Watch trailers from short films that played at the the FEEDBACK Film Festivals.

  • Short Film Trailer: THE 8TH SIN. Directed by Uzair Merchant

    THE 8TH SIN, 4min., Canada
    Directed by Uzair Merchant
    Official Soundtrack Music video to the book published - The 8th Sin

  • Short Film Trailer: A BUMP IN THE NIGHT. Directed by Skyler Pinkerton

    Directed by Skyler Pinkerton
    Charlie and Lily are cousins, roomates, and best friends trying to embrace the spooky season with a horror movie marathon. Are they just high? Or is their paranoia legit?


  • Short Film Trailer: CATS AND HUSBANDS. Directed by Grace Samson, Barry Samson

    Directed by Grace Samson, Barry Samson
    We enter the story where two close friends, Fern and Marcie get together at a local coffee shop to celebrate a birthday. Fern has been going through two years of cycles of In Vitro, desperately trying to get pregnant but with no...

  • Short Film Trailer: MORNING AFTER. Directed by Elijah Chandler

    MORNING AFTER, 21min., USA
    Directed by Elijah Chandler
    "When a wild night ends rubbing shoulders with the LA mob, a directionless college grad has to get his friend out of danger, or it’ll be her blood on the streets next."


  • Short Film Trailer: DARB ZUBAIDA - A HIKING TRIP. Directed by Dunya Alatva

    DARB ZUBAIDA - A HIKING TRIP, 24min., Turkey
    Directed by Dunya Alatva
    "Darb Zubaydah" is an inspiring documentary film that chronicles the epic hiking trip of 150 individuals, led by retired Major General Abdul Aziz Al-Obaida, along the ancient pilgrims' trail known as "Darb Zubaydah." The advent...

  • Short Film Trailer: SPIRIT TRAVELER: Looking into the Past for a Better Future

    Directed by Sonja Grace

    Mystic Sonja Grace looks at the breaking point of two ancient cultures on opposite sides of the world and how their history can help us today. Her ability to Spirit Travel back in time gives a new perspective on the Hopi Indians from Northern Arizona and the Celtic people...

  • Trailer: HOW DO YOU FALL OUT OF LOVE WITH COUNTRY MUSIC?. Dir by Shyamala Moorty

    Directed by Shyamala Moorty
    She just wants to sing country and western on stage, but it's not easy for a South Asian-American in the deep south where every audience is a hostile one. “How Do You Fall Out of Love with County Music” is a ...

  • Short Film Trailer: BEYOND THE DOOR. Written by P. James Norris

    BEYOND THE DOOR, 12min., USA
    Directed by Gregory Klino, MJ Palo
    When a man buys a cuckoo clock for his wife, he discovers that there is more behind the cuckoo's door than just the cuckoo.

  • Short Film Trailer: METAMORFOSI. Music Short. Directed by Arty Sandler

    METAMORFOSI, 5min., Canada
    Directed by Arty Sandler
    A composer chooses to write music for "Alice in Wonderland" and by doing so accidentally opens a portal inside her piano, falls down the rabbit hole into the Wonderland and meets manifestations of different sides of her own character - Queen of ...

  • Short Film Trailer: ILLUSION, 5min. Poland. Directed by Jacek Jędrzejczak

    ILLUSION, 5min., Poland

    Illusion - distorted interpretation of existing external stimuli. They also occur in healthy people and is not a psychopathological symptom.

  • Short Film Trailer: Lil' RED is RIDING the wrong way in the HOOD!

    Lil' RED is RIDING the wrong way in the HOOD!, 8min., USA
    Directed by Venus Jones
    This short film with a long title is a Hip Hop twist on a classic cautionary tale starts with an adventurous little boy getting lost on the wrong side of town. Childhood labor and public safety may sound like heavy ...

  • Short Film Trailer: VARIANCE PROPAGATION. Directed by Brian Alexander

    Directed by Brian Alexander
    “Variance Propagation” is an ongoing exploration in observation, meditation, and artistic research. Why do we stare and slowly decompress at the sight of light on water, a distant flock of birds or an empty bag hovering in an alley ? Th...

  • Short Film Trailer: IF I WERE A PONY. Directed by Leonard Eckhaus

    IF I WERE A PONY, 4min., USA
    Directed by Leonard Eckhaus
    If I Were a Pony by Leonard Eckhaus is the story of a boy and his pony told from the Pony's perspective. The pony and the boy share many adventures. They ride across streams; they ride with friends and sometimes they just enjoy each other’s...

  • Short Film Trailer: I AM KANAKA. Directed by Genevieve Sulway

    I AM KANAKA, 15min., UK
    Directed by Genevieve Sulway
    Despite a dark history, a local Hawaiian hero fights to save his culture by teaching language, sustainability and life skills to disadvantaged kids.

  • Short Film Trailer: TRACES OF MEMORY. Directed by Jody Jaress

    Directed by Jody Jaress
    A woman's mind fractured, and what happens when she no longer can differentiate between her reality ... and the truth.

  • Short Film Trailer: SAGARMATHA NEXT. Directed by Martin Ivar Edström

    SAGARMATHA NEXT, 12min., Sweden
    Directed by Martin Ivar Edström
    A small organization of local Sherpa set out to solve the problem of waste management around Mt. Everest. Facing an explosive expansion of tourism in the last few decades, they work to turn the tide of trash and plastic from the moun...

  • Short Film Trailer: GUMMIES. Directed by Renetta G. Amador

    A tomboy transforms the gender trappings of her childhood to show her cruel mother how sugar and spice don’t equal nice.

  • Short Film Trailer: WILD TERRITORY. Directed by Samuel Steiner Riley

    Wild Territory explores the relationship between a daring wildlife photographer, Etienne Littlefair, and the vast freshwater ecosystems that define Australia's far north. From free-diving in murky water to find crocodiles and rare turtles, to spending days on end staking out drying riverbeds for ...

  • Short Film Trailer: ARMED WITH A DILDO. Directed by Karuna Tanahashi

    Directed by Karuna Tanahashi
    When Dani’s boyfriend Leslie breaks up with her, a mass shooter starts attacking the motel they were going to have a romantic night at and suddenly the break up becomes the least of her problems.
    thea - [email protected]


  • Short Film Trailer: SEDUCTIVE DEVOTION. Directed by Destin Gerek

    Directed by Destin Gerek
    In a society where narratives of male perpetrators and harm inflicted upon women prevail, "Seductive Devotion" emerges as a powerful experimental short film presenting an inspiring alternative. Through captivating imagery and a stirring poet...

  • Short Film Trailer: NATAL. Directed by Isabella Secchin

    NATAL, 20min., Brazil
    Directed by Isabella Secchin
    Natal, in his early fifties belongs to a generation that broke social barriers, worshiped cerebral movies, drugs and rock’n roll. However, he does not accept it well when Milene, his only daughter, takes her boyfriend to sleep at home with her. I...

  • Short Film Trailer: NOCTURNAL JACKET. Directed by Vishal Rajput, Harkanwar Singh

    Directed by Vishal Rajput, Harkanwar Singh
    A lonesome addict battles his depression, anxiety, and hopelessness by a sinister urge that reigns supremacy over his thoughts and actions.

  • Short Film Trailer: HIGHWAY. Directed by Douglas Alan Cunningham

    HIGHWAY, 11min,. USA
    Directed by Douglas Alan Cunningham
    Betrayed by her husband, Amanda, a former Army Ranger, drives hours to meet a revenge lover but is followed by a mysterious and menacing truck on lonely desert roads.

  • Short Film Trailer: DRIVERLESS. Comedy. Directed by Charles Pelletier

    DRIVERLESS, 28min., USA
    Directed by Charles Pelletier
    When all that’s good about middle-class workers meets all that’s bad about corporate millionaires and all that’s wrong with technology, the inevitable result is a hysterical new comedy short that slashes the tires of corporate America.