. The Harts have attempted to put their divorce behind them, each with younger lovers, Emma with hunky O...

  • Best Scene Readling: LIFE SONG, by Christine M. Knight


    Narrator: Geoff Mays
    Trevor: Steve Rizzo
    Marg: Hannah Ehman
    Mavis: Val Cole

  • Best Scene Reading: GO YOUR WAY IN SAFETY, by Art Blum

    A socially awkward teen with the psychic ability to channel spirits must confront the sinister government agency exploiting his powers, all while a looming extraterrestrial threat puts him and his loved ones in mortal danger.


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Stary Rover: Steve Rizzo
    Teddy ...

  • Best Scene Reading: BROKEN SANDWICHES, by Fernando Mattos

    Antonio wants to be the next host of his high school’s TV morning show. But imagine a senior who is an immigrant from Brazil with cerebral palsy, whose speech is slurred and who can barely stay standing still in front of the camera.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Roberto: Steve Rizzo

  • BEST Scene Reading: AMERICAN LIBERTY, by Wade F. Wilson

    In a daring tale of friendship and perilous adventure, William Grimes, an African-American man with the remarkable ability to pass for white, assumes the role of master to aid his friend Paterson, a free black man masquerading as his servant, on a courageous journey across the South to rescue Pat...

  • FANTASY/SCI-FI Best Scene: STORMHEART, by Meshal Alsaleem

    In a near future where scientists have developed a cure for aging, a cop-turned-convict is released from prison to help solve a murder case involving an anti-aging agency.


    Narrator: Geoff Mays
    Laura: Hannah Ehman
    Solomon Reed: Steve Rizzo

  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene: PRIDE, by Eliot Ashton Hutchins (interview)

    Noah is a self destructive Drag Queen. Ethan is a closeted, quiet College professor. But the chemistry is instant. Together they must overcome their issues so they can have their happily ever after.


    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Noah: Hannah Ehman
    Velour: Julie Sheppard

  • FAMILY Festival BEST Scene TUKI THE TIGER by Alexis Krasilovsky & Shameen Akhtar

    Against a backdrop of poachers, a cyclone and the war for Bangladesh's independence, a timid young tiger has to learn to fight to reunite her family.


    Narrator: Geoff Mays
    Grandmother Tuki: Hannah Ehman
    Tuki: Julie Sheppard
    Anni: Elizabeth Rose Morriss


  • BEST Scene Reading: WATERSHED WOE, by Aditi Kumar

    When her apartment building’s water runs out during a terrible heatwave, a young Indian woman must unite her angry neighbors with the building’s privileged, yet most wasteful resident to save what’s left - just so she can finally flush her toilet.


    Narrator: Steve Rizzo
    Mrs. Sinha: ...

  • BLACK Festival 1st Scene: OLVIDADO, by D.B. Roderick

    "Olvidado" is a compelling departure from the norm, inspired by real-life events. The story unfolds through the experiences of four distinct individuals: Nyles Silva, an esteemed African American documentarian renowned for his gripping television work; Alejandra Sanchez, a Mexican American Border...

  • HORROR Best Scene: BETTER ATE THAN NEVER, by Jason Summerfield, Angel Garcia

    Ben goes on a business trip with his boss Lloyd and his coworker Jennifer to visit Lloyd’s investor Madame Beatrice. Ben and Teri, Madame Beatrice’s granddaughter, fall in love during a fight tournament and plan to marry. But Ben discovers that they are a family of cannibals who eat their husband...

  • BEST Scene Reading: PLACE YOUR BETS, by Andy Powell & Jan Scott


    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Travis: Steve Rizzo
    Lou: Hannah Ehman)
    Mark: Geoff Mays

  • Best Scene Reading: HEATHER & JAFFE, by Gabe Shelly

    A superhero woman struggles to deal with her lover's cancer diagnosis.


    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Mr. Scott: Steve Rizzo
    Heather: Hannah Ehman

  • BEST Scene Reading: DEPRAVED, by Susannah Roberts (interview)

    When a masked killer starts mutilating students on a college campus it's up to two determined detectives to unmask the culprit before more innocent lives are lost. But not everyone is as innocent as they seem.


    Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
    Harper: Hannah Ehman
    Savannah: Elizabeth ...

  • BEST Scene Reading: Bait and Switch, by Ray Keller, Richard Schmidt

    When a bored and stifled home-baker housewife is kidnaped by the FBI because she resembles the missing girlfriend of a drug kingpin, she must escape and find that girlfriend in order to prove her own identity and innocence, or be killed.


    Narrator: Geoff Mays
    Supervisor Bradley: Ste...

  • BEST Scene Reading: THE WHITE FIELD, by Douglas Cole

    The White Field is a fast-paced journey of a man, Tom, fresh out of prison and trying desperately to rebuild his life. But he is caught by mysterious, unseen forces beyond his knowledge or control. After his release from prison, he is dropped back into the world in the wastelands of the city. In ...

  • BEST Scene Reading: Light Em Up, by Sami Garcia (interview)

    Based on the best-selling book about Officer Sam Harris, a bomb squad leader, and her team of experts as they race against the clock to save innocent live from a serial bomber, including their own. Our lead also happens to be a lesbian , navigating her way through a male dominant culture, inspire...

  • Best Scene Showcase: DETERIMINED, by Brian McCarthy

    After her music lesson, A YOUNG GIRL is molested by her music INSTRUCTOR. A young man witnesses the assault through a window.
    The sleezy music instructor returns home. As he sits in his basement, dappling in porn, he is over powered and strangled from behind with a wire.


    Narrator: ...

  • FEMALE Festival Best Scene: LIMINAL, by Sarah Jones (interview)

    Summary: After her mother kills herself, we go forward in time to see Adalia now with her own family struggles with the affects of PTSD and seeks help to understand her past with Dr Hugh.


    Narrator: Geoff Mays
    Adalia: Val Cole
    Robert: Steve Rizzo

    Get to know the writer:

    1. Wha...

  • HORROR Festival Best Scene: The Horrors of Hell House, by Tim Connery

    Horror/Comedy. In 1970, four actors come to an English manor house to rehearse a Hammer Horror-esque movie about devil worship, only to get caught up in the dark rituals of some genuine Satanists.


    Narrator: Geoff Mays
    Petra: Val Cole
    Stella: Hannah Ehman

  • FAN FICTION Festival: Bob's Burgers Spec, by Bethany Yoder, Kate Yoder

    Title: Word to the Pennywise

    After Louise trades 1000 Pennies for a $10 bill, she discovers that rare pennies can be very valuable. She enlists Gene and Tina to hunt down her traded pennies, but finds something more valuable than money. Meanwhile Bob and Teddy challenge the notion "you are what...