Daily Film Festivals

Daily Film Festivals

Showcase of the best short & feature films from around the world today.

Today's Showcase: FEMALE Director Shorts Festival - March 28/29 event

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UMBILICAL CORD, 5min., China, Dance
Directed by Fan Mei
The thought of harmony shows great integration and inclusiveness, which is also reflected in the relations between people, between people and themselves, and between people and society.


AITO HINE, 15min., French Polynesia, Experimental
Directed by Krysten RESNICK
On virgin lands devoid of any modern construction, we follow the character of a young girl as she begins a rite of passage within an army of aito hine, or women warriors.


WAVES, 2min., Australia, Comedy
Directed by Katharina Keil
Two friends Sam and Ethel play a fun game to reconnect at their local beach.

ZARDA, 17min., Pakistan, Drama
Directed by Zainab Hassan
In this slice of life/drama we peek into the life of a young Pakistani teenage girl Shella who comes from a conservative, lower middle-class family but dreams with an open heart. As she is slowly stepping out in the real world, she is fascinated by the ever-changing aesthetic of the modern life. One such occurrence accounts to her looking at a girl getting hair dyed pink, leaving her utterly mesmerized and longing for something like that for herself. Unfortunately, her cultural norms and lack of bodily autonomy renders it impossible until she is forced to realize and challenge these norms and find her own way out.

Daily Film Festivals
  • GURGLE: PULLING WATER feature film - Jan. 29/30th

    GURGLE: PULLING WATER, 57min., USA, Documentary

    Directed by Richard Van Kleeck

    A documentary featuring courage, teamwork, adventure, and life lessons explored through the lens of the sport of rowing. Featuring Tori Murden McClure, the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic; archeologist, a...

  • RELATIONSHIP Shorts - Jan. 30/31st event

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    THE INTRUDER, 15min,. USA, Drama/Comedy
    Directed by Nina Lescher
    When an unfaithful woman embarks on a romantic getaway with her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary, a ghostly entity disrupts the intimacy and forces her to confront the secrets in her hea...

  • ASIAN Filmmakers Festival (Thriller/Horror) Jan. 31st/Feb. 1st event

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    SAVE MY MAMA, 33min., China, Horror
    Directed by 예린 김
    A mother is dancing in front of her daughter Yoon-Hee one day. Without being accompanied by music, the mother is dancing, beautiful yet grotesque. Then the mother stands over her daughter, staring down at her.


  • Environmental Feature Festival: FOR TOMORROW. Feb. 1/2nd

    FOR TOMORROW, 72min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by An Tran
    Narrated by Daisy Ridley
    Filmed with local crews around the world from the Andes to Sierra Leone, and with rare access to the United Nations Development Programme, For Tomorrow (narrated by Daisy Ridley) is the story of grassroots innova...

  • LGBTQ+ SHORTS Festival - Feb. 2/3 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    SKADJA, 17min., Norway, Experimental
    Directed by Eili Bråstad Johannessen
    A powerful meeting between two women brings their inner forces and desires to the surface. Can they overcome their traumas? Skádja is an exploration of nature, spirituality, passion and movem...

  • COMEDY Shorts Festival - Feb. 3/4 event

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    GUTTERBALL, 12min., USA
    Directed by Charles Ingram
    When local bowling legend Hal Capcar finds himself in a slump on the night before a championship match, he makes a secret discovery that gives him a supernatural advantage... and a curse. Hal would do anything to k...

  • HORROR/THRILLER Short Film Festival - Feb. 4/5 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    OKAY, 22min., Egypt, Horror
    Directed by Seif Sayed Abdel Raouf
    A young man experiences strange events when his parents send him to their newly bought house.

    SALVAR, 29min., South Korea, Horror
    Directed by Sangwook Ahn
    Su-hyeong, who visited the shrine after asking...

  • FOOD DOC Shorts Festival - Jan. 5/6 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    Directed by Roberto Serrini
    Penne Alla Vodka is America's dirty little secret. You can have it hungover from the diner, or for 40 bucks a plate at the finest restaurants. While it's secret origin might ...

  • POLITICAL Shorts Festival - Feb. 6/7 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    MAX! THE DOGUMENTARY, 11min,. USA, Documentary
    Directed by Brandon Sanchez
    In a rural town of Southern California, the mayor is a Golden Retriever named Max, a beacon of positivity to the citizens of Idyllwild. In this heart warming documentary, we discover how the ...

  • NATURE DOC Shorts Festival - Feb. 7/8 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    IRONSELF, 20min., Canada, Doc Adventure
    Directed by Tinthi Tembo
    After a near death overnight hiking experience, Eman – a Queer Egyptian hiker, shares their healing journey of re-exploring the magnificent mountains of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peop...

  • LGBTQ+ COMEDY Short Film Festival - Feb. 8/9 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    THE PERFECT FIRST DATE, 13min., USA, Comedy
    Directed by Christopher J Hall
    What happens when a perfectly spontaneous first date goes exactly according to plan.


    DON'T ...

  • EXPERIMENTAL Short Film Festival. Feb. 9/10 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    WALLS BENEATH OUR FEET, 5min., Finland, Experimental
    Directed by Antti Suniala
    Circus short film exploring urban life from unexpected angles. Inspired by the Pasila Street Art District in Helsinki. Collaboration between Race Horse Company, music producer RRKK and t...

  • STUDENT Short Film Festival - Feb. 10/11 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    THE OVERSEAS CALL, 15min., Drama, China
    Directed by Nan (Alianora) Zou
    Upon receiving a job offer in the United States, a Chinese international student is forced to make a choice between retreating to her familiar home and background or stiffly forging her first st...

  • STOCKHOLM short film, 10min., UK, Drama/LGBTQ+

    A young gay man embarks on an unusual first date in a conquest to take control of his past.


    Director Statement

    ‘Stockholm’ is the story of a young gay man who embar...

  • ANIMATION Short Film Festival - Jan. 11/12 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    BIOPIXELS, 4min., USA, Animation
    Directed by Kristina Dutton
    Butterflies and moths comprise 12% of all species known to man (180,000 species!), and their seemingly endless biodiversity is visually translated on their wings through color and pattern variation. Incred...

  • HISTORY DOC Shorts Festival - Feb. 12/13 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    Directed by Jonathan Antoine
    A short documentary on the Dene Drum in Gahn?? (Rabbitkettle).

    BARE METAL, 10min., USA,
    Directed by Brandon Robert Gries, Ryan Freng, John Shoemaker
    Microsoft, Google, META, and AWS are s...

  • LGBTQ+ Shorts Festival - COUPLES. Jan. 13/14 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    DEVIL ON MY SHOULDER, 10min., USA, Comedy
    Directed by Morgan Simonson
    A young man goes out on a date with the best wing-woman, Satan.


    ANGEL, 11min,. USA, Drama
    Directed by Skylar Schanen
    After falling in love with a fellow...

  • ROMANCE Shorts Festival - Feb. 14/15 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    YOUR BREAKFAST, 25min., China, Drama
    Directed by Alejandro Montero
    Fang, an enthusiastic young street-food cook, wakes up early every morning to prepare a special breakfast for a costumer with whom he is secretly in love. While trying to gain her heart with this fo...

  • ENVIRONMENTAL Shorts Festival - Feb. 15/16 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    Motus Avium: A Mission to Save California's Last Wetlands, 14min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Rob McAllister
    Less than 5% of California’s historical wetlands remain, but there is hope in the world’s most productive agricultural valley.
    Discover why tracking the m...

  • LGBTQ+ Shorts Festival - Web Series Showcase. Feb. 16/17 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    SLOPPY JONES, 25min., Canada, Comedy/Web Series
    Directed by Emily Cohn
    Sloppy Jones is a short form slasher comedy series about three queer Gen-Zillennial servers working at Sloppy Jones Grill: RORY, a free spirited people pleaser; HARPER, a book-smart, bisexual bar...

  • CRIME Short Film Festival - Feb. 17/18 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    UN ESPECTADOR, 17min., USA, Thriller
    Directed by Juan Pablo Palacios
    A plumber is called to fix a leak in a woman's apartment, but unbeknownst to him, he ends up walking into a scenario in which a man has forced himself into her home, pretending to be her husband.

  • LGBTQ+ Shorts Festival - Relationships. Feb. 18/19 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    SHE'S THIRSTY, 9min., USA, Drama
    Directed by Caleigh Schaad
    18-year-old Michelle is having the night from Hell. A disappointing hookup, blisters from wearing heels all night, and to top it all off she has lost her cellphone. But, Michelle's night takes a turn when...

  • DANCE Short Film Festival - Feb. 19/20 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    LAZARUS, 38min,. Germany, Dance
    Directed by Raphael Hahn
    Lazarus is a film album by Nikolai Kemeny that refines the symbiosis of jazz and tap dance. In this 40-minute dance film, documentary footage blends artful, contemporary, urban culture and vibrant harmonies o...

  • HORROR Short Festival - Feb. 20/21 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    HELLSCAPE, 9min., USA, Horror
    Directed Sam Sorenson
    A mother searches for the spiritual truth about where her daughter's soul went after being murdered.


    SCARLETT O., 6min., USA, Horror

  • DRAMA Short Film Festival - Feb. 21/22 event

    See the Full Lineup of Film:

    THE GUEST, 15min., USA, Drama
    Directed by Vignesh 'Kaushik' Vaithyanathan
    A surprise guest arrives to remind a young Indian bride in America of all she has left behind.


    ALTERED, 10min., USA, Drama
    Directed by Jenn M...

  • SPORTS Short Film Festival - Feb. 22/23 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films;

    TRIAPHIE, 14min., Austria, Documentary
    Directed by Matthaeus Weissenbacher
    Manfred Eder had suffered from chronic asthma since he was 18 months old. His whole life he took strong medicine like cortisones, to compete the asthma. At times the side effects were as bad...

  • LGBTQ+ DOC Shorts Festival - Feb. 23/24 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    QUEER AND FRUM, 32mi., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Michael Katoni
    A short documentary about two queer orthodox Jews in New York who leave their communities because of their intersecting identities.


    UNIDAD: Gay & Lesbia...

  • MUSIC Short Film Festival - Feb. 24/25 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    LOST AT SEA, 6min,. Germany, Music Video
    Directed by Alex Sebastian
    A fairy tale gone wrong: A woman between two men.


    OFF TO COLLEGE, 4min., Singapore, Animatio...

  • DRAMA Shorts Festival - Feb. 25/ 26 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    OUT OF TIME, 9min,. France, Drama
    Directed by Delphine Montaigne
    This time, Felix is risking a lot. The director summoned his mother and threatened to deny him the access to the establishment. But what could Felix have done? And what kind of establishment is it exa...

  • MYSTERY Shorts Festival - Feb. 26/27 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    IN THE VALLEY OF THE MOON, 29min,. USA, Crime/Action
    Directed by Luca Massimiliano Pizzoleo
    In the Valley of the Moon, follows a young man working as a hitman for the Italian mob in 1977. He takes a job in Petaluma, California, posing as a potential buyer at an ope...

  • ROMANCE & RELATIONSHIPS Shorts Festival - Feb. 27/28 event

    See the Ful Lineup of Films:

    LONG KISS GOODBYE, 8min., Canada, Relationships
    Directed by Duy Viet Hai Tong
    A window into the last day of a relationship.

    HER SWEATER, 25min., USA, Relationships
    Directed by Jannik Ehret
    After Desmond spends a surreal post-graveyard shift day with his enchanting...

  • Feature Festival: BAD THINGS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Feb. 27/28 event

    BAD THINGS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, 90min., Ireland, Crime/Horror
    Directed by Garry Walsh
    A group of criminals lay low in the remote Irish countryside after pulling off an audacious robbery. As they plan their escape they quickly realise the robbery will be the last thing to go right for them.


  • POLITICAL Shorts Festival - Feb. 28th/March 1st event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    BAJO INTERIOR DERECHA, 4min., Spain, Comedy
    Directed by by Martin Ortiz
    Getting a rental apartment in the center of madrid is almost impossible mission.

    MALAKOOTI, 7min. Australia, Documentary
    Directed by Javier Gómez Bello
    Anahita is an Iranian opera singer. Du...

  • LGBTQ+ Feature Festival - WONDERFULLY MADE. Feb. 28th/March 1st event

    WONDERFULLY MADE, 94min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Yuval David
    “Wonderfully Made – LGBTQ+R(eligion)” is the extraordinarily moving feature-length documentary striking at the root of anti-LGBTQ attitudes by exploring the challenges and aspirations of LGBTQ+ Catholics due to the institutional C...

  • LGBTQ+ Relationship Short Film Festival - March 1/2 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    THE INTERROGATION, 13min,. Canada, Drama
    Directed by Zenghiok Ng
    Kai’s war against social LGBTQ discrimination, a journey of internal redemption for themselves.


    MY GIRLF...

  • DOC Feature Festival Film: "Why I’m Not a Basketball Player" March 1/2 event

    WHY I'M NOT A BASKETBALL PLAYER, 110min., Israel, Documentary
    Directed by Alon Weinstock
    A ballad of love, pain and gratitude to basketball and the life around it.


  • SPORTS Short Film Festival - March 2/3 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    RUGBYTOWN Ep. 1, 28min., USA
    Directed Patrick Guthrie
    Having failed to reach their dreams of starring in the NFL, the players in RugbyTown tell their own stories of crossing over to become professional athletes in a new sport as they help the USA win the Rugby Worl...


    Directed by Morten Offerdal, Vegard Lund Bergheim
    In this compelling and highly dramatic documentary, we follow war reporters Afshin Ismaeli and Tor Arne Andreassen as they travel to Syria to document the collapse of ISIS. Shot on the ...

  • POLITICAL DOCS Festival - March 3/4 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    True Believers At The Insurrection: Road To The Capitol, 20min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Sandi Ann Bachom
    This is my first hand account of the two months after Trump lost the 2020 election, covering rallies leading up to the January 6th Capitol insurrection, an...

  • INDIGENOUS DOC Feature: REHUMANIZE. March 4/5 event

    REHUMANIZE, 57min., USA
    Directed by Kelsey Darragh
    With its roots in indigenous practice and community, this is a documentary about the first ever sexual assault case in North American to be resolved using Restorative Justice through the court system. One woman tells her story of fighting to have...

  • SCI-FI Short Film Festival - March 4/5 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    PARANOIA, 5min,. USA, Sci-Fi
    Directed by Igor Volkov
    Oxygen leak on the spacecraft put the crew in a dangerous position


    THE SECOND HAND, 15min., Canada, Sci-Fi
    Directed by Tristan Hamburgh
    A scorned young woman gains access t...

  • SPORTS DOCS Festival - March 5/6 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    BOATHOUSE ROW short film, 16min, USA, Documentary/Sports
    Directed by Ethan Knecht
    Boathouse Row is a personal essay documentary about the generational intersections of olympic rowing, manic depression, and fatherhood.

    BURN. // A SKI FILM, 12min., USA
    Directed by Ke...

  • HORROR FAN FICTION Festival - MY SPECIAL BOY: FRIDAY THE 13TH, March 5/6 event

    Directed by James Grim, Braden Timmons
    There is no denying that Camp Crystal Lake has a dark history, one that Sean Orton is intent on ignoring. Despite being warned against returning to his childhood Camp, Sean's desire to save his family n...

  • FANTASY Short Film Festival - March 6/7 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    JOHN, 14min., New Zealand, Fantasy
    Directed by Yoson An
    Trapped in the limbo of purgatory, John's only path to freedom is a choice between a curtain and a kite. A concert pianist (John) finds himself in a deserted, barren land, in between a red kite and a floating ...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival Feature - I.M.L.A. ~ A Musical Graphic Novel, March 7/8 event

    I.M.L.A. ~ A Musical Graphic Novel, 83min., USA, Graphic Novel
    Directed by Mae Edwards
    A story about Queer Femmes of Color on their Hero’s Journey through Tinsel Town, as told in a musical video-ized graphic novel.


    Director Statement

  • DOC SHORTS Festival - March 7/8 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    Directed by Oscar Akamine, Joseph Neyra
    Jorge Escompani is a "Shiringa" master, "Shiringa" is a tree which produces natural latex. This is considered a tradition that preserves great passion and environmental awareness. The...

  • LGBTQ+ Romances Shorts Festival - March 8/9 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    LET GO, 5min., USA, Drama
    Directed by Shannon Hardy
    A gay couple's weekend getaway begins to crumble as their relationship hangs by the tread of deportation.


    ANTIQUE FAILURE, 15miin., USA, Romance
    Directed by Carter Cavanaugh...

  • ANIMATION Shorts Festival - March 9/10 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    AND EVE TOO (Y EVA TAMBIEN), 5min., Spain, Animation/Drama
    Directed by Laura Torrijos Bescós
    I was in fourth grade. My school was a normal place. In my class there was a girl named Eva, who was also a normal girl, but apparently I was not. Or so they told me.


  • Female Feature Film Festival - FIRST TO STAND. March 10/11 event

    FIRST TO STAND, 81min., Canada, Documentary
    Directed by Irene Lilienheim Angelico, Abbey Jack Neidik
    First to Stand opens in the streets of Moscow with protesters chanting to bring Putin down and brings us to the streets of Iran, where women dare to wave their hijabs on sticks in the streets of T...

  • DOC Shorts Festival - March 10/11 event

    See the Full Lineup of FIlms:

    THE CRITICS, 24min., Nigeria,
    Directed by Sebastian Andrei, Povel Torudd
    A documentary about a young collective of filmmakers in a remote part of Nigeria whose self-taught approach to filmmaking has captured the attention of the internet and Hollywood.

    IT'S GOOD B...

  • LGBTQ+ Short Film Festival - March 11/12 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    GENERATIONS OF PULSE, 12min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Dallin Mello, Tamera Moore
    In the face of unrelenting legislative discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community in Florida, three people directly impacted by the Pulse Nightclub shooting become activists to e...

  • ENVIRONMENTAL Short Film Festival - March 12/13 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    THE BOUNDARY WATERS TRAVERSE, 12min., USA, Documentary
    Directed Erik Nelson
    The Running for the Boundary Waters project is designed to highlight the issue of potential sulfide-ore copper mining proposals in the watershed of, and directly adjacent to the Boundary Wa...

  • ACTION Shorts Festival - March 13/14 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    MOSHPIT, 7min., Canada,
    Directed by Logan Charron
    In a post-apocalyptic world, humans and demons co-exist, but a supernatural force makes them question their reality.


    RENEGADES: OMINARA, 42min...

  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy Feature Feature Film - GAGANACHARI. March 13/14 event

    GAGANACHARI, 114min., India, Sci-Fi
    Directed by Arun Chandu
    Gaganachari is a sci-fi mockumentary that takes place in a dystopian future where civilization is rattled by the existing strangle-hold of a hostile socio-political climate. The story focuses on the lives of three bachelors who reside in...

  • LGBTQ+ Feature Festival - CALL ME SORAYA. March 14/15 event

    CALL ME SORAYA, 100min., Switzerland, Documentary
    Directed by Daniel Stadelmann
    Soraya feels like a girl, but anatomically she is a boy. Until recently, she went to school as Josué. Her coming out at the age of 13 is initially positive, but after just a few weeks she is met with increasing reject...

  • STUDENT ASIAN FILMMAKERS Festival - March 15/16 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    TIGER MOM, 21min., Canada, Drama
    Directed by Munara Muhetaer
    A Chinese-Canadian teenager trapped under the suffocating direction of his severe and demanding mother rebels for the first time.


  • LATINO Filmmakers Short Film Festival - March 16/17 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    Directed by Javier Briones
    Las Muralistas: Our Walls, Our Stories is a 25-minute documentary directed by Javier Briones and edited by Claudia Escobar, in partnership with SFMOMA. The film features wom...

  • COMEDY Shorts Festival - March 16/17 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    MOVING VIOLATION, 4min., USA, Comedy
    Directed by Eric Bergemann
    A traffic stop triggers relationship issues.

    THE STALL, 6min, USA, Comedy
    Directed by Chris Meroia
    A groom on the run from his wedding, a man in a wheelchair with a desperate need to crap - who will w...

  • SCI-FI/FANTASY Short Film Festival - March 18/19 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    EOSPHERE, 16min., Canada
    Directed by Kolton Alexander Nowaczynski

    A grieving scientist struggles to accept help from his robotic creation; which is trying to address the cause of his guilt.


    TRIGGERED (Fan Fiction), 21min., ...

  • CLIMATE Short Film Festival - March 19/20

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    FIELDS OF DEVOTION, 29min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Dena Katzen Seidel, Micah Seidel
    Across America, small family farms are racing against climate change. Unpredictable weather and new diseases are destroying the very crops they depend upon. In New Jersey, when...

  • DANCE Shorts Festival - March 20/21 event

    See the Full Lineups of Films:

    OFRENDA, 9min., Mexico, Dance
    Directed by Claudia Lavista, Alexander Dahm
    Grief is a dark, complex, mysterious territory that can seem almost inaccessible.


    SILHOUETTE, 9min., USA, D...

  • TV COMEDY WEB SERIES Festival - March 21/22 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    DOWN TO EARTH, 24min., USA, Comedy
    Directed by Maxwell Sternlicht
    A comedy about three extraterrestrial roommates, all with different goals and backgrounds, navigating life on Earth.


    STAGE MANAGED, 28min., USA, Comedy
    Directed by Guy No...

  • UNDER 5 Minute Festival - March 22/23 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    SWISH, 5min,. USA, Drama
    Directed by Andrew Roland
    Two brothers grow up in the sport of basketball, pushing and challenging one another. Until one day, one gets killed. Years after grieving, it drives the remaining brother to keep the standard and work ethic that h...

  • LGBTQ+ Shorts Festival - March 23/24 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    COLORS OF A BLACK BELT, 16min., USA, Drama
    Directed by Lina Kraftsof
    14 year old Emerson struggles with their self-identity and often lashes out in many ways. One of these ways is stealing their Karate instructor's black belt. After a moment of delusion, reality hi...

  • HORROR Shorts Festival - March 24/25 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    RABBIT, 11min., USA
    Directed by Maggie Fox Talbot-Minkin
    A woman questions her marriage after finding a dying rabbit in her backyard on the night of her anniversary.

    Directed by Bob Getty
    Sister grey travels the world with her trust...

  • SCI-FI Shorts Festival - March 25/26th event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    SEE NO EVIL (Betur sjá augu), 20min., Iceland
    Directed by Sesselía Ólafs, Peter Callow
    Betur sjá augu (See No Evil) is about isolated people yearning for human contact and connection. Their search leads them to the discovery of something new and unexpected within t...

  • EXPERIMENTAL Short Film Festival - March 26/27 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    [Aphrodite], 12min., USA
    Directed by Jekyns Pelaez
    A goddess decides to visit us.

    V838, 2min., UK
    Directed by Oliver Kane
    Inspired by the new extraterrestrial frequencies of V838 Monocerotis (a binary star system) that open the track (written by Tiggi Hawke & Olive...

  • Liar-In-Chief: A Chronicle of the Trump Presidency - Political Festival Feature

    Liar-In-Chief: A Chronicle of the Trump Presidency Through the Eyes of An Outraged Graphic Artist, 82min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by M Kaplan
    A multi-award winning, often biting satirical documentary, using original still photo montages and short videos created by the director, chronicling the...

  • FEMALE Director Shorts Festival - March 28/29 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    UMBILICAL CORD, 5min., China, Dance
    Directed by Fan Mei
    The thought of harmony shows great integration and inclusiveness, which is also reflected in the relations between people, between people and themselves, and between people and society.


  • DOCUMENTARY Feature Festival - BORN IN 1938 KIM HAN-OK. March 29/30th

    BORN IN 1938 KIM HAN-OK, 105min., South Korea

    Seunghoon-eun is deeply fighting for the philosophy that his mother, Kim Han-ok, suffered from hypoglycemia. The director directed the film for 10 years. He was also in charge of the older brother, and he must have been old this year. As I became c...