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  • SREBENICA short film watch, 1min., Political/Black & White

    This work is about Srebrenica, Bosnia, place of the last european genocide where thousands of muslim people were killed.

    The video can be seen both as a retranscription of the events and a reflection about the human condition.

    Firstly, the possibility of the horror in the human condition. The b...

  • FINDING THE LIGHT, UK, Documentary/Poltiical

    Three trauma survivors tell stories of their journey from darkness to light.


    Directed by Linzy Attenborough

    DP: Filippo Mazzarino

    Sound Mixer: Christian Majer

  • WEDNESDAY short film watch, 4min., Hungary, Comedy

    When a Jewish woman (30) makes her son (5) pee on the wharf of Danube river in the night of mid-fourties Budapest, we don’t know yet that this is their last moment together. Because the facist Arrow Cross party officer plays with them with particular cruelty. Because they are the members of that ...

  • MONEY IS AS INNOCENT AS THE GUN short film watch, DOC Experimental

    a film of spoken word for action



    Directed by Chris Colling

  • DREAM FROM BEYOND short film watch, Albania, Animation/Political



  • THE COMMON GOOD short film watch, Sci-Fi/Satire/Political

    Directed by Stefan Gutternigh, Eva Amann

    In 2035 the earth is ruled by a world government called "The Global Organisation for the Common Good". The "GOCG" wants to make everybody happy by monitoring the desires of its citizens with social media, omnipresent cameras, surveillance drones and - for...

  • URBAN NOISE - Istanbul short film watch, Documentary/Experimental


    (All shots, sounds, and musics in this film were recorded with a smartphone on Istanbul streets)
    Istanbul's city noise, street music, and daily chaos...

  • COMPRESSION short film watch, 10min., Experimental/Political

    An experimental narrative about a group of young people forced to participate in an endless cycle of filmed performances.

    Written & Directed by Andrew Twibell

    Cast: Cassandra DeFreitas, David Barnett, Taylor Godwin

    Director Biography - Andrew Twibell
    Andrew Twibell is a filmmaker and educator ...

  • KOFI'S DREAM short film watch, 5min., Italy, Documentary


    Directed by Francesca Stangoni

    Produceer Daniele Lincetto

    Director Statement

    Dreams can come true...sometimes
    We got what we need or what we deserve
    Enjoy your life and your time,...

  • MANIFESTATION short film watch, 17min., Experimental/Black & White

    "A mentally ill person feels neglected by society and takes revenge."

    "When life is meaningless and everything is hopeless, where do you go?"

    Inspired by the life of Danny Germansen.

    Manifestation is an semi-autobiographical art-house short film about a mentally ill person who takes revenge on...

  • KATH DUNCAN - THE UNTOLD STRUGGLE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS short film watch, Documentary

    A Documentary film about the life and activism of LGBTQ Scot Kath Duncan The most important Uk Civil rights leader past 100 years but almost forgotten in time until my Highly acclaimed stage play #liberty and my biography of Kath The Last Queen Of Scotland stage play Liberty


  • THE SHOW MUST GO ON short film watch, 6min., Documentary

    Is art "essential"? This is a story of how a multi-disciplinary artist of Chinese and Indian descent in New York survived the pandemic and attempts to "return to normal" when the world is now anything but.

    Directed by Fahim Hamid

  • GLOBAL CITIES FREE OF SLAVERY feature film, 56min., Documentary

    Global Cities Free of Slavery is a 52-minute documentary on modern slavery and the exploitation of labor in three different cities, located in different continents. Nottingham in the UK, Maputo in Mozambique and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

    Directed by Luiz Eduardo Lerina

    Director Statement
    It's a...

  • COUNTY short film, 27min., USA, Political Documentary

    The biggest secret in politics is the smallest office you could possibly run for. "County" is a documentary about County Committee—the fundamental building blocks of our democracy that our Parties don’t want you to know about—and the activists in NYC fighting to unveil and reform a corrupt system...

  • Black Love short film, 10min., USA, Documentary/Political

    Directed by Darrell Anthony Reynolds

    Director Statement
    What does love mean to you? Now, what does black love mean to you? Can you tell me what is black love? I'm going to take you journey with me to discover the question to interview the community of Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. There will be e...