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CONVERGENCE short film, audience reactions (with director interviews)

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  • CONVERGENCE short film, audience reac...

    CONVERGENCE, 7min., USA, Experimental
    Directed by Anahita von Andrian-Werburg, Maya Marzuki Peters
    Breaking a long slumber, a mysterious rope leads a soul through a decaying world as he attempts to connect with another.

    Director Statement
    Convergence grapples with fear, loss, and ultimately, con...

  • BEAT short film, audience reactions (...

    BEAT, 11min,. Canada, Experimental
    Directed by Martin Daigle, Sylvain Pohu
    To subject to repeated beatings or physical abuse, to strike against repeatedly and with force, To shape or break by repeated blows, to defeat or subdue, and many other meanings of the word beat is thematic content that in...

  • NATURE DREAMS short film, audience re...

    NATURE DREAMS, 25min,. Brazil, Experimental
    Directed by Ale Amendola
    Nature Dreams is a visual and sound dive in a fantastic nature. Exotic places, sounds and colors create an atmosphere of enigmatic beauty. An experience to.

    Director Statement
    Nature Dreams was filmed during two travels across ...