Daily Film Festivals

Daily Film Festivals

Showcase of the best short & feature films from around the world today.

Today's Showcase: ROMANCE Shorts Festival - Sept. 23/24 event

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A LUST FOR TIME, 25min., USA, Sci-Fi/Comedy
Directed by Daryl Della
Two couples meet up for a dinner party. One male takes over the natural order of the world to make sure he ends up with his friend's partner.


MI AMORE (MY LOVE), 9min., Australia, Animation
Directed by Richie Valentino
This short film is a love tragedy and as typical as they are, it also ends on a sad note. But there is always a brighter side to every story. Set with in a world focused on differences while overrun by fear and individualistic separation there are still those who believe in the power of touch, spiritual connection and equality. They; continue seeking love, trust and warmth through the strength of their heart and not just how they are told to perceive or how they are told to judge by what they simply see.


PILLOW FIGHT, 9min., USA, Drama
Directed by Evey Yu
A heterosexual couple has an argument about sex after the guy came prematurely.


DREAM SODA, 12min., USA, Comedy/Romance
Directed by Sawyer Pasma
An awkward high school boy who has trouble staying in touch with reality finally finds his confidence after getting noticed by his lifelong crush and agreeing to go to homecoming with her.

Daily Film Festivals
  • 12TH HOUR feature film - Environmental Documentary. Aug. 29/30 event

    12TH HOUR, 52min,. USA, Documentary
    Directed by Susan Kucera

    Much of our population currently lives with hopeful delusions about climate change. These delusions, many of which are built in by evolution, hamper our ability to meaningfully address the problem.

    Our brains evolved to solve short-t...

  • DANCE Shorts Festival - Sept. 3/4 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    BUSTIN' LOOSE, 4min., USA, Dance
    Directed by Karla Puno Garcia
    A young girl finds herself in an underworld.


    THEY WAKE, 3min., USA, Dance
    Directed by Karla Puno Garcia
    A community under a spell of slumber comes to life.

  • DRAMA Shorts Festival - Sept 7/8 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    CHARTER, 20min,. Morocco, Drama
    Directed by El Houssine Hnine
    Asso is a religious man in his forties, he's an extremist. He loves his wife and his daughter but has to face the dilemma of choosing between his wife and the Islamic strict and extreme rules.


  • LGBTQ+ Relationship Shorts Festival - Sept. 24/25 event

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    HORNBEAM, 16min., UK, Drama
    Directed by Mark Pluck
    Under cover of darkness, two strangers bond over a shared secret. But how well do they really know each other?


    DICK, 7m...

  • ENVIROMENTAL DOC Shorts Festival - Sept. 25/26 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    PINK INCOMERS, 31min., Turkey, Documentary
    Directed by Pelin turgut, Murad Mammadov
    An informative and educational documentary experience with a high pleasure, describing the flamingos in Izmir bird paradise, their life, the opportunities offered by the Gediz delta...

  • Female Directed Documentaries Festival - Sept. 26/27 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    THE BREEDING SHED, 30min., USA, Documentary
    Directed by Celina Torrealba
    The traditionally male-dominated world of thoroughbred racing is changing . . . rapidly and dramatically. It is a change of culture which is redefining the thoroughbred culture and community. ...

  • Asian Feature Film Festival - TATTOOED TRUCKS OF NEPAL. Sept. 27/28th event

    TATTOOED TRUCKS OF NEPAL- Horn Please, 40min., USA
    Directed by Ron Ranson
    “Tattooed Trucks of Nepal – Horn Please” is an upbeat documentary that celebrates Nepalis and their culture through a vibrant new artform: the paintings on their freight trucks. Set in the context of Nepal’s artistic legacy...