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BALLO DA SOLA short film, audience reactions (with director interview)

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  • BALLO DA SOLA short film, audience re...

    BALLO DA SOLA, 3min., Italy, Music Video

    Directed by Emma Scarafiotti
    We see Nica at a high-end tea party, looking slightly apathetic, before climbing under the table into a conceptual otherworld. She finds herself catapulted into this parallel dimension with her cat - her animal alter-ego - and...

  • SOLSTICE short film, reactions

    SOLSTICE, 3min., Canada, Music Video
    Directed by Miguel Raymond
    "Solstice" is a film that moves from light to darkness, opposes water and fire. In this stage of life, our choices influence our destiny, but it is a path that all must walk.

  • CONVERGENCE short film, audience reac...

    CONVERGENCE, 7min., USA, Experimental
    Directed by Anahita von Andrian-Werburg, Maya Marzuki Peters
    Breaking a long slumber, a mysterious rope leads a soul through a decaying world as he attempts to connect with another.

    Director Statement
    Convergence grapples with fear, loss, and ultimately, con...