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  • HOUSE OF MYSTIC MAGIC short film watch, 4min., UK, Experimental/Fantasy

    In the House of Mystic Magic you will find all sorts. Creatures from Heaven to Hell and anything in between. Depicting a variety of scenarios all playing with the concept of the deadly sins, we showcase Mystic Magic’s fascination with dark, animalistic luxury couture. In today’s society more than...

  • DANCING HEART short film watch, Mexico, Romance documentary

    Lesbian love has always been a rebel act. But a relationship between two women, teenagers and feminist is pure anarchy. Dancing heart is a pathway over the time Luisa and Violeta have been together, how they have faced discrimination and how with courage and feminism they have hold to go on and g...

  • ANTISEMITE short film watch, 14min., Drama

    Seth, a college senior, is home for winter break. He’s spending a day relaxing and shopping on Fairfax Avenue when he’s suddenly confronted by an Orthodox Jewish man asking Seth if he’s Jewish. Seth’s chance encounter leads to a profound spiritual experience with life-changing implications.


  • WEEKEN AT JESUS' short film watch, 27min., Comedy

    Jesus's disciples cart around his dead body to get people to believe he rose from the dead so they can start a new religion.

    Directed by Barry Finnegan

    Cast: Joanna Cassidy, DaJuan Johnson

  • ANGEL NEGRO short film watch, 8min., Crime

    In "Angel Negro," Eduardo Zamora plays a skilled hitman who specializes in taking out troublesome husbands at the request of their wives. Based in Los Angeles, California, Angel is a highly sought-after assassin who operates in the shadows and has built a reputation for his discretion and efficie...

  • FREE SPEECH TO CANCEL CULTURE feature film watch, 95min., Comedy Documentary

    Ten veteran comedians and TV personalities share insightful, often hilarious tales of the comedy business and the shifting attitude(s) of audiences.

    Directed by William Davern

    Cast: Mark Crocker, Wes Zaharuk, Shannon Bell, Dave Hook, Mike Bullard, Jason Rouse, Mathew Disero, Ben Guyatt, Gene Qu...

  • AHORA SOMOS NOSOTRES short film watch, 10min., Dance

    “Ahora Somos Nosotres” was filmed in Castro, Chiloé, Chile amidst the natural and historic landmarks of the island. Three dancers awaken themselves to new surroundings as they venture into unknown territory. Accompanied by the music of Pájaros Kiltros, the dancers take a surprising journey in an ...

  • FOXES short film watach, 19min., Horror/Nature

    Guided by the cries of an unseen fox, prehistoric Man and Woman struggle to survive the harshness of their environment, sickness, birth, and death.

    Directed by Greg Poppa

    Produced by Sugey Cruz


  • A LOVE OF MY OWN short film watch, 27min.,

    A jilted woman seeks revenge, but only in her imagination which stops after she finds her true love.

    Directed by William LiPera

    Cast: Sarah Elizabeth Hewitt

  • REBOBA short film watch, 9min., Drama

    Josué, a Honduran man going through his first New York winter, struggles to stay afloat in the US, where the immigration and labor systems have stacked the cards against him, while keeping the connection with his wife and son.

    Film done at ...

  • EARLY RETIREMENT short film watch, 12min. Comedy/Drama

    A 30-something year old man, on the heels of a breakup with his boyfriend, moves in with his parents who live in a 55+ adult community. Through confronting his own insecurities and examining family relationships and dynamics, he's able to move forward.

  • BAGS short film watch, 29min., Comedy

    Jamie Gascoigne's daily routine is disrupted one morning by his roommate Korey in their living room, still up from the night before with his musician friend Brody. Despite his displeasure with this development, his passive aggressive nature prevents him from confronting the issue in any meaningfu...

  • MISSING YOU, 5min., Drama/Music Video

    A teenage girl visits a beach where she often went to as a child and reminisces about how things aren't the way they used to be.

    Directed by Anika Jensen

    Cast: Evelynn Posadas, Jaelynn Krahnke, Sven Jensen, Karin Jensen

    Done at the San Francisco Film School

  • MORNING GLORY short film watch, Drama

    A woman living with enormous loss, and a mysterious room full of plants, has her isolated existence punctuated by a maintenance worker who arrives to fix her TV. They spend a life changing day together, as they enter a space of ruthless honesty, where lies and performances are no longer needed, a...

  • PUMP IT short film watch, 8min. Comedy

    A humorous and heartfelt journey of a gym-obsessed bodybuilder (Jesse) struggling to recover from a broken heart. In an attempt to lift his spirits, his best mate (Blake) hatches an unconventional plan – a threesome, prompting Jesse to question the motives of his training partner. The film explor...

  • THE 17 (LAS 17) short film watch, 4min., Drama

    Based on a true story, a young and very pregnant Salvadorian woman finds herself handcuffed to a hospital bed after losing her child to miscarriage.

    Directed by Alyssa Carter

    Key Cast: Rosmery Solorzano

    Director Statement
    Las 17 i...

  • THE TUNNEL: Interview with a Monster short film watch, 24min., Horror/Crime

    Dr. Larry Levin, a convicted serial killer is brought to a black ops rendition site where he is to be "interviewed" by two government agents for his past crimes only to realize that some chupacabras have come to join them.

    Directed by David Llauger Meiselman

    Written by David Llauger Meiselman, ...

  • FLASH DRIVE short film watch, 12min., Russia, Comedy/Crime

    Three gangsters come to a man to take a flash drive with a lot of crypto. Pretty deep criminal comedy.

    Directed by Anton Mischenko

    Written by Anton Mischenko, Alexandr Potehin, Andrey Serov

    Cast: Eugeniy Bandurin, Roman Lide, Oleg Soloduhin, Alexey Bardash

  • LADY & THE VAMP short film watch, 5min., Comedy/Horror

    Two "creatures of the night" discover one of their own. Or have they?

    Writer/Director: Peter Alexander Stass

    Cast: Matthew Tarricone, Nikki Findel

    Director Statement
    I am a big fan of horror and comedy. They have some things in common, and when you bring the two together, it can be a beautiful...

  • I HATE MIRRORS short film watch, 6min., Drama LGBTQ+

    A narrative short film on the effects of negative self-perception. Mirrors don’t have to be a source of self-hatred, rather, they should be a reminder of one’s value, worth, and the inner beauty beyond what the mirror reflects back at us.

    Directed by Savanah Mears

    Star: Quanie

  • A STATE OF BLISS short film watch, 17min., Drama/Romance

    A user goes on a virtual, blind date to meet an individual that challenges their process of life and death.

    Writer/Director: Abriana Blount

    Cast: Zahnia Richardson, Carleigh May Ross, Fel Quinn

  • SUMMER FLAMINGO WINTER FLAMINGO short film watch, 3min., Experimental

    A man figuratively lives a double life as a Summer flamingo and a Winter flamingo. This is only part of his struggle of living with mental illness. As a Summer flamingo, he's vibrant, social, and expressive. As a Winter flamingo, he's sad, alone, and emotionally exhausted.

    Writer/Director: David...

  • MY MOTHER, MY SELF short film watch, 3min., Documentary

    It's December 1991 and a man tell his mother he's been diagnosed with HIV.

    Writer/Director/Star: Lary Campbell

    Director Statement
    With "My Mother, My Self" I hope to portray the emotional toll an HIV diagnosis took on an individual during the time before effective medication treatment was avail...

  • TAKEAWAY short film watch, 2min., UK, Comedy

    A couple can't decide what takeaway they want for dinner.

    Director/Writer: Joe McGowan

    Cast: Julian Lloyd Patten, Chloe Zeitounian