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  • FIELD DAY short film watch, 22min. Drama/Fantasy

    On his way to work one morning, a lonely widower pulls over to explore an empty field, and then discovers he can’t return.

    Directed by Kevin Hart

    Starring John C Ashton

  • THE STAMP short film watch, 10min., Comedy

    A satire on how to complete a task within government bureaucracy.

    Directed by Sharon Mayo

    CAST: Joe Hoenig, Gorby Mufan Shih, Katherine Burns, Nana Fobi Duffuor

  • MK-ULTRA short film watch, 3min., Black & White/Experimental

    A look into the MK-ULTRA experiments of the 1950's.

    Directed by Andrew Hooper

    Cast: Ian Foutz, James Frazee, Rick Boeck, James McGrath


  • KATH DUNCAN - THE UNTOLD STRUGGLE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS short film watch, Documentary

    A Documentary film about the life and activism of LGBTQ Scot Kath Duncan The most important Uk Civil rights leader past 100 years but almost forgotten in time until my Highly acclaimed stage play #liberty and my biography of Kath The Last Queen Of Scotland stage play Liberty


  • THE SHOW MUST GO ON short film watch, 6min., Documentary

    Is art "essential"? This is a story of how a multi-disciplinary artist of Chinese and Indian descent in New York survived the pandemic and attempts to "return to normal" when the world is now anything but.

    Directed by Fahim Hamid

  • GLOBAL CITIES FREE OF SLAVERY feature film, 56min., Documentary

    Global Cities Free of Slavery is a 52-minute documentary on modern slavery and the exploitation of labor in three different cities, located in different continents. Nottingham in the UK, Maputo in Mozambique and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

    Directed by Luiz Eduardo Lerina

    Director Statement
    It's a...

  • VIRTUALLY SINGLE short film watch, 15min., Romance/Drama

    It’s lockdown. Emboldened by red wine, a fortysomething woman braves her first Zoom date with a guy in snowy Montana. A short play devised through improvisation, VIRTUALLY SINGLE explores the tragicomic challenges of dating during the pandemic.

  • KAERU short film watch, 3min., Experimental/Black & White

    In search of the being of light within.

    Directed by Elias Djemil

    Director Statement
    Looking for the universal poetry of humanity is a lifelong search. Project by project I pursue this goal; each encounter, film and photograph brings me closer. We all have our own aspirations, ambitions, and res...

  • CAM GIRL: Season 1 Episode 2 TV show, 14min., Drama/Comedy

    Laura is a self-proclaimed "generic white girl" whose financial struggles force her to start a side hustle, leading her to discover the seductive and complex world of webcam modeling. Everyone has an OnlyFans - how hard can it be?

    Directed by Ian Gregory Trutt

    Cast: Samantha Lorin Charboneau, R...

  • #blacklivesmatter short film watch, 7min., Experimental/Music

    The struggle we face for racial equality has been ongoing for over 400 years. After so many lives have been lost due to systemic racism and police brutality, I penned a piece entitled #blacklivesmatter chronicling a few moments in our history. Unfortunately, in 2020, this piece is timely and more...

  • UNION MATER short film watch, Mexico, Experimental/Fantasy

    An afternoon where the experiences of three men and two women are interconnected. Through a lucid dream; the feeling for the death of an acquaintance; and to paint on tree plants.

    A man (Pedro) is contemplative in a forest, looks around and just thinks. Back at his house at night he goes to slee...

  • MIRTILLO - numerus I short film watch, 15min., Thriller/Fantasy/Mystery

    1346. The Black Death has arrived in Europe. Andruccio is fleeing his village Coccorone (Italy) in search of salvation. Among the woods and paths he meets a rather singular character who will accompany him to Triora, the 'village of witches', to find the cure.

    A metaphysical journey that will le...

  • STILL LIGHT short film watch, 3min., Experimental

    Still Light is an experimental short made of photographic stills. The film explores the relation of light to perception. It is entirely shot and edited on a mobile phone.

    Directed by Aparna Sharma

  • Anthology of nine souls on their way to death short film watch, Italy, 11min

    Andy the night watch was the cemetery gate keeper in Spoon river. He was overseeing the burial of all Spoon river residents. He was the silent observer of life in the small town, knowing everyone and their lives. He could see the good and bad, usually as they were intermixed after death. Having b...

  • BREATHE THE LIGHT short film watch, 6min., Musical Experimental

    Experimental and Psychedelic music video from the mind of Steven Clarkson. Blends Eastern and Western mysticism.

    Directed by Steven Wright Clarkson

  • METAMORFOSI short film watch, 5min., Canada, Musical Experimental

    A composer chooses to write music for "Alice in Wonderland" and by doing so accidentally opens a portal inside her piano, falls down the rabbit hole into the Wonderland and meets manifestations of different sides of her own character - Queen of Hearts and Jabberwocky.

  • THE MONSTER (Le Monstre) short film watch, 15min., Drama/Family

    Alice keeps drawing a monster that seems to terrify her. Everyone in the family has a different opinion about this monster.

    But what really is this monster?

    Directed by Gabriel Després

    Cast: Caroline Desormiers, Alexis Déziel, Anne-Sophie Millette

  • HOUSE OF MYSTIC MAGIC short film watch, 4min., UK, Experimental/Fantasy

    In the House of Mystic Magic you will find all sorts. Creatures from Heaven to Hell and anything in between. Depicting a variety of scenarios all playing with the concept of the deadly sins, we showcase Mystic Magic’s fascination with dark, animalistic luxury couture. In today’s society more than...

  • DANCING HEART short film watch, Mexico, Romance documentary

    Lesbian love has always been a rebel act. But a relationship between two women, teenagers and feminist is pure anarchy. Dancing heart is a pathway over the time Luisa and Violeta have been together, how they have faced discrimination and how with courage and feminism they have hold to go on and g...

  • ANTISEMITE short film watch, 14min., Drama

    Seth, a college senior, is home for winter break. He’s spending a day relaxing and shopping on Fairfax Avenue when he’s suddenly confronted by an Orthodox Jewish man asking Seth if he’s Jewish. Seth’s chance encounter leads to a profound spiritual experience with life-changing implications.


  • WEEKEN AT JESUS' short film watch, 27min., Comedy

    Jesus's disciples cart around his dead body to get people to believe he rose from the dead so they can start a new religion.

    Directed by Barry Finnegan

    Cast: Joanna Cassidy, DaJuan Johnson

  • ANGEL NEGRO short film watch, 8min., Crime

    In "Angel Negro," Eduardo Zamora plays a skilled hitman who specializes in taking out troublesome husbands at the request of their wives. Based in Los Angeles, California, Angel is a highly sought-after assassin who operates in the shadows and has built a reputation for his discretion and efficie...

  • FREE SPEECH TO CANCEL CULTURE feature film watch, 95min., Comedy Documentary

    Ten veteran comedians and TV personalities share insightful, often hilarious tales of the comedy business and the shifting attitude(s) of audiences.

    Directed by William Davern

    Cast: Mark Crocker, Wes Zaharuk, Shannon Bell, Dave Hook, Mike Bullard, Jason Rouse, Mathew Disero, Ben Guyatt, Gene Qu...

  • AHORA SOMOS NOSOTRES short film watch, 10min., Dance

    “Ahora Somos Nosotres” was filmed in Castro, Chiloé, Chile amidst the natural and historic landmarks of the island. Three dancers awaken themselves to new surroundings as they venture into unknown territory. Accompanied by the music of Pájaros Kiltros, the dancers take a surprising journey in an ...