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STORY MOVIE: The Final Frontier, by Yolanda Reid

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STORY MOVIE: FLIGHT, by Yolanda Reid Chassiakos



  • STORY MOVIE: The Final Frontier, by Y...

    Performed by Val Cole

    A Peds intern in Pittsburgh, I got preemies to our NICU from rural hospitals in PA and OH. Going one night, white snow blew past our ambulance windows, and I, a sleepy Trekkie, imagined our ambulance was a starship in warp. Suddenly, through the porthole of our bus, a road ...

  • STORY MOVIE: The Poor Kid. by Badrade...

    Performed by Val Cole

    Genre: Life.

    Get to know the writer:

    1. What is your short story about?

    Is about life and fate.

    2. What genre(s) would you say this story is in?

    I would say life drama.

    3. How would you describe this story in two words?

    Very inspiring

    4. What movie have you seen the...

  • SCREENPLAY MOVIE: Naked To The Night,...

    Book on Amazon:

    Summary: Nicky is released from jail early as the authority realizes he is a scapegoat. After the years in prison, he needs to adjust his life in the right direction without putting himself in jail again.

    CAST LIS...