Watch the best of romantic short films in the world today.

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  • FLAWLESS 2 short film watch, 9min., Romance


  • FLAWLESS short film watch, 7min., France, Romance

    A young man is going on a first date with a young lady, but things will take an unexpected turn because of a new mobile app

    Director Biography - LEVY CLAUDE
    Levy Claude, a photographer, then trains to do video editing. He starts with making films for individ...

  • THE TOAST (Original title "Il Brindisi") short film watch, 15min., Italy

    Directed by Rossella Bergo

    Cast: Rossella Bergo, Diego Bertante

    Written by Rossella Bergo

    The narrative is built around several episodes in the daily lives of five characters (three females and two males), taken either at work in the fields or in playful moments se...

  • VIRTUALLY SINGLE short film watch, 15min., Romance/Drama

    It’s lockdown. Emboldened by red wine, a fortysomething woman braves her first Zoom date with a guy in snowy Montana. A short play devised through improvisation, VIRTUALLY SINGLE explores the tragicomic challenges of dating during the pandemic.

  • DANCING HEART short film watch, Mexico, Romance documentary

    Lesbian love has always been a rebel act. But a relationship between two women, teenagers and feminist is pure anarchy. Dancing heart is a pathway over the time Luisa and Violeta have been together, how they have faced discrimination and how with courage and feminism they have hold to go on and g...

  • PUMP IT short film watch, 8min. Comedy

    A humorous and heartfelt journey of a gym-obsessed bodybuilder (Jesse) struggling to recover from a broken heart. In an attempt to lift his spirits, his best mate (Blake) hatches an unconventional plan – a threesome, prompting Jesse to question the motives of his training partner. The film explor...

  • A STATE OF BLISS short film watch, 17min., Drama/Romance

    A user goes on a virtual, blind date to meet an individual that challenges their process of life and death.

    Writer/Director: Abriana Blount

    Cast: Zahnia Richardson, Carleigh May Ross, Fel Quinn

  • STRANGER short film watch, 4min., Drama/Romance

    This film shows the experience of lost relationships through the eyes of a young girl. "Stranger" is a story of love, longing, and the regret through passing of time.

    Written & Directed by Julia Hayden Fung

    Cast: Gloria Copeland, Kaiden Luis, Isa Baratoff

  • THE DAM short film watch, 7min., Australia, Horror/Romance

    Flo likes Jesse, the boy at the neighbouring farm. Down at the dam, first love becomes a last right.

    Writer/Director Andrew Sully

    Writer Jo Tabit

    CAST: Jeremy Blewitt, Martha Morgan

    Director Statement
    The Dam explores the transition from childhood in a sl...

  • APPLES, ORANGES, LEMONS & LIMES short film watch, 45min., Romance/Drama

    A timid young man chronically suffers from social anxiety. At a party, an unlikely encounter inspires a night of drinking, joy and romance.

    Writer/Director: Pat Mitchell

    Cast: Cal Waldau, Skye Marie Sena, Juan Rod...

  • ONLY HERE AND NOW short film watch, 20min., USA, Romance

    Wartime, 1942. When 18 year old newlyweds Marjorie Hua and Private Tom Carlson arrive at the small inn for their honeymoon night, they're forced to wait for their room. While waiting, their anxiety builds. Tom leaves for the war in the morning and what will their future hold? Will this first nigh...

  • THROUGH ROSE COLORED LENSES short film watch, Romance / Drama

    In the midst of a toxic triangle with the love of his life, and her abusive boyfriend, Shawn Anderson, a college student blinded by love, is seeing his world fall apart.

    Unable to help Shawn see the toxicity of this relationship with Kayla Murrieta, his best friend L...

  • 13 STROKES..... - Watch Award Winning Short Film. 7min. Greece

    To write and create the short art experimental film “13 Strokes…” [Dark Traces (Collective), Publishing House Iliaxtida, Athens, September 2022] i was inspired by my short story “Thirteen Strokes”, concentrating on the heart of the narrative, the uncured trauma that keeps on taking up space in th...

  • BEAUTIFUL - Watch short film

    Directed by Matthew Toffolo.

    Young factory worker + Older Artist = Good conversation and a little bit more

    Starring Sora Olah & Steve Boleantu

  • SPEAKING OF SILENCE short film, 11min., Canada, Experimental/Music/Romance

    Before a musician performs live, the sounds of their own song must be heard head-on when love and time cross paths.

    Directed by Colin Williams

  • C.T.R.L. short film, UK, Dance/Romance

    A young man's attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked in a most entertaining way.

    Directed by Mariana Conde

    Director Statement
    C.T.R.L is undoubtedly unconventional. Whilst it paints the p...

  • #METONIGHT, 1min., USA, Music/Romance

    A boy and girl return from a night out, but this isn't your typical date night.

    Directed by Tony Marquez

    Starring: Cina McKenna

  • I STILL LOVE YOU short film, 4min., USA, Animation/Romance

    This is a story about a young couple that has recently ended their relationship. They are seeing the same therapist and are talking about their feeling towards each other after their break up.

    Directed by Jose E. Juarez

    Animated by Eduardo Juarez jr

    Cast: Daniel Alvarez, Brissa Ortega


  • AGAPE, 5min., Canada, Dance

    AGAPE is a short dance film loosely inspired by the film "If Beale Street Could Talk". It takes us on a journey of Black love in everyday moments through movement. It is a letter to the potential hope of life and love.

    Directed by Zoe Edwards

    Listen to podcast interview with filmmaker: https://...

  • AND WE COLLIDE, 19min., China, Romance / LGBTQ+

    Inspired by the local rocket launch site, And We Collide depicts an unexpected tropical encounter. This is a story about two men, two worlds and one real rocket.

    Directed by Dongni Lanca Li

    Cast: Huang Kejing, Wang Yancheng. Sun Jiatong. Ye Zi

  • BODIES OF WATER, 14min., USA, Drama / LGBTQ+ / Romance

    It's 1982, Marsh is 24 years old, and he struggles with a tormenting secret. Feeling disconnected human relationships others take for granted, Marsh treads water in the often painful doldrums of everyday life.

    One night, a spark ignites Marsh's imagination of what could be and he embarks on a pr...

  • SHUKRAN HABIBI, 35min., Finland, Drama/Romance/LGBTQ+

    Refuge man Mohamed finds a special connection with Kristian, a finnish family man.

    Directed by Ville Tanttu

    Cast: Bakr Hassan, Patrick Henriksen

  • TUXEDO TERRACE short film, 12min., LGBTQ+ / Comedy / Romance

    When the government begins to inspect their marriage, a gay immigrant and his lesbian wife throw a dinner party in an attempt to fool the INS; but soon realize that they aren't the only ones hiding something.

    Directed by Carmine Bicchetti

    Cast: Paul Fox...

  • HANN short film, 13min., USA, Romance, Drama, LGBT

    Andri, an anxious teenage boy, hides and represses his sexuality in fear of his masculine father's reaction but, on the eve of Andri's first date, he finds a clever way to reveal his secret.

    Directed by Runar Thor Sigurb...