Daily Film Festivals

Daily Film Festivals

Showcase of the best short & feature films from around the world today.

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Daily Film Festivals
  • ASIAN Filmmakers Shorts Festival - Sept. 19/20 event

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    HOME IMMIGRATION, 3min., Norway
    Directed by Haruna Inagaki
    Home immigration is about the moment daily objects get through the immigration office when they enter a human home. The immigration officer tells each of them who is welcome and who is not. Objects are cons...

  • THE TOOL Mini-Feature DOC - Sept. 20/21 event

    THE TOOL, 50min., Spain
    Directed by Alvaro Mendoza
    The way the different wild species use tools may help us to understand how the animal mind works... And it does not go exactly as we have come to believe!



  • DRAMA Shorts Festival - Sept. 21/22 event

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    TURN OFF MY HEART, 3min., Norway
    Directed by Bjørn Olav Edvardsen, Jostein Vedvik
    The Artists emotions and loneliness is overwhelming. But does he run away from the emotions, or does he dive into them? The forces of nature, the ocean, the waves, the wind - the video shows y...

  • DOC Shorts Festival - Sept. 22/23 event

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    Directed by Safiya Songhai
    A bronze-skin bombshell rocks the world of Sunday Morning Football ---millions tune in, but few know the tumultuous story of Jayne Kennedy, the first Black woman to boldly run interception...

  • I AM JUDIT Documentary Feature - Sept. 22/23 event

    I AM JUDIT, 83min., USA
    Directed by Christiane Arbesu
    From award-winning documentary filmmaker Christiane Arbesu comes I AM JUDIT; a poignant depiction of Holocaust survivor Judy Sleed and her present day family. A fixture in the East Hampton community, Judy, at the age of 90, is finally liftin...

  • Human Interest DOC Shorts Festival - Sept. 23/24 event

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    Directed by Raul Barquet
    Early New York City graffiti writer and documentarian Roberto "Flint..." Gennari, has the opportunity to cement his legacy in the art world half a decade later.


  • SOCIETY DOC Shorts Festival - Sept. 24/25 event

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    SCRAPS, 37min., Iraq
    Directed by Aaron Joshua Weintraub
    Mosul is still haunted by ISIS. The city’s recent past has created an uncertain future, and perhaps nothing displays the city’s instability more accurately than its spike in child labor. Razzan, Hameed and Mah...

  • DOC Feature Film Festival - RE START UP. Japan

    RE START UP, 83min.., Japan
    Directed by Hirokazu Kishida


  • ASIAN Filmmakers Short Film Festival - Sept. 25/26 event

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    PINGHE, 24min., China
    Directed by Guangnan Qin
    A retired cadre came out of the mountains and decided to run to France; A village teacher based in the mountain village to guard the homeland in his heart; An entrepreneur returned to the mountains, just to create own ...

  • LATINO Filmmakers Shorts Festival - Sept. 26/27 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    VELA, 15min., Canada, Drama/Horror
    Directed by Esteban Powell
    Young Xime hopes to restore her family by arranging a Día de Los Muertos altar - meanwhile a looming presence closes in.


    MI NINA/MY LITTLE GIRL, 7min., USA, Ex...

  • BLACK & WHITE Shorts Festival - Sept. 27/28 event

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    Directed by Ryan Ward
    A wannabe film director becomes embroiled in a battle against the laws of time and space when his attempts to recreate the iconic black and white, photograph-only, time travel film, La Jetée, spiral out...

  • Science & Nature Festival: MONGOLIA, VALLEY OF THE BEARS feature. Sept. 27/28

    MONGOLIA, VALLEY OF THE BEARS, 117min., France
    Directed by Hamid Sardar
    The Taiga, also known as the boreal forest, represents about 17% of the Earth's surface and has the highest density of rivers and natural springs in the world. In Mongolia, its primary forests and pure waters have kept an ent...

  • EXPERIMENTAL Short Film Festival - Sept. 28/29 event

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    THE LANDVAETTIR, 9min,. New Zealand
    Directed by Liam Arnold van den Berk
    Introducing the world of Landvaettir, A Short Film based on a Norse hero Eva and her fight for freedom among a battle between saxon & mercenaries.


  • ASIAN Filmmakers Festivals - Sept. 29/30 event

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    UNCONSENSUAL, 10min., Israel
    Directed by Ido Fruchter
    On the shores of the Sea of Galilee, a teenager tries to interpret his relationship with his girl-friend. A confessional film that offers another look at human contact and its complexity.

    BREAK RULES, 3min., Uk...

  • DRAMA Shorts Festival - Sept. 29/30 event

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    BLACK BOX, 8min., China, Drama
    Directed by Olivier Hero Dressen
    "The Black Box" is a romantic drama film that tells the story of Thibaut, a Frenchman, and Sai, a Chinese girl, who fall in love during the peak of the Covid-19 crisis. Despite the harsh quarantine res...

  • STUDENT Short Film Festival - Sept. 30/Oct 1st event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    JOINTS, 12min., USA, Horror/Comedy
    Directed by Hadrian Lynn

    FRENCHIE, 6min,. USA, Documentary
    Directed by Franklin S Riley
    This is a short documentary of Darryl Francis. Darryl is a ex-convict turned screenwriter after spending 20 years in prison for a murder he d...

  • DRAMA Shorts Festival - Oct. 1/2 event

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    THE MONSTER, 15min., Canada
    Directed by Gabriel Després
    Alice keeps drawing a monster that seems to terrify her. Everyone in the family has a different opinion about this monster.

    Directed by Penelope Zou...

  • FEMALE Filmmakers Short Film Festival - Oct. 2/3 event

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    AFSANA, 10min., UK
    Directed by Hakiem Waleed Ahmed, Freya Page
    Afsana silently battles the doubts and fears of a new life as she prepares for her wedding day.



    A WOMAN'S FACE, 8m...