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Watch this video and more on WILDsound Festival TV

SUMMER FLAMINGO WINTER FLAMINGO short film watch, 3min., Experimental



  • MY MOTHER, MY SELF short film watch, ...

    It's December 1991 and a man tell his mother he's been diagnosed with HIV.

    Writer/Director/Star: Lary Campbell

    Director Statement
    With "My Mother, My Self" I hope to portray the emotional toll an HIV diagnosis took on an individual during the time before effective medication treatment was avail...

  • Sununú: The Revolution of Love short ...

    Trans Dad Fernando Machado became an international news sensation when he announced he was pregnant with his trans girlfriend Diane Rodriguez in Ecuador last year.

    This film is an intimate and touching portrayal of a couple getting to grips with parenthood while they challenge complex ideas of g...

  • AND WE COLLIDE, 19min., China, Romanc...

    Inspired by the local rocket launch site, And We Collide depicts an unexpected tropical encounter. This is a story about two men, two worlds and one real rocket.

    Directed by Dongni Lanca Li

    Cast: Huang Kejing, Wang Yancheng. Sun Jiatong. Ye Zi