Watch trailers from short films that played at the the FEEDBACK Film Festivals.

  • Short Film Trailer: NIGHT FALLS. Directed by Stéphane Orlando

    NIGHT FALLS, 19min., Belgium, Music
    Directed by Stéphane Orlando
    Veronika Harcsa is accompanied by the Cave Cantores to embody the inner struggle of a singer living between two worlds, the classical of her illustrious cellist father and the jazz where she sees a possible key to more artistic free...

  • Short Film Trailer: tRuth. Directed by Sylvie Zaidman, Nic Shake

    tRuth, 15min., Belgium, Sci-Fi
    Directed by Sylvie Zaidman, Nic Shake
    Ruth, a young woman living in a not-so-distant future, seems to live an idyllic life . However, when the technology fails, she will have to combat her inner fears to survive, in a world where nothing is what it seems


  • Short Film Trailer: THE NAME. Directed by Renato Paone, Francesco Eramo Puoti

    THE NAME, 20min., Italy
    Directed by Renato Paone, Francesco Eramo Puoti
    The Dominican order has requested a special computer from an engineering laboratory capable of solving a complex algorithm, but only the monks know its real purpose. Caterina, a young researcher, is thus sent from the laborat...

  • Short Film Trailer: HEY ALEXA. Writer/Producer by Xochi Blymyer

    HEY ALEXA, 10min., USA, Fantasy
    Writer/Producer Xochi Blymyer
    Alexa is helpful, she's funny, she's kind, she's a friend, who is she? A day in her life...with us.

  • Short Film Trailer: SLAW SOAKER. Directed by Tyler Council

    SLAW SOAKER, 5min., USA
    Directed by Tyler Council
    This ain't no backyard toy! This, is a water gun that shoots coleslaw!

  • Short Film Trailer: WHEN WIRE WAS KING. Directed by Jennifer A. Manner

    When Wire Was King: The Transformation of Telecommunications, 1hr. 24min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Jennifer A. Manner
    When Wire Was King is a feature-length documentary that puts the telecommunications revolution into historical context. Commerce, technology, entertainment, travel, health, a...

  • Short Film Trailer: A MAN WAITING FOR THE LEAVES TO FALL. Directed by Judee Tan

    Directed by Judee Tan
    A man waiting for the leaves to fall is a digital performative narration that chronicles the pivotal events in a man’s life. This 20-minute long digital production explores the relationship of the film medium within a n...

  • Short Film Trailer: GONE TOO SOON. Directed by Christelle Le Baccon

    GONE TOO SOON, 8min., Australia, Drama
    Directed by Christelle Le Baccon
    The journey of a bereaved mother.

  • SHORT Film Trailer: PSYCHE OBSCURA. Directed by Craig Oty

    PSYCHE OBSCURA, 8min., USA, Experimental Dance
    Directed by Craig Oty
    A young woman, captive in a delusional state of mind, is drawn into the depths of a psychotic abyss.

  • SHORT Film Trailer: A BEAUTIFUL OBJECT. Directed by Odette Wanda Sugerman

    A BEAUTIFUL OBJECT, 6min,. USA, Fashion
    Directed by Odette Wanda Sugerman
    A girls obsession becomes out of control as to what she will do to get her hands on a Beautiful YSL purse….

  • Short Film Trailer: SYPARIO. Directed by Fabio Selvafiorita

    SYPARIO, 24min., Italy, Musical
    Directed by Fabio Selvafiorita
    Sypario is a film based on the music score of Sypario by Sylvano Bussotti.
    The Sypario's score and the mise en scene on film realized by Fabio Selvafiorita consist of 15 micro-operas.


  • SHORT Film Trailer: THE GIRAFFE. Directed by Alex Balcells Querol

    THE GIRAFFE, 9min., Barcelona, Action/Adventure
    Directed by Alex Balcells Querol
    The first real action of the Mirage F1 was impressive. At the very beginning of its operational life, the Iraqi Mirage F1 entered the “hall of fame” by killing some Iranian F14 Tomcats, by using the new Super Matra 5...

  • SHORT Film Trailer: THE USELESS GLASSBLOWER. Directed by Holger E. Metzger

    THE USELESS GLASSBLOWER, 15min., Germany
    Directed by Holger E. Metzger
    A fascinating short documentary on a traditional glassmaker deep in the southern German Black Forest, and his thoughts and feelings about what this 7000-year-old craft has taught him about life.

    Director Statement
    I am intere...

  • Feature Film Trailer: BLACK UNIFORM. Directed by Robert Darwell

    BLACK UNIFORM, 90min., USA, History
    Directed by Robert Darwell
    In the early 1900s, African Americans struggled to have the honor to fight in World War I, but a century later minorities are disproportionately called up to serve, defend, and die for their country.
    The United States cherishes the ha...

  • Short Film Trailer: PERSISTENCE. Directed by Krista Barzso

    PERSISTENCE, 12min., Canada, Drama
    Directed by Krista Barzso
    Persistence is a story about what happens when romantic intentions cross over into stalking. The ?lm explores what happens when trusts are broken but laws aren't, and just how much damage can be done to someone's life in that space betw...

  • Short Film Trailer: TED THE SHARK. Created by Nathalia Rojas

    TED THE SHARK, 12min,. Columbia, Animation
    Directed by Hector Acosta, Nathalia Rojas
    Ted is a six-year-old hammer shark with a big secret: His mind is connected to a human girl. This uniqueness often makes Ted alienated from his world (a feeling many of us are familiar with) however, little does ...

  • Short Film Trailer: ÒRAN NA H-EALA. 13 minute Dance film. Dir. Steve Exeter

    ORAN NA H-EALA, 13min., UK, Dance
    Directed by Steve Exeter
    A vivid dream exploration of Moira Shearer's heart and mind, just before and after she agreed to star in Powell and Pressburger's beloved cinema classic "The Red Shoes", a decision that would change her life forever.

  • Short Film Trailer: RESERVATIONS. Directed by Tom White, John Leviege

    RESERVATIONS, 11min., USA, Experimental
    Directed by Tom White, John Leviege
    While finding love can be unexpectant enough, the only thing even more unexpectant is finding out that same love, may have a past that’s hard to look past.

  • Short Film Trailer: SCARLETT O. Directed by Alexandra Tebano, Dale Johnson

    SCARLETT O., 6min., USA, Horror
    Directed by Alexandra Tebano, Dale Johnson
    A tortured woman is stuck in the purgatory in her own mind forced to relive the same excruciating moment over and over again.

  • Short Film Trailer: MIND THIEF. Directed by Matt Steinauer

    MIND THIEF, 109min,. USA, Documentary
    Directed by Matt Steinauer
    A novelist realizes that her neighbors may be under the mind control of unknown forces. Little does she realize how close and sinister its influence has become. MIND THIEF is a sci-fi thriller that takes us on a harrowing, sometimes...

  • Short Film Trailer: REVERIE, Short Dance Film. Directed by Brian Bowers

    REVERIE, 9min., USA, Dance
    Directed by Brian Bowers
    The past can be an unreliable narrator, and the future is simply a shifting reflection of where we are right now. Driven by choreographed movement, original music and sound, REVERIE is an experimental visual narrative that seeks to question and ...

  • Short Film Trailer: WAVES, 2min., Australia, Comedy

    WAVES, 2min., Australia, Comedy
    Directed by Katharina Keil
    Two friends Sam and Ethel play a fun game to reconnect at their local beach.

  • Short Film Trailer: THE IMAGINATION OF UNFULFILLED DESIRES, Experimental

    THE IMAGINATION OF UNFULFILLED DREAMS, 3min., Costa Rica, Experimental
    Directed by Susana Sánchez-Carballo
    The series “Imagination of Unfulfilled Desires” revolves around the idea of the unwanted maternity. This audiovisual creation opens up the possibility to reflect on the fact that the desire ...

  • Short Film Trailer: SALT, 3min., Germany, Fashion

    SALT, 3min., Germany, Fashion
    Directed by Dominik Hill
    “Salt” tells the story of a group of people, who put away their fear of the elemental forces of nature and instead rediscover natural power, returning a bit to their own roots.