Daily Film Festivals

Daily Film Festivals

Showcase of the best short & feature films from around the world today.

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Daily Film Festivals
  • CHICAGO Festival Shorts Showcase - Feb. 22/23 event

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    YOLKS, 4min,. USA
    Directed by Jesse Womack
    John struggles with his relationship with food and body image in the form of his own subconscious.


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  • THRILLER/CRIME FESTIVAL- Feb. 23/24 event

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    HENRY NEEDS A CAT, 16min., USA
    Directed by Kiernan Richard Doyle
    When a favor for a roommate puts Henry in contact with an unexpected force, he is given a chance to reflect on what he wants most out of life.



  • SCI-FI SHORTS Festival - Feb. 24/25 event

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    Directed by Owen David Solomon
    Two prisoners in a dystopian society, try to escape from their past life and make it to a mysterious place called the Beyond.


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  • HORROR Shorts Festival - Feb. 25/26 event

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    MASON, 12min., USA
    Directed by Sharena Sigmon
    As a Black pregnant woman suffers from medical complications and vicious hallucinations, she fears the visions are a warning of her and her unborn child's untimely demise.


  • ARTIST DOCUMENTARY Showcase Festival - Feb. 26/27 event

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    Directed by Olivia Dabinett

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    SCULPTING THE GIANT, 87min., Indonesia
    Directed by Banu Wirandoko, Rheza Arden Wiguna
    A man promised t...

  • ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival - Feb. 27/28 event

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    ABOVE THE NOISE, 6min., UK
    Directed by Adam De Silva
    Above The Noise is a documentary short that explores how athlete Maja Kuczynska uses her sport to escape the chaos of the modern world.

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  • BEST of SHORT FILMS Showcase - Feb. 28/29 event

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    SALTED EARTH, 4min,. USA, Dance
    Directed by Robin Lancaster Bisio
    With the flooding from atmospheric rivers came a long awaited greening of California. Salted Earth follows dancer Kaita Mrazek into a superbloom near the alkaline Soda Lake on the vast Carrizo Plain ...

  • SOCIETY DOC Feature Festival - HOW ARE YOU?, Ukraine

    HOW ARE YOU?, 57min., Ukraine
    Directed by Sia Titova
    The war begins in the same way for inhabitants of any country. In 2022, Ukraine faced military aggression on its territory, putting its residents in various degrees of danger. This film was shot in Kyiv, Dnipro, and Kharkiv regions. It portrays...

  • LGBTQ+ Film Festival - March 1/2 event

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    THE BREAK UP, 9min. USA
    Directed by Savonne Alexis Pearson
    When Savonne gets dumped abruptly, she is forced to confront the truth about what really conspired during her breakup.

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  • SPORTS Film Festival (March 1st-3rd) - EUROPEAN Shorts Lineup

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    SUMMER RUN, 12min., Italy
    Directed by Cecilia Brianza
    A man, who loves running, is fascinated by a desperate girl who lives in isolation in a house in the Umbrian countryside. The encounter will leave a mark on both their lives.