Today's Film Festival

Today's Film Festival

Today's film festival showcasing new movies from around the world in various genres.

Today's Film Festival
  • UNDER 5 Minute Festival - July 14/15 event

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    M0D3RN T1M3Z, 30 seconds, USA
    Directed by Richard Thompson
    A machine comes to life in a 3D animation short inspired by Charlie Chaplin.

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  • DOC Film Festival: Best of SOCIETY Shorts Showcase. July 12/13

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    PEACE IN MY NIGHT, 13min., Canada
    Directed by Abigail Mascher
    "Peace in my Night" is a compelling documentary that follows the extraordinary life of Elsie Mascher, a woman whose unwavering faith in God guided her through the darkest chapters of World War II.


  • DOC Festival: ALL I EVER WANTED feature film. July 12/13 event

    ALL I EVER WANTED, 99min., USA
    Directed by Carlos P. Beltran
    All I Ever Wanted is a riveting 7-year journey through the high-stakes world of professional basketball, showcasing NBA icons like Kevin Durant, Kyle Lowry, and Manu Ginobili. This deeply personal documentary unveils the untold story of...

  • DOCUMENTARY Festival Showcase - DOC Shorts Event - July 10/11 event

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    THE ART OF WRITING, 18min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Hassan Hilliard, Trent Atkins, Shellsy Malveaux, Trey Tippens
    The Art of Writing highlights the most recent art installation by Daniel Anguilu; this film depicts the relationship of art to politics.


  • WILDsound EUROPEAN Showcase Festival - July 10/11 event

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    HOME SWISS HOME, 72min., Switzerland
    Directed by Geert Smets
    Mike, a defiant New Yorker, is left by his girlfriend Julie, who argues that he doesn't have the necessary means to provide for the future family she so desperately wants. Determined to win her back, he ...

  • WILDsound Feature Film Showcase: RESLIENT GENIUS. July 9/10 event

    Resilient Genius gives voice to children and
    youth affected by war, conflict, and political
    unrest. 13 children and youth immerse us in
    memories of Syria, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Rwanda,
    Afghanistan and Iraq, reflecting on their lives
    before, during, and after experiences of violence.
    Their raw recoll...

  • FANTASY/SCI-FI Shorts Festival - July 8/9 event

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    CLAIRE, 25min., USA
    Directed by Paul Ambe Ngang
    Committed to getting his crush to love him, Mark uses an AI to snoop into her private life; but when the AI unexpectedly develops love for him and spite for her, he must choose the AI or lose everything.


  • SCI-FI ANIMATION Festival - July 7/8 event

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    EYE OF JUPITER, 3min., Canada
    Directed by Roger Gallant
    Eye of Jupiter is a short animated film that follows a lost astronaut contemplating life while drifting in orbit above Jupiter.

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  • LGBTQ+ Shorts Festival - July 6/7 event

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    THE REMAINING SUNDAYS, 17min., Spain
    Directed by Manolo Pavon
    August 1993. Dani has just turned 13. His family moves to a house in the suburbs. The discovery of an abandoned box in his new closet takes Dani to Miguel, a much-needed example missing in his life.


  • LGBTQ+ Festival Feature Film Showcase: ARMERALD. South Korea

    ARMERALD, 85min., South Korea
    Directed by Guiom Lee
    19 year olds NOMOU, ZINGER AIR, HOSU, SEEK each have personal stories related to their aerophobia which doesn’t allow them to get on flights. In their efforts to overcome their fear, they meet SUPER TALLER, their aerophobia therapist also with t...

  • IF IT COULD HAPPEN TO ME, IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU - Female Fest Feature -July 3/4

    Directed by Gwendolyn G Cassady
    Our expository documentary helps raise awareness to the social implications of the currently unhoused.

  • EVA HALLER: A WORK IN PROGRESS - Female Festival Festival - July 2/3 event

    Directed by Jeanne Meyers
    A feature documentary a life time in making about the remarkable Eva Haller. She has touched the lives of women, children and artists around the world with her commitment to making every day count. At 93 she has survived just b...

  • FEMALE Director's Festival - Best of SHORTS - July 1/2 event

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    MELIORA, 20min,. Estonia
    Directed by Kristin Hildebrand
    Emma is a perfectionistic painter with a rich husband and great style. But it soon becomes clear that her perfect life is merely an illusion. Emma is forced to navigate self-doubt, jealousy and to face the dar...

  • Dippers in the Altai IV - Environmental Festival Feature - July 1/2 event

    In the course of his work as a wildlife conservation advisor to the Mongolian government, Andrew Laurie followed up on a childhood fascination with White-throated Dippers on the Teme near Ludlow, by finding out more about their lives in the Altai Mountains. Now resident in Cambridge, Andrew has m...

  • ENVIRONMENTAL Festival - June 29/30

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    (PLASTIK), 3min., Singapore
    Directed by Philip Rom
    View the plastic pollution crisis through the eyes and imagination of a child in South-East Asia, a major hotspot for plastic pollution. (PLASTIK) is the first short film made in Asia for audiences in Asia that uses...

  • WILDsound Showcase Shorts - June 28.29 event

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    EUPHORIA, 19min., Taiwan
    Directed by Hsiao-Tsun CHIU
    As nightfall cast shadows on their secrets, the woman schemes under the shroud of darkness, returning to the house to share her clandestine plans with her partner in crime. Yet, an otherworldly aura permeates the...