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TWITTER Short Story: No Funeral? by Perry Terrell

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TWITTER Short Story: Luck's Reality by William G Chandler Jr



  • TWITTER Short Story: No Funeral? by ...

    No Funeral? by Perry Terrell

    The conductors on the train lost my bird. They were trying to hide it so they wired ahead and had an exact one for me as I arrived. They gave me a live bird. My bird was dead.

  • TWITTER Short Story: THE CONDUITS by ...

    THE CONDUITS by Katy Chance

    Beautiful sociopaths, Callan & Damon (The Conduits), are wildly popular online mediums (LOL). Shun (GM) ensures social media colludes with their sociopathy. Corona made them uberfamous. Saying "you can’t get a real virus" via SMM, but online errors & a fatal offline o...

  • SHORT STORY Reading: Sadie, by Anna K...

    Escape the pens of the dog shelter with Sadie, the Saint Bernard and her friends in search of loving homes.

    Genre: Animation

    Narrator: Val Cole

    Get to know the writer:

    1. What is your short story about?

    My short story is about 4 dogs given up by their owners and put into a Dog shelter. The...