Watch trailers from short films that played at the the FEEDBACK Film Festivals.

  • Short Film Trailer: REVERIE, Short Dance Film. Directed by Brian Bowers

    REVERIE, 9min., USA, Dance
    Directed by Brian Bowers
    The past can be an unreliable narrator, and the future is simply a shifting reflection of where we are right now. Driven by choreographed movement, original music and sound, REVERIE is an experimental visual narrative that seeks to question and ...

  • Short Film Trailer: WAVES, 2min., Australia, Comedy

    WAVES, 2min., Australia, Comedy
    Directed by Katharina Keil
    Two friends Sam and Ethel play a fun game to reconnect at their local beach.

  • Short Film Trailer: THE IMAGINATION OF UNFULFILLED DESIRES, Experimental

    THE IMAGINATION OF UNFULFILLED DREAMS, 3min., Costa Rica, Experimental
    Directed by Susana Sánchez-Carballo
    The series “Imagination of Unfulfilled Desires” revolves around the idea of the unwanted maternity. This audiovisual creation opens up the possibility to reflect on the fact that the desire ...

  • Short Film Trailer: SALT, 3min., Germany, Fashion

    SALT, 3min., Germany, Fashion
    Directed by Dominik Hill
    “Salt” tells the story of a group of people, who put away their fear of the elemental forces of nature and instead rediscover natural power, returning a bit to their own roots.

  • Short Film Trailer: CREATURA, 13min., Canada

    CREATURA, 13min., Canada
    Directed by Ford Mckeown Larose, Phethsari Pathammavong
    If the world were to recreate itself in an empty space, how would new forms of life appropriate this environment? How would they evolve? Through lights and movements, Creatura explores the concept of genesis and evol...

  • Short Film Trailer: Rain to Reign, Directed by Julie M. Wenah, Keturah King

    RAIN TO REIGN, 6min,. USA, Music/Experimental
    Directed by Julie M. Wenah, Keturah King
    5 women - most of whom have never met each other, are connected through one woman - Julie - who is bringing women of African descent together to explore how we prepare the next generation of women for ‘Rain’, a...

  • Short Film Trailer: Triggered, a Cinematic Superhero Fan Film

    TRIGGERED (Fan Fiction), 21min., USA
    Directed by Mario Ricardo Rodriguez, Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm
    A brilliant madman known as The Director believes that Superheroes are a threat to humanity. With Captain Marvel and Blade in his clutches, their rivals Wolverine and Rogue must escape before they too ...

  • Short Film Trailer: Two Lone Robots. 7min., UK. Directed by Zoé Henriques

    TWO LONE ROBOTS, 7min., UK
    Directed by Zoé Henriques
    Two lone robots are looking for others but time is running out.

  • Short Film Trailer: The Screening, 13min., USA. Directed by Orhun Timur

    THE SCREENING, 13min., USA
    Directed by Orhun Timur
    A tale we know all too well; hopeful actor waits to be called into his commercial audition. However, things are not as they appear. Our hopeful young actor is struck with confusion when he is met with an interrogation from a Sag-Aftra Agent. This...

  • Web Series Trailer: Stage Managed. 28min. USA. Directed by Guy Noland

    STAGE MANAGED, 28min., USA, Comedy
    Directed by Guy Noland
    A suburban community theater must successfully produce a knock-off version of "My Fair Lady" in order to keep their doors open.

    Director Statement
    There’s no short answer to “Why this idea and why now?”, so...

  • Short Film Trailer: Vadgevertising. 8min. Comedy. Dir. Kate Peterson

    VADGEVERTISING, 8min., USA, Comedy
    Directed by Kate Peterson
    Shortly after the release of his controversial “Healthy Boy Toothpaste” ad, Leo Mann gives Satirical News Magazine, Nitecap, an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview of his new intravaginal advertising agency, and shares his philosophy ...

  • Short Film Trailer: SPIRITS. 9min. Comedy/Horror. Directed by Matthew Catanzano

    SPIRITS, 9min., USA, Comedy/Horror
    Directed by Matthew Catanzano
    Some haunts are haunted.

    Director Statement
    I grew up an indoor kid -- obsessed with movies, TV, and pop culture. My family...

  • Web Series Trailer: SLOPPY JONES. 25min. Canada. Directed by Emily Cohn

    SLOPPY JONES, 25min., Canada, Comedy/Web Series
    Directed by Emily Cohn
    Sloppy Jones is a short form slasher comedy series about three queer Gen-Zillennial servers working at Sloppy Jones Grill: RORY, a free spirited people pleaser; HARPER, a book-smart, bisexual bartender; and THOMAS, a calculati...

  • Short Film Trailer: Memoriam. 2min. USA. Directed by Lyla Ruth

    MEMORIAM, 2min,. USA
    Directed by Lyla Ruth
    My dad passed away recently and I’ll be completely honest here, watching him die slowly from cancer is a hell I would not wish on my worst enemy.
    Family and friends ask me how I am feeling, or how I am handling it all. In actuality, the emotions are too ...

  • Short Film Trailer: Rain to Reign, Directed by Julie M. Wenah, Keturah King

    RAIN TO REIGN, 6min,. USA, Music/Experimental
    Directed by Julie M. Wenah, Keturah King
    5 women - most of whom have never met each other, are connected through one woman - Julie - who is bringing women of African descent together to explore how we prepare the next generation of women for ‘Rain’, a...

  • [Aphrodite] short film trailer

    [Aphrodite], 12min., USA
    Directed by Jekyns Pelaez
    A goddess decides to visit us.


    Directed by Roberto Serrini
    Penne Alla Vodka is America's dirty little secret. You can have it hungover from the diner, or for 40 bucks a plate at the finest restaurants. While it's secret origin might surprise you, it's sordid histor...

  • Short Film Trailer: FEELING SPECIAL. Directed by Carlos Hoffman

    FEELING SPECIAL, 5min,. USA, Animation
    Directed by Carlos Hoffman
    Animated film adaptation of the children's book, Feeling Special, about a Turtle who believes that all his friends are special, but that he is just ordinary, and finally realizes that he is special too.


  • Short Film Trailer: FIGHT THE FEAR dance short. Directed by Shyamala Moorty

    FIGHT THE FEAR, 6min., USA, Dance
    Directed by Shyamala Moorty
    In this experimental dance and spoken word short, a Dreamer confronts her fears of deportation. Set in a cemented river bed in Southern California, clusters of dancers push, drag, and carry each other in a dance of survival, while powe...

  • Short Film Trailer: GPS short film. Directed by Nell Dashiell

    GPS, 10min., USA, Comedy/Drama
    Directed by Nell Dashiell
    Kim and Jamie – an upscale, young urban couple – have just arrived home after an evening out with friends when Kim hears a noise. Fearing that a burglar may be prowling around downstairs, Kim dispatches Jamie to investigate. As it happens, ...

  • Short Film Trailer: LEVIATHAN 2.0. (Music video for Esprit D'Air.)

    Music video for Esprit D'Air.

  • Short Film Trailer: PARTING OUT. Directed by Susan Buster Thomas

    PARTING OUT, 19min., USA, Drama
    Directed by Susan Buster Thomas
    Two women search for love and missing pieces in a vintage auto salvage yard.

  • Short Film Trailer: FREEMAN HOSPITALITY. Directed by Michael Cooke

    FREEMAN HOSPITALITY, 20min., USA, Sci-Fi/Action
    Directed by Michael Cooke
    A black family-run security firm escorts a foreign journalist into the war-torn badlands of South Georgia to interview a local tyrant.

  • Short Film Trailer: PIT & PENDULUM. Directed by J. Aldric Gaudet

    PIT & PENDULUM, 27min., Canada, Drama/Horror
    Directed by J. Aldric Gaudet
    It is the terrorizing story of a person sentenced to death who becomes the plaything of their jailers. They are sent walking through a dark room in hopes they will fall into a pit. When that doesn’t happen they are tied dow...